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From Stockholm, Ricarda and I moved directly to Copenhagen. Early morning fly, both of us were tired and sleepy. We felt like Sandbags, heavy and stiff. Though when we checked in to our hotel room at Stay Copenhagen, we woke up immediately and acted like children. We were so excited about our AMAZING room. Actually it is not only a ROOM, it is a Penthouse apartment. A huge space front of us, living room, open kitchen (which has basic equipment for cooking!), dinning space, two sleeping rooms, front and back side Balconies. Simple, Clean and very modern, totally Minimalism.

We stay for a weekend, from Friday till Sunday lunch time. It was so cold and I was sick, therefore the comfortable space was the best location for me to stay inside, instead of hanging out to suffer the cold weather. I got up in the morning from the soft but strong supported bed, had a fast of cup of tea, dressed up, then went down for breakfast. When I travel, breakfast time is always the most excited moment for me. I like to enjoy the luxury service and delicious food. Take my time, not in hurry, just talk to each other and immerse myself in the relax mood.

I really appreciated that Stay Copenhagen offers such a great project for travelers. It is not only a space to sleep, but a home-like location to let people stay. Thank you, BloggerNet for the great arrangement. I will definitely come soon in Summer.

從司德哥爾摩,我和我的伙伴 Ricarda 直接出發到哥本哈根。早班飛機,加上一整個星期的週車勞頓,我們又累又疲倦,像大沙包般一點精力都沒有。不過當我們一步入我們在 Stay Copenhagen 的房間時,我們都頓時間清醒了過來,像小孩子般雀躍興奮,因為我們的房間實在是太棒了,超過了我們原先的想像與期待。事實上我們的房間根本是頂樓套房,空間大到無法置信:一個大客廳、開放式廚房(廚房內還附有全套基本設備,如果你要下廚完全沒有問題)、一個寬敞明亮的飯廳、兩間臥房,還有前後的大陽台。乾淨、簡單摩登的設計,帶有禪式的極簡風味。


我很欣賞 Stay Copenhagen 給旅人們不只是一個睡覺的空間,他們也想到了如何在這段停留時間內讓人感到舒適,就像家一般自在。謝謝 BloggerNet ,我希望可以在夏天很快地回來這個美好的地方。

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