When our daughter was still little, we had more opportunities to travel by car; we mostly visited Spain or Italy where have warmer weather, high-quality food and wine and beach; moreover, friendly locals from the South Europe. We had a good time during these years. What a pity that we had not been making any road trip for years. Therefore, an idea of traveling by car came out.

It was not easy to plan a road trip thoughtfully and properly; things about daily driving distance, where to stay, where to visit, pre-order the entrance tickets and so on that we had to plan and schedule. Detailed plans make better travel experiences.

Moreover, we had to pack our clothes for three weeks. For the trip we had reserved hotels and local apartments for different situations; so that one side, we could experience the local living atmosphere and lifestyle, and on the other side, it was easier for just one or two nights stay. From our past experiences, we packed our clothes with the luggage; however, we took large plastic bags for other things that did not fit the luggage. That was packing nightmares.

Luckily, we could make our road trip with WACÙ this time; it helped us to pack things easily. From my previous articles, I had shown you how practical it is to use WACÙ; this time, I would like to share with you how WACÙ helped us during the three weeks tour. Here I made a list for you to review the previous articles, feel free to read. Moreover, I edited a video, please turn on the HD quality and watch it.





Classified Packing

We had left Germany for our Road Trip in the middle summer; during the last days on the way back home, the season has changed to Autumn. We had learned from our experience, we did not forget to bring some pieces of Long-sleeved clothes with us. From the previous articles, you might realize that it is a good idea to pack your clothes systematically with WACÙ; T-Shirts, Pullovers, Pants or Jackets, the same classification in the same bag (or bags). It is not only easy to pack but also to search. One side of the bag is transparent; you can see what stuff inside before you open the bags.



Easy Packing

A WACU machine operates by a power cable; it is powerful and easy. There are always sockets on the bedsides in the hotel rooms. I fixed and packed our clothes in bed and connect WACU to the sockets for packing. During our three weeks Road Trip, we changed eight hotels and local apartments for staying. No matter where we stayed, there was no problem for us to use this little machine. Moreover, if you remember, at the end of May, I traveled with a travel group for eight days; I stayed in seven hotels in eight days; that was convenient to pack with WACU.




This time, we decided to stay in Peniscola, a beach town in Spain for a week. In this city, what we needed were different than regular travel destinations; two beach towels for each of us was necessary. All towels occupied a vast space. I have to admit that I had to pack beach towels with large plastic bags before I get to know about WACU. Packing with black plastic bags was not pretty and convenient.

This time, we packed all beach towels and bed Covers in three WACU vacuum bags. After all, three bags stacked together were less than 25cm; that was perfect for storing in the trunk. It is common to travel by car in Europe; now, we can finally travel elegantly.



Beautiful Vacuum Bags

You might know that WACU offers five different design vacuum bags (feel free to click the link and check the bags on the official website); each design has three sizes. The bags are designed thoughtfully for housekeeping and traveling. This time when we stayed in Barcelona, our apartment was in the old town, city center; no cars can drive in. We rented a parking place nearby the flat; which means we had to carry all our luggage and stuff to our apartment through streets. Some local people asked me about the bag, ” what is this colorful bag for?” I am glad that I won’t pack my stuff with trash bags anymore while traveling.



Easy To Carry

I think the biggest successful part of WACU is that the machine is so tiny; it makes everything so simple. My the other half is full of praise for this machine. I mentioned that we had bought another WACU machine; sometimes we have to travel separately at the same time. So we both can pack our luggage with WACU and head to different destinations. A man comments on a housekeeping and packing machine? I think WACU has hit the point.


WACÙ這一款真空打包機最成功的一個因素是,機器本身體積小、重量輕攜帶方便,而且抽吸的馬力強大,讓平時嫌懶、嫌麻煩的另一半也讚不絕口。之前提過,因為工作安排,我和另一半竟然有許多機會分開旅行、出差,所以我們自掏腰包買了另外一台機器;這樣一來兩人即使不同行,也可以方便打包。這幾個月來我們常有許多機會到外地出差,因此另一半用 WACÙ打包的技術也越來越熟練、快速了。一台打包收納的機器讓男人也讚不絕口,我想已經成功了一大半了呀。


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  • 我喜歡WACU的真空打包機,因為這是家居生活的好幫手,冬季的厚衣可以好好收好,機小還可以帶去旅行!Traveller 的設計最合我心意 🙂

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  • 我也喜歡traveller! 今年幾次旅行一家四口出門都得夏冬衣服都帶,每次出門光是打包就好傷腦筋,有這一台打包看起來輕鬆多了!

  • 老公喜歡Bucaneer ,因為他童心未泯;女兒們都喜歡little princess,因為都有公主病,當然行李也要像公主用的;我最喜歡的是Traveller,懷念一個人的旅行。WACÙ 帶著走,輕鬆解決媽媽的旅行燥鬱症,每樣東西都能收納的整整齊齊,一覽無遺不用東翻西找,再也不會為了找不到東西壞了旅行的心情。

  • 我最喜歡Bucaneer的設計,最喜歡WACÙ 真空壓縮衣物的功能,讓行李多出許多空間。

  • 關於真空打包袋的設計,我最喜歡Bucanner的設計:多彩繽紛又帶童趣。

  • 看到凡寧寫的”真空壓縮之後三個澎澎的大袋子縮成了二十五公分厚度不到的包裝”真的很誘人哪!WACÙ 能輕鬆解決打包收納的煩惱,無論是居家或者旅行都是好幫手;加上攜帶方便、操作簡易,好上火 😀 對了,很喜歡Traveller 的設計喔。

  • 我喜歡Vintage Woman 的設計。出門在外還是喜歡帶上自己再熟悉不過的枕頭。有真空機的幫忙,下次旅行晚上一定很好睡!

  • 我喜歡wacu 機身輕便的設計,而且它的袋子設計感都很好看,Traveller 和vintage woman 都想入手

  • Traveller 的設計很棒 不光是旅行 出差也很方便 一直都是大包小包的不同衣物放在行李箱 到最後都沒位置放買了的東西 要是有真空機幫忙 就不用再擔心打包的事了


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