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I always have been a girl who loves to write, either writing articles or practicing handwriting; especially Chinese characters. In every little sign, it has a world in it, a meaning behind it. That time, using extra thin pen was a trend; all girls loved it. However, I have enjoyed using a bold tip pen to write; my handwriting words seem are written by a man. For this reason of loving writing, I also cherish all products that are related to writing. I have been starting to collect pens, handmade papers and handmade notebooks.

Since years ago, during each trip no matter where I go or how long I spend for, as long as I have time, I visit local stationery shops and try to find out interesting crafted stuff. I remember that handmade tan leather notebook I bought in Florance, some delighted handmade papers that I found in a little alley in Taipei city, oh, and a graffiti image book that is designed by a Berlin-based illustrator; also from Rome, from Amsterdam and London. Stories are handed down by hearsay, and our history and lifestyle are recorded by written in black and white. Through the years, all my wishes and plans that I wrote down in my notebooks, now they all became my memories and achievement.



On that day, before I headed out for a meeting, I just received a package; I opened a corner and saw an orange box, my Treuleben Work Life Calendar just arrived. I could not wait to open it, so I brought it with me to the coffee shop and took two pens by the way. The handmade leather calendar caught my heart due to its fine and high-quality details; the creamy paper color, thin yet sturdy paper quality that doesn’t shine through or becomes saturated by ink, coated with embossed finest leather, etc. The design of the inside pages is minimal and smart, one block for a day, and bigger and wider spaces for the weekends; it is perfect for me to use that I usually have more ideas and plans on weekends, I can write it down once I have an idea.

這天上午出門開會前從郵差手中接下了個包裹,撕開了一角看到橘色的包裝禮盒,知道是之前預訂的 Treuleben Work Life Calendar,開心之餘再抓了兩支筆塞進包包,等不及待會先拆包裹。全手工製作的真皮筆記本在每個細節上都有特色是抓住我的心的關鍵;復古奶油色調的紙色、輕薄卻不透油墨的紙質、渡金邊的紙張頁緣、真皮燙字書封等。最讓人喜愛的是那極簡的內頁設計,一天一格,週末的記事欄則加大加寬,完全符合我在週末總有許多構想、計畫時可以順手寫下的習慣。

Before I only collected notebooks and did not like to use them; however, I realized that if I only put them aside; the notebooks would never become a part of my life, they were only the decorations of my bookcase. So I could like to create my daily lives with a notebook that I love. Treuleben Work Life Calendar is more than a calendar for me; I often have interview opportunities, and I have to prepare for it, anytime if I have ideas about questions, I can write it down on the notebook. It is convenient; I can even put it into my shoulder bag. Moreover, its elegant design could be your best outfit accessory.

以前買筆記本純粹收集,根本捨不得用;後來明白,使用了才能讓自己喜歡的物品成為生活的一部份, 融入自己。那麼一本成天拿著、跟著自己的筆記本的確是該挑選不管是樣式、設計或品味都能讓自己滿心喜愛的才好。這本筆記本對我來說,不只是逐日記事規劃,工作中常面對的採訪都必須準備訪綱,偶爾突發蹦出來的點子、想法都可以隨手記下,輕薄便利十分方便,一般的肩包也可以輕鬆帶著走;就算在咖啡館、別人面前拿出來也都十足文青味呢。

2016 was a working hard year for me; I have tried to transform either myself (the attitude and mind) or the direction of my business, it is an important point for me. At the end of the year, I look back and review all; I am proud of myself; it makes me want to cherish every little moment of 2016. Moreover, I received this Work Life Calendar; it cheers me up that I will keep going ahead and achieve another aim. If I could share my experience with you, I would say: never give up, never underestimate yourself; keep going forward that there is no way to return.


At the end of the year, I would like to host the last giveaway of 2016 that is quite meaningful to me, this Treuleben Work Life Calendar (Worth 140 Euro). We write down our plans and goals, our wishes and dreams, and then we go for it. More important is, no matter how difficult and hard it will be, we will cherish all challenges that make us stronger. “Not Easy” makes fun and enjoyable.

