Munich - Sois Blessed

Discover what makes you shine. Sois Blessed在社群媒體上這麼昭告他們聰明又美麗的主張。位於慕尼黑市中心的選物店Sois Blessed不只販賣美麗的物件,同時把緩慢優美的氛圍帶入生活中。

The slogan ‘Discover what makes you shine’ on the social media channel of Sois Blessed displays its smart and beautiful attitude. 

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Munich - Werkstatt:München

我們來到座落在地鐵U2線,Fraunhoferstraße地鐵站旁的銀飾設計工作室Werkstatt:München,拜訪設計師Klaus Lohmeyer。閱讀採訪內文與影像,你們會瞭解這個散發著魅力的品牌。

We visited the silversmith and goldsmith design atelier, Werkstatt:München where is near to the subway line U2, the station of Fraunhoferstraße. We talked to the owner, Mr. Klaus Lohmeyer and visited how the studio works. Please read the article to feel the atmosphere and understand the philosophy.

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Taipei - Plants Eatery

Plants Eatery是一家令人舒服的餐廳,以循序漸進、淺移默化的方式讓大眾對不同的飲食觀點有更深入的瞭解。先讓食客喜歡了,才有機會讓大眾了解他們的經營理念。

Plants Eatery is a comfortable restaurant to let the public have a deeper understanding of different dietary concepts gradually. When the customers like the dishes, then it is easier for the public to understand their business philosophy.

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