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A few years ago, I had been to the White Rabbit’s Room several times because I was invited to events that organized by different brands. I have always enjoyed this relaxed and casual coffee shops, so I was impressed when the first time I visited the White Rabbit’s Room. Later, more and more brands choose to have activities here. What they are looking forward to is also the delicious food and coffee, as well as the comfortable atmosphere. The White Rabbit’s Room has, therefore, becomes one of my favorite spots in Munich.

After attending Bloomon’s floral workshop here, I was inspired and would like to introduce this cafe to you. In just over two hours, I had a pleasant and unforgettable time with beautiful flowers apart from enjoying a delicious breakfast. And I want to share these small pieces in life with you that make us happy.

幾年前因為參加活動的關係,已經來過White Rabbit’s Room幾次。一直很喜歡這種輕鬆隨性不做作的咖啡館,所以第一次去的時候已經留下深刻的印象。後來有越來越多品牌選擇在這裡辦活動講座,期待的也是咖啡館所提供的熱騰騰美食與咖啡,還有那一份令人感到自在的氛圍。White Rabbit’s Room也因此成為我不管是工作上或是私人時間裡常到訪的慕尼黑定點之一。


Christina, the owner of the White Rabbit’s Room, was formerly a manager of a musician band and arranged performance tours. Ten years ago, after the birth of her first child, she also tried to resume her previous job. But it was not easy to travel with a baby. She decisively gave up her free and wonderful life. However, she always thought that she would continue to work with a similar lifestyle. “I wanted to create a life that can arrange my own time but is also full of fun. Well, a coffee shop might be an idea.” So after four months of preparation, the White Rabbit’s Room officially opened in the fall of 2012.

Although Christina is not familiar with how to run a coffee shop business, she had actively learned until she is familiar with it. After the start of business, three months passed and six months passed. After more than a year, Christina opened a second café, Little Rabbit’s Room in Munich, where is an area full of art and culture. “I like the location for a long time and I think it can be an ideal coffee shop. I rented it at the first opportunity. It has been operating since 2014.”

Some people may think that Christina is lucky, but I see in her eyes the desire of an ideal life. Today, with three children, Christina is still in a cool outfit, a short jacket with a pair of skinny jeans and ankle boots. She still looks like the girl who traveled with the rock band. It is only now that her partners have changed to the family and children who accompany her, and the employees who are on duty in the coffee shops.

White Rabbit’s Room的女主人Christina以前是個樂團的舞台經紀人,跟著樂團旅行巡迴表演安排大小行程。十年前第一個孩子誕生之後也嘗試著恢復以前的工作型態,不過帶著一個寶寶可不容易,才毅然割捨下那份自由且精彩的生活。不過她心裡一直盤算著以類似的生活方式繼續工作,「我想繼續創造一個可以安排自己時間卻也同樣充實過癮的生活;那麼就來開家咖啡館吧。」於是在四個月時間的準備過後,2012年秋天White Rabbit’s Room正式營業。

雖然不熟悉咖啡館的相關經營,但是積極的Christina把所有大小細節扛在肩膀上,直到操作熟悉為止。營業之後,三個月撐過去了,六個月也順利跨過;一年多之後,Christina在慕尼黑另一座充滿藝文氣息的小區上開了第二家咖啡館:Little Rabbit’s Room。「我看了那個地點很久,直覺認為那個空間可以打造成我心目中理想的咖啡館模樣;於是一有機會就租了下來,從2014年開始營運到現在。」


Living Goods 雜貨

I hope that when customers see something they like in the coffee shop,they can also buy their favorite items and to continue the good atmosphere at home.


Whether it is the White Rabbit’s Room or the Little Rabbit’s Room, there is a well-furnished corner where you can find the lovely living goods. Christina hopes that when guests see the objects used in the store, they can also buy the products they like and continue the pleasant atmosphere, and build their favorite lifestyle. There are beautifully designed cards on the rotating shelves, cups and plates on the countertop, and even the small coffee table and stool where you sit can be ordered.

In addition to increasing the income of the coffee shop, I also like Christina’s idea of “continuing a better atmosphere.” Every time we visit the cafes, we are fascinated by the charming furnishings and atmosphere of those spaces. If we can place these beautiful objects at home, one by one, we can always enjoy a café-like scene.

不管是White Rabbit’s Room或是Little Rabbit’s Room兩家咖啡館,都有一個精心佈置的角落陳列著生活小物裝飾品。Christina希望來咖啡館的客人看到店裡使用的物件時,也可以把喜歡的單品購買回家,延續感受到的美好氛圍,把生活打造成為自己喜歡的樣子。旋轉的架子上有設計精美的小卡片,台面上有杯組碗盤,甚至是你座位上的那張小咖啡桌、小凳子,都是可以訂購的。


enjoy a cup of tea

Over the past few years, I’ve enjoyed breakfast a few times in the White Rabbit’s Room. Even without knowing that the two coffee shops are related, I had coffee with my friends in the Little Rabbit’s Room. Every time I think about it, it’s a comfortable feeling that makes people feel good and would like to go back again. Have a drink or pastry you like, whether reading a book or browsing on the smartphone or do nothing in a daze.

The chocolate cake and the cinnamon roll are popular in the White Rabbit’s Room. The cappuccino is also my must-have hot drink. However, Christina said that the trendy meal is “Breakfast for two”. I’m going to find a weekend and come here to enjoy the brunch menu with my husband and daughter.

過去這幾年已經在White Rabbit’s Room裡享用過幾次早餐,也甚至在不知道兩家咖啡館是姊妹店的情況下和朋友在Little Rabbit’s Room喝過幾次咖啡。每次回想,都是那份自在、舒服、不誇張造作的感覺讓人覺得好想再回去坐坐,點一杯自己喜歡的飲品、糕點,不管是看本書滑滑手機,或是什麼都不做地發呆。

咖啡館裡的巧克力蛋糕與肉桂捲是人氣單品(我鍾愛肉桂捲多些,可以請吧台的服務生加熱更好吃。),而香濃的卡布其諾也是必點的熱飲。不過Christina說,真正高人氣餐點是「Breakfast for two」,豐盛的配料讓許多人前來品嚐;看來要找個週末約另一半和女兒過來吃早午餐了呢。

After briefly talking to Christina, she left with her daughter. “Today is the weekend and we will pick up the other two children.” She showed me a cool smile. I can imagine how a person with a bright and forward-looking personality like her planned their ideal life. It was just 3:30 in the afternoon. The lunch break has ended and the weekend has not yet started. I held my drink and recalled the conversation with Christina. Slowly, several guests entered the cafe alone, male and female. They first found a place to sit down, put down their bags, heavy coats, scarves and gloves (the day was cold, and the wind was relentless). Then they went to the counter and bent down to pick a cake for themselves. Their concentrated expression made me imagine how they would enjoy the cake.

It is the atmosphere of the cafe that makes people yearn and fascinated. In this city, There is a place where you want to go back. There is a flavor that makes you want to try again and there is an atmosphere that you can not forget. And I found such a place in Munich. How about you, in the city where you live, is there also a place waiting for you?



White Rabbit’s Room

Franziskanerstr. 19, 81669 Munich
089 67971193

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