Olympus E-PL8 城市小旅行

In the previous articles, I have talked about my new camera, Oylmpus PEN-F; I received many messages asking about it. “Is it good to use?” or ” Should I purchase the standard package, is primary lens or a zoom lens better for me?”, these two questions are the most frequent issues that you asked. When I have started photo shooting, I practiced with a standard package; a small digital camera teamed with a Zoom lens. MY daughter was just a baby, and I have not even started working as a blogger; I had fewer chances for traveling, most of the images I have shot were just my girl and still life photos. I thought a primary lens might be better for me as a starter; to control the distance by my feet and measure a space with my body would be a decent idea.

However, in the late years, I travel a lot; just a primary lens could not be my best partner to record things during my trips; I need an easy and active camera. Therefore, I got different smaller cameras for a different lifestyle. Some of them were indeed light and small; however, I was not satisfied with the quality of the photos. On the other hand, some of the cameras were not well-designed for operating. In the end, I got this Olympus E-PL8 that was at first not on my wish list; however, I packed it home with a zoom lens, 14-42mm.

在前幾篇介紹Oylmpus PEN-F相機的文章後,收到許多讀者與朋友詢問關於購買相機的訊息;「好不好用?」「相機搭配促銷的那顆鏡頭夠不夠用,該買定焦鏡頭、變焦還是廣角鏡頭呢?」是大家都關心的議題。一開始接觸相機時因為預算考量,我就是以促銷配備:機身配標準變焦鏡頭開始練習。那時候女兒還小、我還沒有工作,所以甚少機會旅行,拍攝的內容大多以靜物以及女兒人像照片為主,變焦鏡頭的手感在那個階似乎不是我想揣摩的。於是在幾個月後便購入了一顆最低預算的定焦鏡頭練習,就這麼以雙腳的移動來拿捏與拍攝物之間的距離,一拍就是好幾年。


三年多前,開始尋找可以在旅行時、城市中方便攜帶、容易使用的相機,前後也購入了不同品牌使用。有些的確很輕便,不過成像畫質滿足不了我;有的相機在影像品質上達到了需求,卻在操作的手感上欠缺了設計全面性的考量。於是,本來只考慮入手Oylmpus PEN-F,卻在最後把Olympus E-PL8也加進清單裡,搭配的就是14-42mm變焦鏡頭的標準組合。

I packed this camera home not only because of its tiny form and the possibility of changing lenses but a function of saving images as RAW files; I can edit photos with its original image data for better quality. Saving as RAW files might not be the main propose of the public users; however, it offers an opportunity for people who might need it as I do.

I edit all images that I upload to the social media channels and on my website. For me, photography is not only to capture certain precise topics that you enjoy but also to add the personal charm and style into the photos by editing them. At this moment, RAW is important for us.

Although, you are not interested in RAW files; you can shoot pictures that are near to be professional, at the same time, bring your character into the photos. Olympus E-PL8 has different functions to help you, turn the ART or SCN on to shoot your pictures in many styles without an extra editing step. Alternatively, to use wifi to upload the images to your smartphone and exit them with an application that you are familiar.

當初決定入手這台Olympus E-PL8最主要原因除了它體積適中、可更換鏡頭外,也可以RAW檔拍攝儲存影像,方便以最原始的影像資訊加以修片調整。這個功能或許不是所有使用輕單眼相機族群的最主要訴求,卻在必要情況下,這台小相機也可提供高解析度的原始影像。



I would like to show you with this article how this Olympus E-PL8 helped me to record our trip in different cities in Taiwan. About its form, I show you with this short video below. About its performance or the specification, you can check on the Olympus official website. I do believe that professional cameras can indeed deliver high-quality images; however, professional cameras are not the guaranty to capture touching and beautiful photos.

這篇文章將針對Olympus E-PL8這台相機如何在都市中以輕便快捷的節奏輔佐紀錄這次台灣的旅行日記。在外型上,以下方這隻簡短的影片呈現相機真實的樣貌;另外,在功能與官方網頁上都可以查得到的數據等,就不另外複製貼上。我真心相信,相機的畫素品質雖然可以影響影像成品的深度與層次感,但是一張擁有情緒、美麗的照片絕對不是只有高階專業相機才能拍攝取得。

Douliu, my hometown that we visit each time when we are back to Taiwan. Several years ago, that was at the beginning of summer; we borrowed two bicycles from the hotel we stayed. My daughter sat in a baby seat right behind Michael; we hung around in the little town and got sweat from the sultry weather. In the end, we ended the day with one big glass of fresh juice and one bowl of shaved ice; that was unforgettable.

Years later, we still talk about the memory; we decided to do it again. We borrowed two bicycles from my mother’s neighbor and started our bike trip. This time, the weather was pleasant and comfortable; the breeze brought us around to discover the areas. In the morning market, people were busy running their business; the local atmosphere just reminded me how lovely my hometown is.

Olympus E-PL8 is helpful while discovering cities. Although in the dark market hall, this camera could take high-quality images quickly and accurately. Moreover, I appreciate about the save-energy function; I do not switch off the power to keep shooting photos fastly, it will turn into a standby mode to save the battery energy and turn on in a second once I press the shutter button slightly. Olympus E-PL8 is definitely a good partner while traveling.

