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Being far away from the hometown is not easy; especially at the beginning. Giving up the lifestyle, not seeing close friends and families; moreover, the new environment makes you feel unsecured. At the first three years, since I had just moved to Munich, I felt lost. The unfamiliar language, different culture, and the harsh weather. Besides, I became unemployed; from an interior designer to a housewife who even did not know how to cook. I threw myself into a black hole, feeling depressed and hopeless. Later, I could re-understand myself through photography and writing; further, to plan my new life in this foreign country.

That time, packages that sent from Taiwan encouraged me a lot; Chinese books or magazines and hometown snacks, the boxes brought the warmest regards from my family. All packages comforted me. Slowly, every unknown thing in the new life was not hard anymore.

If you are also a wanderer like me, you must know well about the package thing; some books from your favorite authors; a few packs of snacks that you have always been greedy in your dreams; the best supply ever for us. However, You must also have the same experience that your packages were damaged from transportation, broken books, damaged magazine covers. Do we have a better way to protect the content of our packages?




Since I received the WACÙ, I try to find out how this tiny machine can help us in the daily life; although, it is specially designed to pack our luggage for traveling. WACÙ is perfect to help us with housekeeping. Packing fabric and sheets with WACÙ not only to save the storage space but also to keep them fresh and to against the tide. In this issue that I planned for several weeks, I would like to share with you how to pack your packages with WACÙ and protect them in the best way. You can pack books, magazines, favorite snacks or other stuff that you want to ship with WACÙ vacuum bags. There are two ways; let us go ahead and read about it.

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幾個月前收到WACÙ打包機的時候,除了品牌的設計初衷是拿來打包行李之外(延伸閱讀:WACÙ),我同時覺得用來整理家務、收納家飾織品等也非常方便(延伸閱讀:Make your living space bigger),大大地解決了收納空間與保持簡潔的問題。此外,我也一直計劃著要把打包包裹的想法與大家分享;這時候,WACÙ的真空袋可就完全派上用場。利用真空打包帶可以密封,加上可以抽至真空、或是留下空氣的特點分別保護包裹內的內容物。以前打包書籍海運的時候,都會特別請家人包裹上兩層垃圾袋防潮,不過垃圾帶過薄,不管怎麼以膠帶封箱總會出紕漏;包裹抵達的時候,內裝書籍總是有幾本撞得破損。如果是零食泡麵,有因為撞擊擠壓而碎得成了小屑屑(餅乾都得用湯匙吃)。那麼,一起往下看看,這次在打包包裹上有什麼好用的小技巧吧。

For example, the vacuum bag in size S fits the DHL package size in L. Moreover, make sure you don’t ship contraband stuff in any way.

Take shipping books as an example, I pack books or magazines with vacuum bag in size S and take out 80% of the air. It protects books not get damaged by rough transportation. Moreover, it is the protection against the tide. One point that I appreciate, the vacuum bag is thick and strong enough to protect book and prints from transportation; however, it does not gain any weight to let you pay for it. These books and magazines that I sent to my girlfriends that she asked; I am sure that the package and the books will arrive safely.


Apart from shipping books, I sometimes also send particular made-in-Germany products back to my family or friends, for example, snacks or beauty products. In this situation, I pack goods with the vacuum bag in size S. I only close the zipper and don’t take out the air; so that the bag itself will become an airbag to protect the goods. At the same time, the vacuum has the protection against the tide. The good quality vacuum bags can be reused for many times and occasions. It is convenient when both sides who ship packages have a WACÙ machine.


For the Black Friday and Cyber Monday (which are on 24th and 27th of Nov.), WACÙ will offer a special price to be involved; make sure to follow their Facebook or Instagram account for the newest update.

No matter you are a traveler or a businessman/woman, a housewife, or just like me, a wanderer who left the hometown and needs comfort from the family, WACÙ is a proper tool to help you for any need. The project with WACÙ temporarily comes to an end; however, I will never stop traveling. The project gives me an opportunity to review my lifestyle and find out a way to deal with it. In the next months, we will go together/separated to Taiwan, Rothenburg, Prag and then Hong Kong. The next? Who knows. The destination has never been a point but the partners who travel with you.

