WACÙ – Think Smaller 讓旅遊更輕鬆的打包好夥伴

When I was younger, traveling was like an aim for me to reach. I planned to have a trip every few years to escape from my boring and labored daily life. I saved for my travel budget for several months, and later I lived as an ascetic for months again to get a better financial balance.

Now, traveling is a kind of extension of my regular life; this is an understanding I learned after years experience of traveling. I work hard and enjoy my daily living when I am not on the way to somewhere. I realize the happiest things come from the most ordinary everyday life. When I travel, I mind about the trip partners who join the journey with me; the central concept of traveling is to share. When we have someone to share the emotion during the voyage, we appreciate every moment that we spend together. I do not argue about some little budget anymore, a cup of coffee, a meal, tickets for concert or exhibition are just the elements of every trip; all compose our memories, and it will last for our entire life.



I have more and more opportunities for traveling in recent years, no matter for business or private trips. It had always been a challenge to learn how to pack luggage efficiently. However, learning from packing, we survive anyhow.

Though, I know there are tons of people feel helpless about it.

First time I felt frustrated about packing luggage was several years ago when I first time joined the Fashion Week. All styling stuff filled my baggage. Not even to mention when I attended the Fashion Weeks in winter; it made me cry to think about all winter thick outdoor coats. I always had to make a choice which ones I packed.

For example, my ten-day German trip; how to pack wisely was an issue at the beginning. The real traveling period was eight days, clothes, shoes, beauty and makeup goods, also my laptop and electric stuff. Moreover, a thick jacket for Zugspitze was needed. (Well, I realized that my winter outdoor jacket was too warm for the mountain in the summer season. However, it was not a problem for me to pack the thick coat with me.)






Think Smaller

Before I started to plan for my ten-day German trip, I received a cooperation request from WACU; they wish to have a campaign shooting for the products. After receiving WACÙ, the little machine and its accessories, I realized how it could help for my traveling and packing; I could pack almost all styling stuff that I wished; even the thick winter outdoor jacket. I am thrilled having WACÙ to prepare my luggage; think about my old packing time, it was just so distressed.

WACÙ is a vacuum to help us get more and bigger storage space, especially when we travel. The machine weighs only 431 grams; there are five design vacuum bags and each design has three different sizes; it satisfies all our needs and travel situations. After my ten-day German trip, the real using experience of WACÙ, I would like to share with you some of my tips that might help you for a better and faster luggage packing.


WACÙ是台隨身攜帶型的真空機 (機器只有431公克的重量),整套配件外還提供有五款不同設計圖樣,每款圖樣三種尺寸(大、中、小)選擇的真空袋,方便依照行李箱大小或是需求來選擇使用。在八天的德國小旅行過後,我想以最直接的方式來分享幾個更快、更好上手的打包技巧心得:

Fold the clothes as the vacuum bag size.

We hope to get more and bigger storage space through using WACÙ while traveling; which means, to use the same luggage but add more stuff. In a word, to thin a stack of clothes is the attraction.

I found out that to fold your clothes as the same size as the vacuum bag you pack is the smartest way. After the vacuum pump, the bag and the clothes will become one flat piece; it is easier to load the luggage. Otherwise, it would become a dumpling shape, thick in the middle and thin in the around; not an easy and efficient way to pack.

I know that some similar products have been existing for a long time; however, WACÙ is a smart and thoughtful design. It thinks about our needs and wishes. It is not difficult to reflect on how WACÙ can help us for packing; still, after experiencing it, I realized that a good design helps us to approve a better life.




Pack systematically, Set good dress plans.

Pack your luggage systematically according to your traveling concerns. The vacuum bags solve the problems :

  • According to daily styling plan : No time and motion to style your daily look during the trip; for example, Fashion week? Pack your daily clothes in different bags, one look in a bag. And so on, a five days trip clothes in five bags, it is easy and definite what you pack.
  • According to different items : During my ten-day German trip, I could not set up my daily styling plans. I could only prepare what I might need during the trip; so that I packed my clothes according to different items, thin jacks, trousers, T-Shirts and others in five bags. (Not even forget my winter jacket.)

