#EnjoyBavaria – Eibsee

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#EnjoyBavaria – Eibsee


Munich Guide – Werkstatt:München

For the new concept of Munich guide, we visited the silversmith and goldsmith design atelier, Werkstatt:München where is near to the subway line U2, the station of Fraunhoferstraße. Please watch the video firstly to feel the atmosphere and then back to the article to read the story.

Winter Layers

If you are a person who loves layers styling, put on a vest next time instead of another thick jacket; you will like it.


I do believe that a strong woman must own a warm and kind heart.

First Happy Socks

Some weeks ago, I discovered Happy Socks which was reminiscent of my old crazy styling time. It would be great to be a bit bold in a low-key style.

Beauty Maker by Kevin

好羨慕住在台灣的你們,有那麼多好逛的藥妝品店、美妝用品。以第一次入手Beauty Maker的美妝產品,我給予很高的評價,除了價格很實惠,品質也很適合自己的膚質。



德國生活 – 異鄉的新年


Treuleben – Crafted Notebook

The handmade leather calendar caught my heart due to its fine and high-quality details; the creamy paper color, thin yet sturdy paper quality that doesn’t shine through or becomes saturated by ink, coated with embossed finest leather, etc.