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農曆年前幾天的倫敦Bicester Village之行實在是難得的經驗,甚少直接破題的我不想迂迴,直接進入主題,分享第一手的資訊與感受。這次英國之行為參加英國部落客、同時也是時尚觀察家Susie Bubble受Bicester Village之邀,因應中國農曆新年所策劃的China Pop-Up Boutique活動。Susie Lau以她多年在英國與亞洲時尚界的經驗與觀察,邀請了十位華人設計師來到Bicester Village共同參與。所有Bicester Village訪客從2019年一月29日至二月17日,可以在China Pop-Up Boutique裡欣賞十位設計師的設計單品,藉由近距離來瞭解目前中國新銳設計師的理念與創作靈感。

The trip to Bicester Village in London a few days before the Lunar New Year was a rare experience. In this report, I go directly to the topic and share my first-hand information and feelings. The fashion blogger and fashion columnist, Susie Bubble (Susie Lau) is invited by Bicester Village to host the China Pop-Up Boutique event to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. Susie Lau invited ten Chinese fashion designers to Bicester Village to participate and present their collection. All Bicester Village visitors from January 29th to February 17th, 2019, can enjoy the design of the designers in the Boutique, to understand their ideas and inspiration.

Susie Lau, the one behind Susie Bubble.

Susie Lau, the one behind Susie Bubble.

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Susie Lau從2006年開始撰寫以時尚為主題的部落格內容。不只文字富有魅力,她的個人造型也獨特有個性,以詼諧幽默卻又直白的觀點漸漸在英國與全球備受矚目。這次有機會與她做簡短採訪,更是讓我近距離瞭解她的風采。

在十位受邀設計師中定居倫敦的Ryan Lo是Susie認識最久的一位,兩人因為生長文化背景接近,因此不管是做為朋友相處、或是在設計上都讓Susie感到特別有共鳴。Ryan Lo在設計中注入了多元、多變的設計靈感與元素,讓創作變的更獨特有趣。

而立足杭州的Mukzin品牌豐富好玩的設計發想也讓Susie欣賞。China Pop-Up Boutique開幕這天,Susie穿著出席的就是Mukzin品牌洋裝,這件以中國成藥包裝為發想在開幕會上令人耳目一新,獲得許多詢問。品牌的設計不管是在亞洲或是歐美都是少見的設計。



Susie Lau has been writing her fashion blog content since 2006. Not only is her character fascinating, but her personal style is also unique and individual. Her humorous but straightforward point of view has gradually attracted attention in the UK and the world. This time I had the opportunity to do a short interview with her, to know her style deeper.

Ryan Lo, who settled in London among the ten invited designers, is Susie's longest-known one. The two are close to each other because of their growing cultural background, so they are particularly resonating with Susie as a friend or in design. Ryan Lo injects a variety of design inspiration and elements into his collection, making the creation unique and exciting.

Susie is also appreciated by the rich and fun design of the Mukzin which based in Hangzhou, China. On the opening day of China Pop-Up Boutique, Susie was wearing a dress from Mukzin. This piece is from the collection that is inspired by the Chinese medicine packaging. The dress was special and received many inquiries. The design concept of the brand is rare in the fashion industry.

In the interview, we also mentioned that fashion should be fun; even though it is a serious design concept, it should be provided to the public in a relatively simple and interesting way. However, the fashion industry is actually not as dazzling as everyone sees it. In the end, the establishment of the brand needs to operate and achieve the purpose of promotion with the most intelligent and rigorous business methods.

I am also curious as a mother. How does Susie balance family life and work after she becomes a mother? Susie said it is not easy to strike a balance between everything. Occasionally, when she is too busy, she feels a bit guilty to her daughter. But the whole family has given her daughter a wealth of love and care, so she is a happy girl. Of course, her daughter also smelled the fun of fashion from Susie. She begins to explore the bags and shoes in her mother's closet. Although Susie is not sure if her daughter understood fashion, her daughter already has a strong point of view about fashion (in a very lovely way).

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The fashion designer, Ryan Lo who was in the middle of the image.

The fashion designer, Ryan Lo who was in the middle of the image.

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Kate Han, the designer of MUKZIN. Her husband, George Feng is responsible for the operation of the business.

Kate Han, the designer of MUKZIN. Her husband, George Feng is responsible for the operation of the business.



Under the introduction of Susie, all the guests who participated in the opening ceremony put a lot of attention and enthusiasm on the works of all designers. Susie and the present designers brought the charm of Chinese fashion design to Europe in an easy-to-understand way.

