Pastel Color Coat, Silk blouse, Black Skinny Jeans


We just changed the time from summer to winter; it is brighter in the morning when we prepare for the day; however, it gets already so dark in the early afternoon. What a winter. Although, we don’t like to dress as gloomy as the weather; one piece of pastel color coat might be a good idea to brighten the season. I remember my first white coat that I bought while ZARA had a seasonal discount some years ago; it is a great one, the design and the cut are just perfect. Since then, I have started trying other pastel colors, soft blue, light grey or light tan. I feel great and confident each time when I put on a soft color coat in winter.

Well, how to choose a pastel coat? Warm, soft and comfortable are necessary; moreover, simple design and well cut are important. If you like a fit cut style, make sure that the size should fit exactly your shoulders; otherwise, you miss the attitude of a coat. When it comes to the oversized coat, make sure that the sleeve Length is not longer than your fists; otherwise, you will look like a child who wears clothes from the mother. Here I selected some pastel color coats from this season; my favorite one is the grey-blue coat from Edited. How about you, which one do you like?



Now, we have our pastel coats; how about the styling? How to style your pastel coat? Pastel color is the new black. (Yes, no doubt.) Treat your soft color coats as the black ones, yet the soft ones give you a better styling. Moreover, to think about to use the color of the coat and match the color with your shoes, bag or the accessories.

Some worry about light color coats might easy get dirty. Actually, it is not that easy as you think. If it gets dirty, clean it as soon as possible to remover the dirty spot. I usually use makeup remover to clean any dirty place on my light color coat. Try it; it works super. Or, do not wear a pastel color coat when it might rain.

What color do you like to try as your first or next purchase coat? A pastel green or light grey even a soft blue will be great colors to try. It is easy to create a casual look with one pair of jeans; also, perfect for office outfits if you team it with suits or dark color dresses.




What I Wore

White Coat : Mango (a similar one)
Silk Blouse : H&M Studio (a similar one)
Black Skinny Jeans : Mango

Outfit - Mango Lace Top, Embroidered culottes and Loafers - Yes! Please Enjoy

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