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I was born in a little town; however, I have always thought that I am a one hundred percent urban lady. Dressing in stylish and minimal attires and being elegant; a kind of arrogant impression. I believed that it was a lifestyle I looked for. Until have been living in Germany, I experience a different way of life; I slowly realized something that should be changed. I am still an urban woman; however, my mind is approaching to outskirts.

In the late autumn, I received a book called Urban Jungle – Living & Styling with Plants; it has improved my idea of life deeply. I have never owned any plant at home until the late months. I start collecting all kind of greens that fit for a livingroom to decorate every little corner at home. What a blast! I start looking for things that might not account for outward appearance but spiritual inspiration.

This process of change makes me wonder how fabulous our lives. Before I received the book of Urban Jungle, I got an invitation to join a new coming book presentation of the publisher, Callwey in autumn 2016. One of the authors of Urban Jungle, Igor Josifovic attended the event as well. Since then, I have noticed Igor, as well as his work and effort. In that period, I have understood that I would like to pursue the essence of my life; instead of decorating the facade, I prefer to have a peaceful spirit.

雖然成長於鄉下城鎮,我卻一直認為自己是個百分百都市化的女子, 身著簡便俐落裝束、乾淨優雅絕不顯煩躁,對於任何會把鞋子弄髒的環境一概謝絕前往,是這樣一個自大狂妄的人。我以為,生活中一切從簡(極簡)才是大道理;直到在德國生活了幾年後,才慢慢地體悟了不同的生活步調與節奏,從中摸索出一套中庸之道。我還是那個近都市而居的女子,不過靈魂有越往鄉鎮郊區移動的趨勢。

去年秋末收到Urban Jungle – Living & Styling with Plants這本書,算是近期內影響最大且深刻的事件;根本無法辦法想像從未「養」過綠色植栽的我竟然在半年之內給家中各個角落添購許多植物盆栽。一抹抹翠綠在室內空間裡點綴上意想不到的美感,也讓我從一個虛有其表的女子開始往內心裡心靈深處探索,追尋更有意義的生活方式。

這段轉變的過程不禁讓我感歎生命運轉的巧妙。就在收到這本書之前,接到出版商Callwey的來信參加他們在2016年秋季的新書發表會,Urban Jungle這本書的作者之一Igor Josifovic也參加了聚會;不過當時並沒有進一步認識。那段時期不管在工作上與心境上都有不同體悟:捨棄表面上的華麗,希望更往事物本質前去;是那樣的轉變。不僅僅是表面上的去捨,而是心靈上的取捨。

After following his Blog and Instagram, his feed always cheers me up; his content has been my aesthetics supplier. His elegant yet down-to-earth attitude just like a fresh breeze refreshing the daily life. A while later after reading the book, Urban Jungle, I could not help but to ask him for an interview; I wish to share his effort and let more people also enjoy as I do. That was a warm and comfortable Saturday noon; we met in the Coffee Shop, Man Versus Machine where is one of his favorite coffee shops. (I also introduced this place, feel free to read the article, Munich Guide – Man Versus Machine.)

I was so cheeky to express how much I appreciate his work of blogging; especially the book of Urban Jungle; it has brought different inspiration into my life and refreshed me.

Igor comes from Austria and has been living in Munich around ten years. Since 2011, he founded the blog, Happy Interior Blog to share his ideas about living and traveling. The Blog has a strong personality as himself, bold, sunny and positive; since then, the blog attracts many visitors who have a deep affection for interior and home living. As learning from doing, as time passes by, he develops a better taste in his blogging field. Moreover, he slowly adds more greens into his life.

追蹤Igor的部落格以及Instagram帳號之後,令人為之嚮往的氛圍總是使人振奮。他優雅卻純真的生活方式、大方無私的分享等,讓我在收到Urban Jungle一書之後,決定發出採訪邀約;這麼過癮的一位人物,怎麼可以放過他呢?碰面是在一個溫暖的星期六上午,碰面地點是Igor在市中心很喜歡並且時常光顧的咖啡館:Man Versus Machine。(在2015年秋季曾經撰文介紹過,延伸閱讀:Munich Guide – Man Versus Machine


來自奧地利、在慕尼黑定居有將近十年時間,從事網路媒體資訊業的Igor有份穩定的工作。2011年開始在部落格Happy Interior Blog分享生活與旅遊見聞,乾淨利索的畫面與版面設計加上大方幽默的文字,吸引許多對空間佈置以及生活美感的讀者。隨著在部落格上的分享,也累積了他自己的品味以及對生活品牌的研究;同時,普遍歐洲居家生活裡不可或缺的綠色植栽也慢慢的融入了他對生活環境的佈置手法中。

Photo : Igor Josifovic

Photo : Igor Josifovic

From experiencing different cultures during traveling, Igor gets a unique sense of home style that is a way fo mix and match. Although his apartment is Munich is quite tiny as he described, it looks so charming and stylish from his social media feed; every corner seems to be a little kaleidoscope, exciting and enjoyable. No matter why he goes traveling, for private or business reasons, he is often on the way heading to somewhere. Although it is enjoyable to visit different countries or cities; it is just delighted to enjoy a quiet and peaceful weekend at his little apartment in Munich. On such wonderful weekend, he would stay longer in bed to recover the energy from regular working hours and the extra blogging work. After having breakfast, it is time to take care all plants at home; it takes around an hour.