斗六,我的家鄉是每次回台灣都會造訪的小鎮。有年夏初我們一家三口借了兩台腳踏車 ,女兒就坐在米夏爾後頭的娃娃座椅上,三個人一下午把斗六市裡裡外外都繞了一圈,不僅滿身大汗,上衣也都緊緊地黏在濕溽的皮肉上。最後,我們在西市場以大杯西瓜牛奶還有挫冰終結那令人難忘的時刻。

多年後想起這段往事令人意猶未盡;於是在母親居住之所向鄰居打聽借用腳踏車,爽快的隔壁咖啡店家湊了兩台給我們;天不熱,涼爽的風帶著我們在有趣的小區上繞著轉著。上午早市裡熱情的攤販吆喝兜售著,手腳麻利地又切又剮又是打包又找零,在燈光較為幽暗的市場內,Olympus E-PL8依舊利索快速地捕捉畫面,成像有厚度、富有層次。

體積輕便、拿取容易,從開機到對焦的時間很短;Olympus E-PL8是台在街拍時不會令人產生驚慌不安的相機。即使整個閒逛街市的過程中因為想保有拍攝的機動性,因此長時間不關閉電源;節源設計讓相機進入待機的睡眠狀態,只要輕觸快門鍵又馬上開啟拍攝的對焦模式;對於想要捕捉都市快速行進中的細膩移動,絕對是最好的幫手。

This time, we planned to visit Taichung, an exciting city that we are used to visiting. However, things did not turn out the way we wanted. We were stuck with other stuff and could not go around as we hoped. Until the late afternoon, we could finally enjoy a late meal. Luckily, we had a little time to walk around in the neighborhood that near to the train station. However, it was a great opportunity to try Olympus E-PL8 in the dark and lacking lights situation that was different from usual.

From the photos above you see how detailed they presented; afternoon sunlight, dim interior light source, and even the night city view. Without a flash, this camera could bring detailed and rich images out that indeed satisfied me.

這次也希望利用一天的時間到台中逛逛,不過事與願違,大半日光時刻我們有別的事情忙著,一直到了接近黃昏才有機會坐下來吃頓便餐,在搭車離開前隨意地在台中車站附近走晃。不過卻因此有機會在非日然光時段以這台Olympus E-PL8在不同燈光環境下進行拍攝、紀錄。


Our trip back to Taiwan always starts in Taipei and ends in this colorful and bustling place as well. I had lived in Taipei for several years; it meant a lot to me. Each time when I am back here, it recalls many memories. In that time, my world was narrow; I saw only myself. Now, my view gets wider; I have my family; however, I do not forget myself as an independent woman.

Although I had lived in Taipei for years, I could never discover every corner in this city. Moreover, I have left here for a long time; things develop too fast, I can never get enough update about here. I always keep myself aware of this city; I do not like to miss anything. From day to night, Olympus E-PL8 followed us and recorded the moments; the zoom lens, 14-42mm is just proper for all situation. For space or landscape, I use 14mm; for portrait and food diary, I use 42 mm for a better effect.

No matter what camera you use, the point is to practice. Further, upload photos to your computer or smartphone as possible as you can for a review; you will see clearly your pictures and find out a better way to improve your shooting skills. Professional cameras are not a guaranty for better photos, but Olympus E-PL is a proper camera to help us to shoot photos in an easier way.


即使在台北生活了好一點時間,卻總是有許多地區不熟悉,再加上離開台灣一晃眼十多年,藉由一年一趟的台灣行也無法追趕上變化的速度。每次回到這座城市都好像造訪一座新城鎮,雙眼睜得大大就怕漏了什麼。從白天進入黑夜,Olympus E-PL8就陪伴著我們一路拍攝;14-42mm這顆鏡頭剛好滿足所有拍攝可出現的情況,拍空間、拍街景用廣角(14mm),拍人像、拍食物則將鏡頭轉到42mm避免畫面變形,也可以顯得更有臨場感。

再好的相機都需要多拍多熟練,增加與相機間的手感與默契。拍了照之後,如果可以總是將照片上傳到手機或是電腦裡再次瀏覽;自己按下的快門心裡有數,透過再次檢視可以替下次找到更好的視角拍攝與手法。雖然高階相機不一定能幫助我們拍攝到好品味的照片,不過這台Olympus E-PL8絕對是台好相機讓我們更得心應手拍攝自己喜歡的影像。

OLYMPUS  Taiwan 官網 / Facebook

I edited all images with Lightroom, not only about the exposure or the contrast but also my personal emotion. In this article, I used Olympus E-PL8 to record our journey in Taiwan; the rest of photos that you see Olympus E-PL8 itself are taken by Olympus PEN-F.

如果你也對Olympus E-PL8感興趣,我建議先到官網上看看這台相機的清楚介紹,然後再到你熟悉的或是認識的相機專賣店詢價購買;當初官網上的價格與我後來問到的價格有些落差。另外,在相機專賣店裡可以拉著老闆一直問問題,好過癮,許多相機背後的小故事與秘密都是這樣聽來的呀。

這篇文章裡的所有照片都經過Lightroom編修,除了調整光線對比之外也增加了個人情緒反應在畫面中的滋味;別忘了,好的攝影,除了構圖之外,編修相片的經驗與能力也很重要。這篇文章裡有Olympus E-PL8相機本身出現的照片,都是以Olympus PEN-F拍攝,其餘皆是以Olympus E-PL8所記錄的。

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