Paris – Hotel Balmoral

During the trip in Paris, I cooperated with some hotels in order to give reviews of staying as a fashion traveler. This was not my first time to travel in Europe, however, facing to Paris, my heart beat faster.

It was like to meet your lover and at a critical moment you would decide to leave or stay. The Staff leaded me to my room, and when he opened the door, the excitement made me smile with the teeth. (Stay!)

In front of the entrance, you see the living room, on the left side goes to the bedroom, on the right side is the bathroom. In the bedroom, there is a mini walk-in closet. I was so happy and satisfied about my room, no matter the decoration, the design or how comfortable is the bed and pillows.  Especially in the bathroom, two washbasins on the long, chic and clear stone table. The design of lights in the bathroom is just smart and perfect. We women know about how important it is when we makeup.



First night in my room, my body was too tired to stay awake, but my mind insisted no to sleep. I was finally in Paris, and I did not like to use the time for sleeping but something else. I did stretching exercises, read my book, opened the window and stepped to the Balcony; I saw the night lights through the neighbors’ window, looked at the glow from the downtown. The eyes were so sleepy, but I was so stubborn to keep awake till the last second as I could. After to set up an alarm clock for the second-day morning, right away I fell asleep and had no idea about others.


My sleep was so short and had fewer hours than usual. My eyes could not open yet. However, my heart woke up and jumped up from the comfortable bed when the alarm clock rang. Before I started to fix myself in the bathroom, I put on a bathrobe and tried to cover my sleepy face. Opened the window of my balcony, said Good Morning to this city. I had to pinch myself to make sure that everything was true and not a dream at home. Paris is a city that you need to perceive it slowly and silently. Not only the gorgeous enchantment, but also the inner aplomb.


Hôtel Balmoral

6, rue du Général Lanrezac, 75017 Paris
+33 1 43 80 30 50

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