配合Black Friday以及Cyber Monday的促銷活動,WACÙ在Amazon上的購物連結也提供了特別的優惠;只要鎖定WACÙ的臉書頁面以及Instagram帳號就不會錯過了這是的熱賣。



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  • 台灣的姪子姪女很期待我寄回去的Adventskalender,相信用WACU寄回去一定能保護好厚紙的邊緣不受壓迫,禮物能美美的送到孩子面前。他們一定很開心⋯

  • 過年回台凖備為家人帶他們喜愛的德國藥妝店保養品,如果能用上WACU,打包行李一定會更方便吧

  • 謝謝凡寧的介紹推薦,我最期待聖誕節以及農曆春節回台灣了,WACU是最佳的幫手,不論寄禮物包裹或打包行李,都是一大利器啊!!

  • 我也計劃農曆新年返香港…….用WACU 真空袋打包我用今年自己種的各種莓果做的100% Bio 果醬作為手信絕對是個好方法,這樣子便可以很好很安全地固定玻璃罐子在行李喼内的位置,同時又不怕萬一果醬滲漏會弄汚衣物!!

  • 今年又是沒有辦法回去臺灣過年了,好幾年沒有回家鄉過年,所以只能一直從德國寄送好吃的巧克力或是茶包,或是倒數月曆,這個時候用上WACU來打包,絕對是更方便。也希望家人會開心的收到禮物。

  • 母親的生日快到了,想要選些純天然的保養品跟食品,讓她照顧好自己,用WACÙ打包放入寄送箱中,就可以放心不會因運送中的碰撞擠壓變形了!❤

  • 幾乎每年聖誕節都沒辦法回台灣過節,所以每年我都很樂意當聖誕老公公買一對禮物寄回台灣給家人及13個姪子姪女及外甥及外甥女及台北鄰居長期幫我處理所有大大小小的事情,買的禮物有巧克力,鞋子,限定版Lego 等等,有了WACU 可以讓禮物多一層保護,讓遠在家鄉收到禮物的受禮者感受到禮輕情意重,親情友情一直細水長流延續下去!

  • 今年聖誕,依然不會在家裡過,不過每年都會買點小禮物寄回家,和家人分享一點過節的喜悅,今年有了WACÙ,就可以更安心的寄送!期待農曆過年與家人團聚的日子。

  • 今年過年很幸運可以回家過年,要帶給家人的保健食品和花草茶,還有送朋友的護手霜或小禮物,相信有了WACU,可以把這些禮物保護的更好,完整的送到家人手裡!

  • 今年聖誕節想用WACÙ打包自己縫紉的衣服和小物給親人和朋友當禮物。讓她們過一個暖暖的冬天。

  • 今年聖誕節及過年都不能回台灣,因為過年前就要生寶寶了,但爸媽會來德國陪我們ㄧ起過年,但姐姐妹妹會待在家,我會從德國寄送聖誕保養品禮盒及好吃糖果給我姪子及狗零食給我們的狗弟弟,這個時候可以用上WACU來打包,是很方便也省很大空間。家人收到禮物ㄧ定很開心。

  • 每年聖誕節都會寄一大箱禮物和糖果給我最愛的侄子和姪女們,當然還有我最愛最想念的家人。用了WACÙ來打包,就會在小小的箱子裏省出更多的空間,這樣我就能夠裝滿我更多的愛和思念了!

  • 這個聖誕節會一如以往的回香港探望家人~ 有了WACU 打包買給家人的各樣禮物就不會有困難啦 🙂 省下的時間心思可以多花在挑選適合的禮物上~

  • 今年為家人精心挑選的毛帽和節慶餅乾,有了Wacu,不擔心小小紙盒的空間不夠,更能有效運用小空間。

  • 今年聖誕想為家人送上暖冬保健保養品,有了WACU相信能好好保護內容物,平安將我的心意打包好送達!

  • 太晚看到這篇WACÙ 的介紹了,上個禮拜才打包了一大箱聖誕降臨曆及德國的零食回台灣給姪女們,有了WACÙ 我想以後要打包甚麼德國名產回台灣也方便輕鬆,下一趟也打包一台WACÙ 送給台灣家人 😀

  • 雖然知道機會渺茫,但是還是試試運氣。今年聖誕假期希望能有台WACÙ陪伴我們。

  • 今年沒有辦法回台灣過年,不過我想寄幾包德國特殊的有機花茶及保養品給媽媽;相信用了WACÙ打包一定可以安全寄送抵達。

  • 明年要飛回去台灣,打包行李是大學問,有了WACÙ的幫忙,一定可以節省空間、井然有序、有效保護物品。

  • 想帶回歐洲寬大羊毛批肩送給家人當禮物,有WACU幫忙打包的話就可以省很多行李空間了!


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