Two ways of packing fit to all travelers; at the same time, it satisfied me about Well-Ordered.


  • 依照整體穿搭分類:行程中沒有過多時間思考哪一天穿什麼的旅行,好比說時裝週就很適合。把每天的整套,從衣物到小型配件通通包進同一個袋子裡;以此類推,五天的行程就有五片薄薄的袋子,一天一袋簡單明瞭。
  • 依照單品類別分類:這趟德國小精華十天之旅,因為每天氣候都有變化,無法事先確定當天的穿搭,所以旅程中便以單品分類的方式打包,薄外套、褲子、T-Shirt、內衣睡衣,以及上山的雪衣,一共五袋。


Keep your clothes in sequence.

To have more space for packing is one of the advantages of WACÙ; the other one is to keep your clothes in sequence. Luggage could be transferred in all situation; when we open the luggage, all stuff gets orderless. The WACÙ bags make it different; things keep in form as how we pack it.

There are two methods how to keep clothes without creases from vacuum bags.

  • Bump only 50% air out : If you do not have too many clothes for packing, then pump only a half amount of air out of the bag. It still keeps things in order and systematic and not creased from compression.
  • Hang clothes that you would like to wear on the next day over the night : especially to hang the clothes in the bathroom after the shower; the steam will heat the garments and make it no crease.



  • 抽空氣時,抽一半就好:在沒有過多、過於滿塞的打包情況下,只將袋子裡的空氣抽出約百分之五十的量;這樣一來可以達到分類與減少空間的訴求,卻不會過度壓縮衣物,達到避免過多折痕的情況。
  • 在前一晚將隔天要穿的衣服事先從真空袋裡拿出來掛好:輕輕拉一拉,或是掛在剛洗完澡的浴室裡,利用蒸氣的原理,都可以達到平整的效果。

Bring one to two more bags with you.

How about those dirty and wore stuff? I was thinking about the matter when I packed my luggage with WACÙ. Well, it is a good idea to bring one or two bags more with you. Fix all wore and dirty, unfresh clothes into the same bag after an overnight air-refresh step. It is clean and fresh to separate those wore clothes; it is also convenient to fix all stuff after a trip.


I do enjoy the smart design of WACÙ and think it helps me to have an improved travel process. I asked WACÙ if they would like to host a giveaway to let my readers experience the product. So Yes! Let us take a look how to win one set of WACÙ.

  • Three winners. Each winner will win a WACÙ machine that is including one pack of vacuum bag in a size as your wish (one pack has two bags).
  • Must follow WACÙ on Facebook(wacuthinksmaller) and/or Instagram(wacu.thinksmaller).    This is a Must-Do.
  • Visit WACÙ’s website, tell me your favorite bag design and leave a message about your next travel destination. For example, “I like the Traveller bag design in size S; I wish to bring WACÙ with me to Tokyo, Japan in August.”
  • This giveaway opens to all readers internationally; no matter where the winners live, WACÙ will let you experience how amazing it is.
  • The giveaway ends on 25th of June, Sunday, 23:59 in German time zone. I will announce three winners on 26th of June by applying messages on the blog and contact three winners via emails.

We might not go traveling so often; however, we shall pack our luggage in the smartest and smallest way each time when we hit the road. I have never been a good reader of any User’s Manual; though WACÙ is easy to operate and carry. Do not miss the giveaway to win one WACÙ for your next trip. Moreover, the fastest way is to purchase a WACÙ for your next trip.


