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Taipei has been developed so fast that we never can be well-updated by visiting this city once a year; especially when it comes to those small and myriad alleys in the intricate blocks. We followed our local friends and came to the restaurant, Plants that is in an alley on the 1st section of Fuxing South Road. Plant-based, gluten-free and whole foods are their business concepts. It often happens that vegetarian restaurants add more unnecessary seasonings to flavor their foods. How about Plants? Will be those healthy dishes tasty and delicious? That was all that we concerned.

一年一次台灣行所接收的資訊已跟不上快速發展的台北市,尤其是那些精彩的小巷弄文化。在朋友帶領下我們來到復興南路一段,位在巷口的Plants小餐館。這是家以全植物(plant-based)、無麩質(gluten-free)、全食物(whole foods)做為感動力出發的小餐館。許多印象中的素食餐館為了增加口感與品嚐口味反而添加許多不必要的調味料;而Plants的訴求更多,「會不會因為講求健康的關係所以不好吃呢?」是我們心中的顧慮。

Our friend lives in the neighborhood where is not far from Plants. Once a week, he comes here to take brunch after his yoga class. He is not a vegetarian; however, he takes care of what he eats in the recent years. Some months ago when he heard about Plants, he could not wait but be one of the first ones to try. “The way how they cook and present the foods will subvert your opinion of general vegan and healthy diet.”, it was what he texted me. His words indeed provoked my curiosity. We came earlier than other take-lunch customers; we would like to start the day with some cups of tea and coffee. The vigorous and energetic plants in front of the restaurant welcomed us. It seemed that its vivid impression refreshed the city and offered a whole new spirit to us. Fresh and comfortable were my first impressions of it.


German regards a healthy dining concept than before, especially in Berlin, a creative and artistic city. The residents are open-minded to new dining ideas. Therefore, there are more and more green restaurants in Berlin and other similar cities in Germany. Compare to those cities, Munich and the cities in the province of Bavaria are obviously conservative; dining without meat means no fun. However, working with organic and local farmers has been a trend that people slowly follow.

It is hard to change our dining behavior in a short time; the most difficult point is that we worry about if it is tasty. In other words, if we can solve the puzzle and make sure all plant-based and healthy dishes are tasty and delicious, will it be easier to let people take a different concept of dining? Moreover, instead of trying to imitate the texture of meat meals with vegetarian cookings, to offer straightly plant-based dishes might be a better way to renew an old impression of vegetarian.

德國近年來十分注重吃得健康的觀念,尤其是在柏林這等充滿創意與活力的藝術城市;那裡的居民對於飲食觀念採取開放、樂觀嘗試的態度,也因此綠色餐廳在柏林有越來越蓬勃的趨勢。 相對來說,身為德國南方巴伐利亞之首的慕尼黑居民則顯得保守,無肉不歡、缺酒不樂的飲食觀念與柏林確有不同。不過,對於有機農作、與當地蔬農、畜牧農配合的餐館也因為大眾飲食態度的轉變逐漸增加。


My friend introduced us some of his favorite dishes; besides the Superfood Smoothies, there were two dishes I enjoyed the most, Margherita Flatbread and Macrobiotic Tempeh Bibimbap. I loved especially the Margherita Flatbread; the texture was so unusual that I have never tried before; moreover, it was delightful. While we ordered our meals, the waitress explained about the ingredients and taste to let us learn more about what we ordered. I appreciated the way they present; I love to know what I eat.


In a word, Plants is a restaurant that made me feel comfortable and satisfied. They present a new idea to show us how healthy food can be so different from what we expected before through a step-by-step process. Moreover, they are successful that offering delicious and pleasant dishes to introduce us about their sense. Only in this way, we are willing to understand their story besides eating only. I am happy to share with you this green restaurant in Taipei. For a small lunch or going out on weekends, Plants is a nice choice for meals. I am looking forward to the next time visiting it.


Plants Eatery 

+886 2 2784 5677

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