BONDI WASH - Natural Home Cleaners With Scent

體驗BONDI WASH居家清潔系列三項產品之後,再次深深體會一個品牌的用心與心意。同時也提醒著自己,儘管是挽起袖口拿著抹布,也要(也可以)保持優雅的心情與姿態呢。

After experiencing the three products of the BONDI WASH home cleaning series, I once again deeply realized the intention and spirit of a brand. At the same time, I also remind myself that I must (can) maintain an elegant mood and attitude while doing the housekeeping.

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Ingolstadt Village - A worth sharing quality lifestyle


his kind of simple life makes me cherish and satisfy. Invest your budget in life on things that can communicate with your family, create memories and topics, whether it's one pack of coffee beans, a movie, or a pot of chicken porridge that leads us to endless aftertastes.

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Oster Coffee Machine - Simply Enjoy A Cup Of Coffee


I made a cup of cappuccino in the early morning, and then made a video call to Michael to show off. I proudly hold the mug and enjoyed the thick milk foam. Even if I have to get up early, I can still feel fresh and energetic.

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CALIDA - Slow Down


Slow Down is not only to give yourself a better outcome but also a pleasant possibility to experience and taste the process in our life. One shall not only get prepared for others but treating one's self kindly for a better quality of living.

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