  1. 共三位讀者可以獲得WACÙ的贈獎產品;每位獲得一組WACÙ真空抽取機器,一款圖樣包任選一款尺寸的真空袋(真空袋一盒兩只)。
  2. 務必追蹤WACÙ的臉書頁面(wacuthinksmaller)或是Instagram(wacu.thinksmaller)的帳號。(這是一定要完成的手續唷!)
  3. 點選官網真空袋選購頁面,跟我說你最喜歡的一款圖樣設計,並且在底下留言分享你下一趟小旅行的目的地。(比如說:我最喜歡Traveller圖樣設計的S碼真空袋,希望在八月份到日本東京旅行時可以和WACÙ同行。)
  4. 這個贈獎活動開放全球讀者參與,不管你住在哪裡,只要留言就有機會可以獲得一整組的WACÙ產品。
  5. 活動從即日起到六月二十五日星期天,德國時區23:59結束。在六月二十六日星期一以部落格文章留言回覆公佈得獎者,並且以電子郵件通知聯繫。


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  • 哇,都不知道有這個牌子耶!謝謝凡寧的分享。這太適合給經常當空中飛人的老公了,讓他出差時行李箱能有更多的位置空出來添購給我要買的東西!哈哈哈⋯我喜歡Business Man圖案設計的L碼真空袋,希望可以幸運抽中,讓老公下個月出差可以和WACU同行!

  • 這個看起來好實用啊,超適合有小孩子小衣物縮小體積用,又不會跑來跑去,我最喜歡Vintage Woman圖案的L號真空袋,希望可以幸運抽中,下個月和家人到葡萄牙玩就可以用到囉

  • 好棒的產品設計!!發現的正是時候耶!謝謝Fanning的分享:)

    我好喜歡Vintage Woman的L碼真空袋!我今年即將前往挪威交換學生一年,我想帶著WACÙ同,趁著在歐洲的這一年充分的使用WACÙ帶來的便利:)

  • 看起來真的很實用!很適合我家老小的需求!喜歡Traveller圖様設計的S碼空袋,今夏要去東南亜小島旅行,希望能和WACU同行

  • 真的,很棒的實用小物,對於愛買東西,又總是擔心東西裝不下的我家來說,WACU真是很方便的旅行收納袋

  • Wow!!!!!!謝謝凡寧的推薦,這個看起來很棒呢:) 如果有了WACÙ,打包行李時就不需要再拿出笨重的吸塵器了呢,好方便!而且真空帶的設計也好吸引我啊!
    我好喜歡vintage woman 的L碼真空帶,讓我接下來搬回台灣,再來台灣及上海工作頻繁的往返,一定可以充分體會WACÙ帶來的便利性!

  • 這個很不錯 旅遊每次都爆箱 東西亂七八糟 預先整理一包一包分類很不錯 我喜歡Traveller s號真空袋

  • 我最喜歡Bucaneer圖樣設計的m碼真空袋,

  • 這是利用抽真空的設計,我覺得很先進也很實用。對於旅遊必定要帶齊全物品的人是很好的設計,能夠在旅遊盡量的減少所需的空間,不只能擁有更大的空間存放想購買的物品,也能夠攜帶更小的行李箱來方便旅途的進行。希望有需要的人能夠如願得賞。

  • 這真的是讓旅行的人行李收納空間可以發揮到最大的效用,真的很棒!

  • 我最喜歡Traveller圖樣設計的M碼真空袋~很可愛,希望在七月在台灣騎車環島時可以和WACÙ同行!需要省空間的好物阿~~~

  • 有了寶寶後旅行時衣物會多很多,有了這個產品收納空間可以省很多真的很棒!我最喜歡vintage woman圖樣設計的M碼真空袋,希望接下來的呂北克小旅行可以派上用場

  • 好喜歡vintage woman圖樣的S碼真空袋~

  • 之前有看過類似的真空產品,但是沒有很吸引我,總是覺得好像很麻煩….而且我之前看到的款式好大,真空包裝袋又不像WACÙ這麼時尚(大心~)。
    所以常常被叮嚀:travel light……!!!

