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We had been just back from our Road Trip at the beginning of September, at this moment, we planned our traveling schedule until February 2018. I enjoy mostly the lifestyle we have; feel exciting to all new journeys and experiences. My teacher in the university told us, the real design is developed from traveling. So true. New surrounding, people and view bring a new version to us, we step out from our daily routine and get inspired. However, to be honest, it was sometimes tired from packing and unpacking, fixing all stuff; it was the worst part of traveling.

During the past months, I have shared with you this packing vacuum machine; I have received some messages about where to purchase; if it is easy to handle and operate. Moreover, questions about how to style and pack for trips. In this article, I would like to share with you some ideas that I have learned from my travel experiences; so that you can pack your luggage easily for the next trip.



How To Style and Pack for Trips
  1. Set up dress codes : where we travel, when it starts, what to visit and so on are all we care about before we begin our journey. Do not forget to use the information that you search to set up a dress code for this trip. Urban style, casual, luxury or others; depending on your destination, you should give a form to it. For example, I had a dress code “romantic” for my summer road trip that was depending on some hashtags like, #summer, #beach and #roadtrip. It was a great decision that I dressed in a different style that I usually do not wear. It is important to arrange a dress code for your trips, and then it is easy to pack proper items into your luggage without any doubt.
  2. Mix and Match : I usually wear basic style tops, but mix and match the simple tops with different coats, jackets, trousers or shoes to have many different styles with limited items. And the idea works the same for our travel styling. For example, when I go seven-day traveling (not in winter), I usually pack four tops, a long-sleeved shirt, two think jackets, four trousers and three pairs of shoes; with this stuff, I can get more than seven looks. By this way, you do not have to worry about your social media sharing; you will always look fabulous.
  3. Let WACÙ helps you for packing : The packing vacuum machine might be familiar to many of you through my introducing in the past months. I also realized from using it how important it is to pack your luggage properly. I shared with you that there are two ways to use the vacuum bags thoughtfully. One is to pack your clothes categorically, let T-Shirts, trousers or jackets are packed in bags individually. The second way is to pack your looks separately; so it will be easier to look for what to put on. WACÙ might not help to reduce the weight of your luggage; however, it helps a lot to pack conveniently and systematically. Especially for businesspeople, families with kids, or fashion bloggers who always need many clothes during traveling. On the other side, WACÙ helps for traveling not taking flys as our road trip, without WACÙ, we could not move from one hotel to another during three weeks easily.
  1. 以度假地點設定穿搭主題:什麼季節出發到哪個國家、那座城市讓我們對這趟行程充滿了無限的想像與期待。上網查詢當地最值得參觀的景點、最該拜訪的餐廳咖啡館、店家等;那麼也別忘了利用這些資訊給自己設定這趟小旅行的穿搭主題。好比說,這趟自駕之旅是我近年來頭髮最長的一次出遊,因此配合關鍵字:暑假、沙灘、公路這些主題就以「浪漫」設定了這次的風格,也正好讓自己在造型風格上有所突破,不再如以往過於沈悶、停留在安全的單品上。有了主題之後,只要依照著與主題相關的風格情境打包,這樣一來便有了更加明確的打包清單,避免東抓一件、西抓一雙造成行李箱混亂的情況。
  2. 混搭讓造型多變:我的上衣多半是基本款,卻喜歡利用不同的大衣、褲子、鞋子等單品配件做出混搭,讓造型多變;這個搭配法則一樣可以利用在旅行途中。如果在非冬季以一個星期(七天)的旅遊時間來打包,我大致上會列出下列幾項單品:四件上衣、一件長袖上衣、兩件薄外套、四件褲子(或裙子)、三雙鞋為基本打包清單。這四件上衣和四件褲子交互混搭已經可以搭配出許多套不同造型,再加上外套或是鞋款的變化又可以讓穿著更加豐富。這樣一來,即使每天都有「到此一遊」的打卡照片也不擔心有重複的模樣曝光了。
  3. WACÙ讓打包更加有效率:這幾個月來下來相信大家已經對WACÙ這台打包收納機器十分熟悉;而我也因為這台小巧的機器在過去五個月不間斷旅行的移動中體認「好好打包」的重要性。之前介紹過,可以利用真空袋讓打包更方便的方法有兩種:第一種是以「單品分類」,將褲子、上衣、外套等個別打包在不同的真空袋中;或者以「不同造型穿搭」來分開裝袋,可以互相混搭的上衣、褲子包裝在一起,這樣找衣服就更方便了。雖然WACÙ無法減輕行李的重量,以需要搭乘飛機的長途旅行來說,「方便收納」卻反而成為了最佳優點;行李裡頭井井有序、一目了然,這對出差洽公的商業人士、或是有小孩的家庭、以及需要多套穿搭的部落客來說的幫助很大。另一方面,WACÙ對不需要擔心行李重量的「境內旅行」則是最好的出遊夥伴,好比這次自駕之旅,在不同城市之間換住旅館與當地民宿帶來許多便利性,這是實際經歷之後的深刻體會。

Fold clothes as the vacuum bag size, and fix them as flat as possible.

Fix the clothes with your hand and make them in sequence for packing.

Make sure that you close the vacuum bags exactly.

WACÙ is small. However, it is power. It takes just some seconds to vacuum the air out of a bag in size small. If you fix your clothes well, it might even shorten the time. From my experience, I like to keep around 10% air in the bag to keep the bag a bit soft; it is easier to pack all bags in the luggage.


I use to hang all clothes in the closet if I stay in a hotel more than two nights. First, is to keep clothes without creases from vacuum bags; second, it is simpler to see what you have for dressing.


When I checked in to the Vier Jahreszeiten Hotel Starnberg for a commercial shooting, I packed six looks and five pairs of shoes for the project. Although it was not a real traveling; however, I followed the idea to give it a dress code and packed my stuff. Moreover, let WACÙ helps me for organizing. There is one more tip for you, for traveling, I always take one to two vacuum bags with me; for dirty and dressed clothes, or in case go shopping and get new clothes.

這次到Vier Jahreszeiten Hotel Starnberg進行拍攝時,以一個中款尺寸的行李箱共打包了五套造型、五雙鞋子以及其他所需的拍攝配件。雖然是工作,不過也的確符合了每一趟外出旅行時的打包原則:先確定穿著主題,再以符合這個風格的原則打包單品,好好利用WACÙ所帶來的便利性加以分類打包;最後也別忘了多帶一到兩個真空袋放置換洗衣物、以及路途上新購買的戰利品呢。

We hope to have much fun as possible as we can; however, we wish to carry luggage as less as possible. Still, we would like to wear beautiful clothes as we bring the whole closet with us. As you plan your trips thoughtfully, for sightseeing, for restaurants or others; do not forget yourself and your looks. The memories include everything.



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