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Discover Königsee With bitplay

以往到國王湖都是以相機拍攝為主,這次與bitplay共同企劃的手機拍攝專案,讓我有更多機會捕捉到不同的精彩瞬間。搭配Premium HD廣角鏡頭的濾鏡更是讓冰天雪地中的國王湖景色更顯層次、出色。

In the past, I took photos at Königssee with my professional cameras. This time, the cooperation with bitplay, which specializes in mobile photography, allows me to capture more exciting moments with my iPhone.

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Discover Prague With bitplay

到布拉格旅行前剛好收到bitplay從台灣寄來的SNAP!7手機殼以及鏡頭系列組包裹;於是這趟旅程便決定只以iPhone 7 Plus手機搭配bitplay攝影配件拍攝布拉格這座觀光之城。

Because of the project, I had decided to bring only my iPhone 7 Plus with me for the trip; I would like to try how bitplay could help me for recording all images.

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Discover H.K. With bitplay


In the following, I will show you some images that I took with my iPhone and the bitplay lenses together with its accessories. I think it proves that smartphones can surely take impressive photos. Moreover, I will never miss any opportunities for good pictures.

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