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When I joined the event of “Make It Yours, Do It In Denim” in the Ingolstadt Village, I received this Pepe Jeans Jacket from the organizer. It is a style of denim jacket that I like very much. First of all, it’s cutting, clean and easy; and then, it’s length that exactly covers half of my Hips, which means, I would look thinner and taller than I am. Moreover, it is in a shape of the bomber jacket, a trendy look. Anyway, I was so excited to have it and could not wait any longer to show you this look.

Do you see the emoji patches on the jacket? It is the active action in both Villages, Ingolstadt Village and Wertheim Village : from now on until at the end of October, as long as you purchase more than Euro 150 in one of the Villages in a day, you can choose three patches that the Villages designed for us. Moreover, get a free service to create your Denim Style in the Patches Lab in the Villages. I chose three patches in yellow and red colors to balance my “mostly in black or dark” style, and I hope to add a touch of youngth and vivid feeling to my personality.

No matter you live in Germany, or you plan to visit Germany soon, you shall come to one of the Villages and shop with lower prices here. (Not even to mention that if you can shop tax-free!)

參加Ingolstadt Village「Make It Yours, Do It In Denim 打造個人丹寧風格」活動時,主辦單位給了我們現場的與會者這件Pepe Jeans丹寧外套。這件牛仔外套的設計是我很喜歡的款式,光是剪裁簡單沒有多餘累贅的線條、外套長度過臀一半可以修飾身型(臀圍)的先決優點之外,同時也是現在很流行的飛行夾克Bomber Jacket的款樣。總之一收到手之後就非常喜歡,迫不及待拍攝這件外套的穿搭。


這次「Make It Yours, Do It In Denim 打造個人丹寧風格」的活動從即日起一直到十月底止,不管你是住在德國境內,或是到德國自助旅行,都很值得安排一趟購物村之旅,如果還可以退稅,那就更物超所值了。(後來這幾次聽身旁的小助理們說,其實很多同學們都已經來過;即使每次消費的金額與商品數量不多,已經覺得此行值得,尤其是耐穿的鞋類與冬季外套類,入手更划算。)

How To Style A Denim Jacket Look

It might not be a good idea to dress a head-to-toe denim style. The best way is to pick an eye-catching denim item to be the primary role of your look, and then match your accessories to the style. For this Pepe Jeans jacket, I planned to create a look for ready-to-be mature women and mature women; not in a cute way but to show the charming yet vivid side of women.

For me, it has always been a great combination of Denim and Leather; both of the material gives an elegant yet good taste character. I also wore one lovely lace top to attach an outstanding quality to the look. There is a secret tip that I follow for my personal or styling looks. If I dress in a sportive style, I will match my look with one pair of shoes that has an elegant design; on the other side, if I dress in a “lady style”, then I will team one pair of sportive shoes to the look to balance the “too feminine” feeling.

Are you also a girl who loves denim item and have several pieces in your closet? I wonder which classic denim item is your favorite; leave a message and share it with me. I hope you will like this style that I created for you. Here are some denim jackets that I picked up from this autumn collection, feel free to take a look at them.

如果全身都以牛仔單品來做造型,容易造成視覺上的疲倦感。最好的辦法就是以一件重點式牛仔單品當成視覺焦點,其他配件則依照當天造型的風格來取決。以這件Pepe Jeans的外套當成主角時,希望打造出一套從「輕熟女」至「熟女」都可以輕鬆搭配、毫無違和感、避免裝可愛的穿搭法則。



This is a collaborated project with Ingolstadt Village and Wertheim Village.

Ingolstadt Village

Wertheim Village

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