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慕尼黑暑期攝影工作坊 20. Aug - 22 Aug 2019


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氛圍美食、浪漫微距攝影工作坊|bitplay Smartphone Photography Workshops


In 2019, I am happy to be able to work with bitplay planning photography workshops again. In addition to the newly-designed "Atmosphere Food Photography and Romantic Macro", a new photography course, "Architecture and Interior Photography" has been planned. In the issue of "Atmosphere Food Photography and Romantic Macro", I explain the use of opportunities and techniques for HD wide-angle lens and HD macro lens. The highly recommended HD wide-angle lens from bitplay that will be introduced in the "Architecture and Interior Photography" course, it allows you to experience different photographic images with the proper photographic accessories. For those who are interested in the workshops, feel free to read the post and register for the courses.

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人像攝影|拍人與被拍 Portrait Photography - Being The Photographer or Being Photographed


Portrait photography is always full of challenges for me, but it can also be creative because of different protagonists; capture emotions, and record the moments of others' lives. In this article, I will share my experience of portrait photography from the Styling, Emotional guidance and Editing. I hope you find it helpful. Have fun by shooting or being photographed.

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情境攝影 | 與攝影師早午餐 Atmosphere Photography - Brunch with the Photographer


Let’s go to a cafe ( or a restaurant) for the photography workshops! Simulate the real situation, take the food that orders by each person as the object, and then to practice creating beautiful photos. The original purposes of the "Brunch with the Photographer" and "Tea Time with the Photographer" were: First, take scenes that often happen in life for practicing. Second, using the photography skills that learned from the course into daily life. There are some important keys in the article to explain how to take better atmosphere images. I hope that you will enjoy it and find it helps.

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建築空間攝影|與攝影師到北美館散步 Architecture & Interior Photography at Taipei Fine Arts Museum


Whether it is interior or architecture, it is composed of three elements: point, line and surface. The fascinating thing is the geometric images that are composed of these three elements. Through the viewfinder and your observation, pick your favorite angles from the existing structure.

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