“It is a quality time for me, such as a ceremony to make my mind calm. I think nothing and only focus on a single movement. ”

Instead of buying all furniture in one time, Igor prefers to collect pieces of furniture progressively. As time goes on, the taste of choice is developed; it is easy to catch a sight of his flavor from every single piece in his flat. For example, it could be a bowl of aloe vera that he brought back from a workshop in Canary Island Spain or the vintage desk he bade from an online vintage auction that he did not expect he could win it. The place represents his character and footprints faithfully from his lifestyle and traveling.



以慢慢累積的方式添購家中傢俱以及用品,隨著時間,品味跟著累積,從生活細節上可以瞧出主人個性的端倪。不管是一盆從西班牙加那利島(Canary Island)的活動中跟著坐了飛機回到慕尼黑的蘆薈,又或是在一場網路上的競標中出乎意料得標的復古掀蓋式書桌;家中的陳設彷彿一場人生旅程的軌跡,忠實地呈現。

Photo : Igor Josifovic

Photo : Igor Josifovic

I also appreciate how Igor enjoys his slow-coffee time after a regular office day. ” Starting from grinding coffee beans, I slowly enjoy each step to prepare a cup of coffee. It might take forty minutes; however, it helps me to relax from an office day and get ready for the evening time, blogging.”

From his social media contents, it is easy to see how Igor has improved his photography. Try to view accounts that inspire you and set a goal to reach. Through practicing, everyone can approach a level that you are looking for. He shared with us. Nevertheless, smartphones have excellent quality; he often takes pictures with his iPhone for a faster and easier record while trips. A useful and practical photo editing application? Color Story! (It is an application similar to VSCO, a functional app to use.)


從Igor所分享的照片也可以看到他對於攝影手法不斷精進的過程。多瀏覽、觀察其它喜歡的的攝影風格的帳號影像,同時也給自己設定拍攝的目標;藉由不斷嘗試與練習,其實都可以拍出連自己也滿意的影像。不過隨著科技進步,很多時候在旅途上也都只以手機的高性能相機來記錄;他慣用的影像編輯軟體為Color Story(一款與VSCO十分類似、功能強大的影像編輯軟體)。

Igor’s partner lives in Paris; therefore, we often read his contents about  Paris on Happy Interior Blog. Their relationship has begun since 2009; so far, both of them are happy and satisfied with a long distance relation. Everyone needs an own space or a piece of time to refresh, although you both have a close relationship. However, Igor looks forward shortly to move to Paris and ends the long distance relationship.

Igor的另一半定居在巴黎,也因此,在Happy Interior Blog中,我們也可以時常讀到關於巴黎的畫面與生活旅遊資訊。兩人的遠距離戀愛從2009至今,對於在慕尼黑以及巴黎擁有假單身的獨居生活現象,戀情中的兩人都抱有正面樂觀的態度;即使感情再好再緊密,都需要有獨自思考的片刻與空間,雖然未來Igor也規劃搬到巴黎展開兩人的共同生活,不過目前的確是一段令人感到滿足、歡愉的過渡時期。

What Urban Jungle and Igor Josifovic have inspired me was not those green plants I bought for home but realizing to enjoy beautiful and quality moments in our life. Every day, I spray to make moist to the plants, every week, I give water and take care of each plant. The silence conversation between green and me is the most enjoyment moment in life.

However, I am not a green finger. I have to read the manual carefully, how to take care of the greens and how often give water. In the book, Urban Jungle, it includes not only five experts who come from different countries and know well how to decorate your home with greens. The images are excellent, and the content is useful. They offer the book in English and Germany, a great book for your living.

Urban Jungle這本書以及與Igor Josifovic間的對話對我影響對大的,不是在家中多擺放了幾盆綠色植栽,而是細細品味生活中某些特殊美麗片刻的分秒,靜心享受、把心思沈浸在那些時刻當中。現在,我固定每兩天給盆栽灑點水,每個星期好好地照料每一盆植栽、修剪、給予營養成分等呵護;與這些綠色小物間沈默的心靈對話是生活中此刻寧靜的享受。

不過,我依舊不是個綠手指,每每添購一盆新的植栽時,都得詳讀說明標籤上的植物特性與照料方法。Urban Jungle書中,編輯了來自世界各地五對不同的「家中綠化」達人,有來自荷蘭、英國、德國與其他不同國家的真實綠色範例。書中,除了有精美的圖像與編輯,還有照料不同植物的知識,或是以植栽妝點居家環境的概念與手法,有德文版與英文版可供訂購閱讀,絕對是場閱讀與視覺上的饗宴。

Postscript :
I had majored in Interior design and had worked as a designer before I moved to Germany. Since I have lived in Munich, I realized that instead of letting a designer to plan their houses, they do decoration by themselves. I asked Igor about his idea to the point. In Europe, people normally rent their living spaces, and the law is quite strict; therefore, people often do DIY to decorate their spaces instead of hiring designers. Using not only colors, furniture, and decoration stuff, adding greens into the inner space is a quite smart way. It is not only joyful but also bringing you a cozy and comfortable feeling especially during winter and cold days.


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  • thanks for this article! I also heard a lot about this book and was going to buy it. I love green but never have the ‘green finger’ either 🙂 That’s wonderful you got to meet Igor.


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