    哈哈哈~我也會 travel light 了:p

    我最喜歡 Vintage Woman 圖樣設計的S碼真空袋了,
    超級期盼與興奮,這次八月份到美國蜜月旅行的時候,可以和 WACÙ 一起 travel light 唷XD

  • 如 有此打包機不但衣物輕鬆帶 而且走到那都不擔心佔空間 更可以從台帶回更多好食品 將空間發揮最大效率

  • 這真是很棒、很實用的貼心產品。


  • 期待試試這好用的打包機,就應該不會再發生皮箱爆開的窘境⋯⋯

  • 最近才發現並加入你的臉書社團,謝謝你的無私分享。總介紹這麼多這麼棒的產品!錯過了和你去ingolstadt的機會,希望下次能一起去shopping 啦!一定會很棒;)

  • I like the travelers design in size L. I wish to bring WACU to Australia during my holidays!!

  • 我會想帶着 L 碼的The Vintage Woman冬天時到北歐地方看極光,那麼厚厚的大衣也可以放進小小的行李箱!謝謝分享~

  • 最喜歡traveller s的設計,打包常常要各種毆打擠壓行李箱,有了這台就可以幫我們節省空間,我還可以多帶兩雙鞋,再一週要音樂季露營希望可以帶著他

  • 我最喜歡vintage women 那款

  • 謝謝凡寧的介紹~每次收納時,都會覺得只帶幾套衣服,但不知道為什麼才放幾件衣服,就像塞了一隻大象進行李箱。

  • 好棒的分享,好棒的設計! 居住在德國的我,最喜歡Princess小公主夢幻風的設計,中尺碼M號的真空袋,可以讓我回台灣因為有WACÙ同行而便利許多。不論年歲漸長,想家的心,都還只是個孩子 😉 。

  • 喜歡 Princess的那款~~ 希望9月能可以帶著WACÙ搬家到德國!

  • 我最喜歡Business Man M size,覺得輕巧方便真的太實用了,想9月帶著去沖繩玩~

  • 凡寧真的好會介紹,每次看到凡寧的推薦,都讓我好心動!
    我最喜歡 Vintage Women 那款,雖不知下次旅行會是什麼時候,但可用在七月中搬至慕尼黑的包裝收納上,這樣就能少用個幾個箱子了!

  • 這產品看起來好實用喔~我好喜歡Vintage Woman的L碼真空袋!我今年想回台灣看家人,我想帶著WACÙ同,可以打包比較輕鬆也不佔空間,謝謝凡寧介紹有這麼實用的產品給我們知道

  • 我喜歡Princess大尺寸L,可愛的袋子讓少女心噴發阿~~真的好方便喔.希望去家族歐洲旅遊時派上用場!!

  • 沒想到有這麼小巧的真空機,攜帶他出國真的好方便。以前出國為了減少衣物的體積爭取更多攜回戰利品的空間,用手壓真空袋的方式真的很累人。
    我最喜歡的是Vintage Woman系列的L尺寸,不管夏天或是冬天出遊大小剛剛好。期待有機會帶著它一起去旅遊,10月夏季的香港、2月冬季的日本福岡。

  • 之前曾購買過一般壓縮袋,通常都要搭配家裡的吸塵器使用,旅行前可以收的很整齊,但回程可能就是悲劇、沒轍了,雖然也是可以硬跟housekeeping商借吸塵器,但很難啟齒LOL,有可攜式真空機,可以travel smart, travel light,真空袋設計讓旅行也變得時尚

    p.s.我喜歡Vintage Woman,m碼真空袋

  • l like the Traveller bag design in size L and I wish to bring WACÙ with me to Malaysia in Dec17

  • 我最喜歡Vintage Woman圖樣設計的真空袋,希望在明年春假有機會和家人一起出國去遠一點的國家,用著真空袋減輕全家人的行李重量!

  • 第一次知道有這樣迷你的機器,以前有用過吸塵器的,但旅行回家就變成問題了! 最近除了旅行還有搬家,好希望可有這個好物當小幫手啊!我最喜歡Traveller圖樣設計的L碼真空袋,希望在7月份到土耳其的婚禮,還有8月份搬家旅行時可以有WACÙ一起!

