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I am very bold to try different hairstyles in terms of different lengths, colors and looks. Friends are always surprised with my new hairstyle each time when they see me. No matter what is going on, and whether I am satisfied or not with my hair, I am open and confident with it. It is because day by day my hair will grow and come back again. I think I have the same attitude towards my life. As long as I am alive, I dare to try and experience things that I am interested in. If you never try, you will never know. I know I am a bullheaded person, however, I do enjoy the life and the experiences I have.

The last hairstyle makeover I had was about two years ago since I was fascinated by the creamy and light color hairstyle. I sat in the hair salon in Munich center for seven hours and spent some money on it. Although I got what I was looking for, my scalp and hair were damaged from bleaching. Nevertheless, I was still optimistic and took care of my hair patiently throughout the years.

Therefore, once I was invited to work with Whittemore House, I was, on one hand, curious about the features of its product. On the other hand, I was looking forward to trying out this product. If it is good, then people like me who like changing hairstyles frequently can also get minimal hair damage from different chemicals. In this article, I will share with you my makeover process, the features of the product, Hair Painting Lightening Powder, as well as the press release of the hair makeover in Munich.



所以,當我接到來自紐約的美髮沙龍Whittemore這個工作邀約時,心裡大喊了一句:終於有人做點事,讓愛美、喜歡變化頭髮造型的人也可以用一種把對頭皮頭髮的傷害降到最低的程度來隨心所欲地做變化了呀。這篇文章,將詳細地介紹這次變換髮色的過程,以及Whittemore House Hair Paint染髮產品Hair Painting Lightening Powder的特色;當然,還有做為髮型模特兒參加這次德國區發表會的現場實錄,不要錯過了,我們緊接著往下看。

The image above was shot by Robert BREMBECK Photography / Edited by Fanning Tseng

One day before the press release, we went to the hair studio to prepare for the makeover. The campaign photographer took photos before and after the makeover. The image above shows the hairstyle I had about two months ago. My hair was dyed in a darker color and bangs were also made. I received a lot of positive feedback about it. With this hairstyle, I could be more creative with different styling and outfits.


I had a long discussion with my colorist, Victoria about the shade creation. At the beginning, she worried about if I was bold enough to wear a lighter hair color. For me, what I wanted to make sure was the features of the product Hair Painting Lightening Powder, if it could protect my scalp and hair from the bleaching damage. If it could, then I am open to any color that fits my personality and style. Victoria looked at me in the mirror and checked my hair for at least five minutes before we started to discuss about the hair transformation.

“I would like to create a soft, fluffy hairstyle for you and a light color will look fabulous on you.” Victoria is lively as she has the spirit to let you believe in her. I closed my eyes, and then an image came to my mind. I saw the new hairstyle that she had described to me.

The most significant feature of the Hair Painting Lightening Powder is to protect the scalp and hair from the damage of hair bleaching. It did work well and the skin becomes tender, meaning that it repairs and protects our scalp during the makeover process.

到了髮型工作室,先與這次搭擋的髮型師Victoria進行改造討論。一開始她擔心我對於漂色頭法的接受程度;而我只對這次的產品Hair Painting Lightening Powder做了再三確認,只要是如同產品所強調的特色:不傷頭皮、加強髮質護養,那麼任何有質感的新髮色我都能欣然接受。Victoria摸著、揉著我的頭髮,上下左右盯著鏡中的我看足足有五分鐘,我們這才開始討論。


Hair Painting Lightening Powder退色劑(粉狀)產品所訴求最大的特色就是在退去頭髮既有髮色時,不但溫和、不刺激頭皮把傷害降到最低,也給頭髮帶來豐盈的滋潤效果;也就是說,退色染髮時提供保護頭皮以及護髮的功效。Victoria也說了,如果之前使用其他品牌退色劑所染出的髮色不那麼令人滿意的話,也可以利用Hair Painting Lightening Powder來矯正顏色,讓色彩以更飽滿的色度呈現。

Victoria Hunter, Co-Founder / Colorist of Whittemore House

Although Victoria explained to me how it works, to be honest, I still worried about the hair damage from bleaching. I was quite nervous as she started to bleach my hair. In the meanwhile, she told me about her career, her experiences and some technical knowledge of the product.

Although Victoria has been working in the industry for more than thirty years, she was still very concentrated when she worked with my hair as if it was her first task. She is fearless and uncomplicated, but she is also circumspect. As she had put down the brush, I then realized that the first round was completed, and what I worried about did not happen. There was no pain, no itching, and no irritation. Victoria looked at me selfishly and said, “you will see how soft and moist your hair is after we rinse it”.



Hair Painting Lightening Powder does not only bleach the hair but also to correct the hair shade if you have lightened the hair before with other products. It gives the hair a rich and glossy color. For example, there was another hair model who used to lighten her hair from natural brown to blond for some years. Therefore, her blond hair gets many different shades after several bleaching. The other designer, Larry, who was responsible for her hairstyle, lightened her hair first with the Hair Painting Lightening Powder to correct the basic tone, then he painted the chosen shade for the hair transformation.

