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bitplay - 讓科技更有人性


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繭裹子 TWINE - The Green Fashion


The two founders of TWINE treat their brand as a starting point and use different ways to pass on the purpose: to introduce the best Fair Trade products. Because in the end, the products are the most important. The concept of Fair Trade is valuable; however, there is no fixed price for it. They hope to connect consumers through the products and to build a new business form.

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W&M Workshop - Philosophical Barista


We may not be able to experience the feeling of being threatened because of an illness. However, W's experience, improvement, and attitude can remind us that the most valuable thing about life is that although we can't grasp its length, we can develop its depth and breadth.

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李蒨蓉 - 扭轉信念的機會


Janet appreciated what had happened three years ago and then had the opportunity to improve her life. For me, she is as beautiful as the lovely young VJ at the time. But now, she has a sense of charm that she has learned and developed from her life which represents her efforts and sincere.

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黃子佼 - 一直都在


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Philippe Starck


If you are a fan of Philippe Starck, you know that he never changes his concept to design; and the concept is even more huge that he would like to offer more effort to the community (people) and let people have a better life.

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