Winter Layers

Things that are visible and invisible need to be brewed by time.

I have collected different style vests in the past years. Vests help not only to bring a touch of glamor to the looks in Spring and Summer; they are also your best partners to keep warm on cold days. I had the idea to share with you about my winter vest style since last winter; however, I was not satisfied with all photos that I shot. I did not expect that it would be late for one year.

I was in a hurry on this cold and windy day for a meeting, also for a Christmas shopping after the meeting. The atmosphere was matched to my emotion when I styled the look. In a very short time, we finished the shooting; moreover, I completed my wish.



I always enjoy winter; think about those stylish coats, I am not afraid of cold days. Adding a vest on top of a coat has always been my way when it is freezing and windy; it keeps you warm, at the same time makes you look thinner. If you are also a person who loves layers styling, put on a vest next time instead of another thick jacket; you will like it.


Olympus PEN-F In KenTing 墾丁凱撒之旅 by Fanning Tseng for

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