I always like to chat with others who work in the same team in order to understand more about their talents and experiences. The other colorist, Larry, who comes from New York has been working in the industry for more than twenty years. “My skills get better throughout the years. My experience I have learnt helps me to make correct decisions. Therefore, I dare to create new styles since I know that every time the result will never be far from my expectation.

如果之前不是使用Hair Painting Lightening Powder退色劑而無法達到理想的髮色時,也可以利用這款產品來矯正顏色,讓再次補染的色澤更豐滿、顯亮。這次一起參與的髮型模特兒因為不同時期、手續的退色、補染等,造成髮色不均勻,負責的設計師Larry先以Lightening Powder矯正退色的均勻度,再在頭髮刷染上理想的色系。


Larry Raspanti, Co-Founder / Colorist of Whittemore House

It is important to choose the proper hair products after coloring. The right shampoo and conditioner can keep the color-treated hair look fabulous and make it last longer. Do you still remember the green shampoo ‘O’right’ I shared with you in another article? I am now preparing the next article about hair care and the hair care after coloring and bleaching. Stay tuned.


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The image above shows you the color after the first step, the bleaching experience I had this time was different from the one I had two years ago. My hair and scalp were damaged from the previous bleaching. This time, as you can see from the picture, my hair is soft and creamy. Victoria reminded us that instead of having DIY hair dyeing, it is better to let professional hair stylists or colorists to color your hair. During the consultation, you can plan the makeover, you will know the product that will be used. Moreover, you will not get an unexpected result.


The image above was shot by Robert BREMBECK Photography / Edited by Fanning Tseng

After the first round, Victoria colored a basic tone for my hair which was creamy brown. And then, she started to create some shades. Different from the traditional way, hair lightening can be made without covering the foil paper by using Hair Painting Lightening Powder. With this advantage, designers and colorists are no longer restricted from painting and creating. It is just like art. Victoria was the artist, whereas my hair was the canvas. With her experience, her creation was perfect and that amazed me.

在退色後,Victoria幫頭髮染上基本的淺褐色作為基本髮色,接著,再從中挑出幾片不同層次做挑染,營造出更為蓬鬆、輕盈的髮色以及整體效果。與過往挑染不同,以Hair Painting Lightening Powder挑染可以省略包裹錫箔紙這個步驟,不僅可以鬆綁因為包裹錫箔紙所帶來的束縛,同時也增加挑染的創作範圍與可能性。Voctoria像是作畫一般,她瞇上眼瞧著細挑出來的髮束,仔細打量之後才刷上挑染的退色劑。美髮也如同創作藝術,這東一把、西一束的份量都憑藉著過往對每個人性格的觀察累積,才有至今準確無誤地判斷與顯色成果。

The image above was shot by Robert BREMBECK Photography / Edited by Fanning Tseng
The image above was shot by Robert BREMBECK Photography

The hair makeover finally came to an end. Then, we needed to prepare for the press release on the next day. On the way back home, I felt refreshed with the new look. I am excited about my new outfit ideas and hair styling. And I cannot wait to show you more about my latest look.


The image above was shot by Robert BREMBECK Photography / Edited by Fanning Tseng

The event was in the Lovelace hotel. The team prepared for a long time for the presentation. We came from different locations and gathered here for the work. I was touched.

隔天在慕尼黑新開幕的概念旅館Lovelace舉辦了Whittemore House這場發表會。我們一行髮型模特兒聯同兩位紐約前來設計師Victoria以及Larry、造型師、彩妝師還有眾多工作人員,從晚會前幾個小時已經著手準備彩排。從前一天的髮型改造開始,我對團隊的工作默契、產品所強調的特質以及設計師的髮色設計功力等有著莫名的感動。這個團隊遠從四面八方而來在此相聚,卻在短短的時間內有著濃厚的凝聚力;在後台等候著上場的我,既是緊張、卻也有著更多的期待。

The image above was shot by Robert BREMBECK Photography / Edited by Fanning Tseng
The image above was shot by Robert BREMBECK Photography / Edited by Fanning Tseng
The new hair makeover, a fresh and light color under the sunlight.

After the event, I washed my hair several times, fixed the style and waves. I also created some outfits with this new hairstyle. I am so in love with the new color and atmosphere it brings to my life. Since it is so soft and fluffy, it delivers a happy feeling in the dark winter. The Hair Painting Lightening Powder is just like the patron saint of beauty. Because of its protective effect, I did enjoy the transformation. From now on, we can enjoy the hair makeover that we wish. How about you? I wonder if you have some experiences with hair coloring and how was it? Feel free to share it with me.

與團隊工作結束之後已經自己洗過幾回頭髮、整理髮型,同時也拍過穿搭照片,我愈發喜歡這次的霧面淺髮設計。不但替沈悶的寒冬帶來許多輕盈的視覺感,同時也因為保有原來的健康髮質全心享受這款新造型;這與過往漂髮之後懊悔不已的經驗有著十分的不同。過往總是把不願大膽變換髮色的原因歸咎在損害髪質上,現在有了Whittemore House的Hair Painting Lightening Powder總算是可以適當地放心變髮,搭配不同季節或是心情變化來造型自己的髮色。

Whittemore House

This is a collaborated project with WHittemore House.

Hair Salons that use Whittemore House Products

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