Versace Dylan Blue Femme

Dylan Blue Pour Femme Eau de Parfum

I rarely like fragrances that are floral, but Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme is fascinating. The scent is as subtle as the blue bottle design, which reflects different blue tones under different lighting. Same as women, we show different characters on different occasions. The excellent composition combines floral, fruity and woody tones in a unique and balanced way. The top note contains currants and apple. The middle note consists of rose, jasmine and iced peach. The low note is a combination of patchouli and light woods. The blend is fascinating and alluring.

難得喜歡帶有花香卻令人著迷的香氛。Versace在2017年推出Dylan Blue Pour Femme女性香水,藍色玻璃瓶身設計,在不同光線照耀或是陰影伏蓋之下會折射出不同光澤的藍調,如同女人的不同面向,是Versace品牌調性所呈現出來女性魅力的縮影。說是花香,卻因為調香手法在後調上的大逆轉,使得香水以獨特的優雅方式結合了花味,擁有清香芬芳同時卻呈現出深沈內斂的特性。這款香水的前香以黑醋栗、青蘋果、三葉草、紫蘇以及勿忘我等果味和木質特徵組成;在中調的設計調和了玫瑰、茉莉與冰桃;最後,以帶有大地氣息的蘇禾香、白木、廣藿香與麝香完成了後調。

I usually do not apply any perfume in the evening, but I sometimes like to give a light spray of Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme after shower. The scent still remains on my skin subtly after one night’s sleep. The fragrance is sensuous, yet it gives me a feeling of secure.

我很少在傍晚後使用香水,不過這款Dylan Blue Pour Femme的設計在沐浴之後輕輕噴灑,在體溫加熱揮發後的餘味讓人感到性感、甚至是帶有點溫柔舒適的安全感;尤其是隔天早上的香味仍然具有輕微的存在感,應該會是床伴會喜愛的依戀。

This is a collaborated project with Versace Dylan Blue Femme Germany.

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Outfit - Mango Lace Top, Embroidered culottes and Loafers - Yes! Please Enjoy

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