  • 喜歡Traveller!
    我有購自大創的手動擠壓空氣的壓縮袋,但若有用機器效能應會更好. 我下一個是要回台灣探親訪友,有了WACÙ可以帶更多東西回台也可搬更多回來! 

  • 我最喜歡Vintage women size L 那款,回臺灣時可以裝更多東西!

  • 我最喜歡Vintage Woman圖樣設計的L碼真空袋,每週都在往返不同城市之間、和頻繁的出差行程,希望下次回Hamburg就可以使用!

  • 喜歡Businessman,M碼真空袋!希望WACÙ可以跟著我四處出差開會趴趴走,下一趟去愛爾蘭開會就可以用了!

  • Great post! Thanks for recommending such an awesome product. I had similar vacuum bags before moving from China to US, then US to Germany, but those products were not very user friendly (required vacuum cleaner for air suction) and the bags are definitely not beautifully designed.
    I love the Traveler design size M. I would love to bring it for my next travel in summer time, to Kenya!

  • I like the Vintage Woman bag design in size S; I wish to bring WACÙ with me to Portugal,Spain and France next month!

  • 最近剛好要搬家,棉被衣物等最佔位子,剛好看到這麼實用的東西,如果沒有被抽中的話,只好考慮自掏腰包購買了

  • 我喜歡Vintage Woman,想要帶著WACÙ一起去環遊世界!拜託抽到我吧!

  • 我最喜歡 Vintage Woman 的 L碼真空袋。

  • Traveller的圖是我最喜歡的,而S碼感覺最好用。這個真空套組被妳拍的超級時尚,非常生火啊!下一個旅行應該是十月份到波蘭,這時候就超需要能把我的厚重衣物縮小再縮小的WACÙ,希望下一次的旅行可以得到WACÙ神助攻,讓我晉升打包達人。

  • 在社團看到您的分享,平常我並不是會參與此種抽獎的活動
    不過我喜歡Business Man這個意涵,也希望自己可以有機會獲得WACÙ這個產品
    期待未來自己成為心目中理想的Business Woman!

  • 超實用的旅行小物,有了它就能輕鬆整理行李,又有更多空間放戰利品,我最喜歡Vintage Woman,希望幸運抽中,10月和朋友到日本玩就可以一起使用嚕

  • 我喜歡芭比的那個,這台真棒呀!

  • 真空袋使用上的確非常省空間!但之前出國到冷颼颼的德瑞,使用的是一般手捲擠出空氣的真空袋,10幾天旅程下來真的累翻了!
    我最想要 Vintage woman 圖樣設計的M碼真空袋,希望在下次義大利旅行時可以和WACÙ同行!!

  • 我喜歡traveller圖樣的真空袋,下趟旅行是八月要去東京迪士尼過生日,希望能帶著輕巧貼心的旅行好夥伴wacu一起去!

  • 看了超心動的!
    最喜歡Vintage woman的L碼真空袋,希望七月去日本玩的可以擁有WACÙ同行!

  • 好喜歡 Vintage Woman 的真空袋!

  • Thanks for sharing. I like the Vintage Woman in M size. It looks very practical. Hope to take WACÙ with me to Italy in September.

  • 平日旅行時我和我先生多半使用旅行收納袋,沒有想到還有這個方便的好東西呢!我喜歡Vintage Woman L碼真空袋,今年七月飛蘇美島希望可以派上用場囉!

  • 我喜歡princess L 碼真空袋


  • 我喜歡princess M碼的真空袋。希望我能得到他,讓我可以使用他去日本旅行

  • 喜歡vintage woman M, 這東西太實用,有它的幫忙,回台灣時就可大肆採購囉

  • 每次來回台灣跟德國的打包都很讓我苦惱,有了WACÙ就可以為我的行李收納大加分了!我最喜歡vintage woman圖樣設計的M碼真空袋,希望可以帶著它回台灣~

  • The Traveller bag design in size S will be of great use! I wish to bring WACÙ with me to Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines this December.