The method of Treuleben giveaway:

  1. The giveaway only opens to German speaking cities.
  2. Share your next plan or goal with us; it must be an issue that can be achieved through hard work.
  3. Follow Treuleben and Y!PE Facebook pages (or Treuleben and Y!PE Instagram accounts).
  4. We will send two Treuleben Work Life Calendars to two readers.
  5. It ends on 15. 12. 2016 Thursday 23:59; and on the next day, Friday, we will announce the winners.
  6. If you do not live in German cities, Treuleben offers international shipping.
  7. Do not forget to leave your email address so that we can contact you.

在年末,我想送出這一份對我來說頗有意義的一份禮, 這本 Treuleben Work Life Calendar;希望你也可以在這些紙上寫下你的計畫與目標、理想與夢想,然後我們一起努力;最重要的是,儘管面對許多困難與辛苦,我們都會珍惜這些生命中令人成長的挑戰;唯有不簡單才好玩、才過癮。

Treuleben 贈獎辦法:

  1. 贈獎活動只開放給德語區讀者。
  2. 在底下留言寫下你下一階段的計畫或是目標,必須是經由努力可以達成的事件。
  3. 必須加入 Treuleben 以及 Y!PE 的臉書頁面(或是 Treuleben 以及 Y!PE 的Instagram帳號)。
  4. 將送出兩本 Treuleben Work Life Calendar 給兩位讀者。
  5. 活動於十二月十五日星期四夜間零時,隔日星期五中午公佈得獎者;祝好運。
  6. 如果你不住在德語區,沒關係,Treuleben 提供全球運送服務。
  7. 記得留下電子郵件,我們才能與你聯絡。
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Fanning Tseng is the master behind the high-quality lifestyle website Yes! Please Enjoy which was founded in 2012. Since Fanning has moved to Germany, she re-experiences and rethinks about her growth. Living in different culture cities, she becomes a connection between Asia and Europe. Fanning is now working as a professional photographer and a full-time blogger; moreover, she is also the fashion insider of Vogue Taiwan and columnist of many well-known online magazines.

Yes! Please Enjoy is not only a destination for a better living encourage but also as a guide for those who are searching for travel advice or lifestyle inspiration in Germany. Besides, Fanning is working on connecting Chinese-Speaking women who live in German-Speaking countries; her goal is to have a community to support these women when they face with difficult life issues in the related cities.

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  • 今早告别了一位认识了四年多的德国朋友,感叹生命的无常。。。四十七岁。 热爱生活,热爱家庭孩子。。最后一次的会面听她说起她的计划,她已经计划好明年一家飞美国参加侄女的大学毕业典礼,过后妹妹再一家飞来德国参家儿子的abi.. 还有明年二月丈夫的五十岁的生日。。。还有,还有。。。。 她是多么的期待与家人朋友共同来庆祝儿子的十八岁生日,她开心的预备好所有的一切来迎接这一天的到来,却也就这一天她的孩子她的丈夫却永远的失去了她。。。

  • 希望的都一樣,只要自己和家人朋友平安健康,希望的很小,但其實也很大 P.s 好幾年前收過凡寧親手寫的聖誕卡片,欣賞到妳整齊又很美的字跡,好喜歡!

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  • 希望接下來這一年可以進入時尚產業工作,真的對這個行業充滿憧憬!

  • 在德國幾年 ,生活一直不順心。現在有了一份又愛又恨的兼差工作,希望明年增加愛的部份,減少恨的比例! 明年取得德國駕照是必需,德語精進是必需。跟大家一起努力!

  • 希望可以找到適合自己的實習機會 以及越來越適應每天有做不完的作品的學校生活~

  • 覺得這句特別好,「讓自己喜歡的物品成為生活的一部份」,用美麗的筆記本,搭配合手的筆,寫筆記的時候心情都會特別舒暢!



  • 短期来讲:希望可以成功在澳门实习通过6个月时间学习管理专业知识,拿到推介信就可以顺利毕业!
    长远计划:希望可以学好语言,未来一年就重返慕尼黑,开始尝试找工作,尽管没有学过时尚,设计的东西,但仍希望从事时尚,衣服搭配,拍摄或谈话类的工作,尽管没学过,但我认为兴趣才是最好的老师,毕业老师送的一句话:do something in love!真正做自己喜欢的工作发挥热情与能量而不是为了稳定收入而盲从。

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