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Park Chinois


在Bicester Village China Pop-Up Boutique活動前一晚,主辦方已經在倫敦知名餐館Park Chinois為活動舉辦了暖身晚宴,倫敦城裡許多華人、雜誌編輯與時尚圈工作人士都到場支持。這天菜單的設計以亞洲菜色為靈感,做出豐富的變化。沒想到,我離開台灣定居德國之後,只消坐一趟短程班機來到倫敦,也提前感受了精緻美味年菜的口福。這晚與許多華人聊天,提到了創業、生意經營理念與手法等話題,莫不讓我感受到中國從企劃發想到執行的強大意念與競爭力,越聊越過癮、越是欲罷不能。如同Susie所說,時尚從來都不是件如同外表看來輕鬆燦爛的事,設計發想之後的生意經才是更為重要的關鍵。

On the night before the Bicester Village China Pop-Up Boutique event, the organizer had a warm-up dinner at the famous London restaurant Park Chinois. Many Chinese, magazine editors and people who work in the fashion industry in London were present. The Asian cuisine inspired the menu of the dinner. Unexpectedly, after I left Taiwan to settle in Germany, I only took a short flight to London, and I also experienced the delicate taste of the delicious Chinese dishes before the New Year. This evening, I chatted with some Chinese fashion designers and mentioned topics such as entrepreneurship, business management and methods which made me feel the strong ideas and competitiveness of China from the planning to the implementation. As Susie said, fashion is never a thing that looks as relaxed and beautiful as it seems. The business after the design is the more important key.

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The Bicester Village

Bicester Village Chinese New Year Pop Up Boutique by Susie Bubble - Olympus EM1Markii2512 - Yes! Please Enjoy by Fanning Tseng-14.jpg

China Pop-Up Boutique活動主題分享之後,也想聊聊這座讓我大開眼界的Bicester Village。The Bicester Village集團在歐洲幾座大城市都有折扣購物村,以前聽朋友提過倫敦Bicester Village這座購物村的威力,現在終於讓我親身體驗;我彷彿是鄉下來的大媽,瞧的一愣一愣的。

購物村裡不僅有許多國際高端時尚品牌外,知名英國時尚、生活用品等都可以找到自己喜歡的品牌。雖然以英鎊購物,但因應中國新年的慶祝活動許多品牌都再提供八折優惠,真的有種為預算加碼的快感。我自己購入了AllSaints一件手提包、還有Golden Goose一雙髒髒鞋,兩款都是想了很久的單品,如今以超低價碼入手,算是趁著過年給自己的小禮物。

After sharing the topic of China Pop-Up Boutique, I also want to talk about this Bicester Village that opened my sights. The Bicester Village Group has several villages in many major European cities. I used to hear about the Bicester Village in London. This time, I finally experienced it.

In the Bicester Village, there are not only many international high-end fashion brands, but also well-known British fashion brands and other labels. No even to mention that many brands offer an extra 20% discount to celebrate Chinese New Year. There is a thrill for budgeting. I bought a handbag from AllSaints and a pair of "dirty" sneakers from Golden Goose. Both of them are items that I have been considered for a long time. Now I can get them at a low price, which is a small gift for myself for the New Year.

Bicester Village Chinese New Year Pop Up Boutique by Susie Bubble - Olympus EM1Markii2512 - Yes! Please Enjoy by Fanning Tseng-53.jpg

Shan Shui 山水

購物村裡的亞洲菜色餐館:山水,也是不能錯過的。活動前一天在Park Chinois已經品嚐到精緻的亞洲菜色。這天China Pop Up Boutique開幕活動之後,我來到Shan Shui吃中餐,不只在空間設計上呈現了1920年代老上海的氛圍,就連在吃食料理中也很有誠意地帶入豐滿盈潤的口味。前菜的的炸魚(帶皮)、燒賣與肉串已讓我忘了自己其實身在倫敦;主菜的燒魚、咖哩雞、蔥燒大蝦以及辣炒肉塊完全讓我超出自己的極限,硬是多吃了好幾口才罷休。

這樣短時間之內移動的工作旅行總是不輕鬆的,除了腦力密集吸收大量資訊外,在體力上也都是考驗。不過總覺得自己是很幸運的,常有機會看看生活之外的世界,也可以接觸這麼有趣的人事物。兩天一夜的活動結束後,搭乘晚班飛機回德國時,內心裡的滿足真是不能言語。既是從許多華人設計師身上看到了不同的世界之外,也著實體會了Susie Bubble一直強調的時尚應該充滿樂趣的觀念。同時,她真誠不造作的態度真令人著迷。又另外給自己辦了年貨添新衣,好久沒有消費時尚單品的我在暗黑的機艙內可是摀著嘴一直憋著笑容呢。

The Asian restaurant in the Bicester Village: Shan Shui, is another spotlight that cannot be missed. I have tased the exquisite Asian dishes at Park Chinois. After the opening of China Pop Up Boutique, I came to Shan Shui to try the Chinese food. Not only did the interior design show the atmosphere of the old Shanghai in the 1920s, but also the dishes, I was sincerely brought into the fullness and richness of Asian. The appetizers have made me forget that I was actually in London; the main courses completely exceeded my limits. It was hard not to eat a few more before giving up.

Such a short business trip is always not easy. However, I always feel that I am lucky. I often have the opportunity to see another world that is different from my life, and I can also get in touch with such interesting people. After the two-day trip, when I returned to Germany on a late flight, I could not describe how satisfied I was. It is not only to see a different world from the Chinese Fashion designers but also to realize the concept that Susie Bubble has always emphasized that fashion should be fun. Not even to mention how lovely and down-to-earth she is. What an unforgettable experience.


This post was written in cooperation with The Bicester Village. Even though, we give our own opinion uninfluenced. We had full rein over text and content of this article.