  • I like the Traveller in M size. It looks very practical. Hope to take WACÙ with me to islands in Croatia.

  • 謝謝凡寧的介紹,感覺真的好實用,尤其是要去到需要厚重大衣的雪國時,一定不需要使勁的壓,才能把毛衣還是大衣的全順利裝到行李箱裡!!! 這個系列裡面我最喜歡的是 Traveller 圖樣設計的 M 碼真空袋,希望可以帶著WACÙ同行嚮往已久的極光之旅呀!

  • 這個產品很實用,我最喜歡Wintage Woman 圖樣設計的L碼真空袋,希望在八月份到Italy旅行時可以和WACÙ同行。)

  • 我喜歡Vintage Woman 圖樣的M碼袋子,希望即將到來的夏天帶著WACÙ與爸媽一起去南德度假!

  • 我最喜歡Vintage Woman 尺寸L,希望能出外旅遊的時候都能使用它~換季時也可以收納衣服:)

  • 好喜歡vintage woman 的L號袋圖樣,希望夏季旅行可以帶著WACÙ一起同行匈牙利!

  • 超棒的idea!

    最喜歡Princess 的size L 款式,很適合來裝寶寶的衣服,一同出去遊玩。 ^^ 希望可以抽中。

  • 我最喜歡Traveller M號的真空袋
    有這台機器真是太棒了 !
    八月要回台灣,正在苦惱怎麼打包 ,還好看到作者的介紹 !
    如果能抽中WACÙ就能帶著他一起回台灣了 !
    其實真空袋自己之前就有用過了,但每次在擠壓空氣的過程,讓我擠得滿頭大汗,有這台機器真的會方便很多 !
    希望能夠抽中 !!

  • 謝謝凡寧的分享,對於經常旅行的我而言,這台機器實在太實用了!希望能幸運帶著WACÙ一起環遊世界~

  • 其實我沒有用過這類產品, 所以特別感謝凡寧的文字和影片介紹!
    我最喜歡vintage woman圖樣設計的S碼真空袋,希望在八月份到跟男朋友去Hamburg 探望他的家人時可以和WACÙ同行。

  • 謝謝妳的分享~對我這種每次行李大爆炸的人好適用阿。。。
    我最喜歡Vintage Woman圖案的L號的真空袋,真希望可以幸運的抽中,過兩個月後希望帶著它到德國,與已經兩個月終於可以見到未婚夫見面然後小遊一下德國~~

  • Dear Effie Lee,

    I am happy to contact you that the system picked you as one of the winners.
    Please drop me an email about your name, shipping address, contact telephone number.
    Afterwards, WACÙ will send you directly one Machine and one pack of Vintage Woman in Size S.

    Thanks for supporting this giveaway.
    Wish you a great journey with WACÙ in August.


  • Dear JJ Lee,

    I am happy to contact you that the system picked you as one of the winners.
    Please drop me an email about your name, shipping address, contact telephone number.
    Afterwards, WACÙ will send you directly one Machine and one pack of Bucaneer in Size M.

    Thanks for supporting this giveaway.
    Wish you a great journey with WACÙ in August.


  • Dear Iris,

    I am happy to contact you that the system picked you as one of the winners.
    Please drop me an email about your name, shipping address, contact telephone number.
    Afterwards, WACÙ will send you directly one Machine and one pack of Vintage Woman in Size S.

    Thanks for supporting this giveaway.
    Wish you a great journey with WACÙ in July.


  • look very sound because I bought a portable vacuum sucker and found its power is weak! It only compress the bag half. So I ready like to have Wacù to go with next trip in Korea. where can I test its performance?


  • Dear KK, where you live? There are links to check where to get a WACÙ machine. Although this is a cooperation project, this little machine helps me a lot. And it is truly useful and powerful. If you don’t find any near location or an online shop which ships to you, please write a direct email to WACÙ service. You can find their email address on their website. have fun and travel safely.


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