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By this page, I would like to introduce you all my regular updating social media accounts. Feel free to follow some of them basic on your preferences.


Facebook has almost been updated simultaneously with our blog. It communicates our readers easily; moreover, it is a useful way to promote our content completely. Follow our Facebook Page and subscribe to be informed when we update.

Facebook 與部落格的發文同步,可以便利地與讀者雙向溝通,所附的連結資訊都可以達到有效的分享。加入頁面追蹤之後,請設定「搶先看」以免發佈的消息被臉書的曝光機制給淘汰;很適合用來長期追蹤部落格的發文與舉辦的活動。


Instagram always has different images from other channels. It is a unique photo gallery of Y!PE. It could be very personal to record where we are and what we do. However, we organize photos in a high-quality way; feel free to browse it in brief moments.

Instagram 帳號上的圖片安排與其它頻道不同,如此一來它的豐富性與獨特性更顯意義。是十分貼近私生活的圖片集,不過也在圖片拍攝的手法上有著細緻的巧思;很適合在零散的時間點上當作小品來閱讀瀏覽。


Pinterest helps us to share an attitude of our lifestyle concept. Through the systematical categories, you can quickly search the information and images that you look for. Follow the account and view our stories on weekends.

Pinterest 更便利地將我們的美學生活的態度延伸,雖然是藉由圖片來瀏覽,導覽分類卻更加詳細,收尋所需資訊時也十分便利。追蹤我們Pinterest頻道可以有更系統地在週末閒暇時瀏覽我們提供的圖片與背後的故事。


Youtube shares our own created short videos about travel, interview, fashion and lifestyle. We are making progress; feel free to follow the channel and support us.

Youtube 由團隊自行編導拍攝的影片,關於旅行、採訪、時尚以及生活。我們正在進步中,歡迎加入訂閱頻道、給予支持。

Newsletter offers once a week newsletter to your inbox. If you are not a social-media-lic or you, mostly have no time, then our newsletter system is the best way for you to stay in touch with us. No advertisement, no gossip but selected high-quality posts. We send our newsletter on every Thursday so that you can enjoy it on the weekend.

Newsletter 以一個星期一篇郵件通知的電子報與讀者取得聯繫。如果你不是手機瀏覽一族,平時也沒有時間掛在社群媒體上,那麼電子報的方式很適合你。沒有廣告、沒有花邊新聞,只有我們提供的好品質報導與文章。每星期四發信,這樣週末的時候就可以慢慢地閱讀。