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The idea to present information through viewing images or photos has been developed since years. Although well-composed writing is important; however, the value of an image cannot be underestimated. Before we paid attention to how to capture the spirit and represent the object we took. Now, it is also necessary to catch the attention from viewers.

Instagram has always been the most influential social media to present user’s photos. Brands use it to promote their goods and design; bloggers use it to share their lifestyle and stories; most of us use it to record our life. Moreover, Instagram has become one of the biggest platforms as a portfolio. Therefore, it is quite important to manage your images well. In this article, I don’t talk about how to operate your account but share with you how to make your Instagram images better. Those users who have high followers might not have good quality photos; however, accounts that offer high-quality images attract the same taste viewers.  If you look for the same way to organize your Instagram images, do not miss this article.



Feel free to follow my Instagram account @yespleaseenjoy ; I upload mostly only unique images to this platform that you don’t see on Facebook or other channels.
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I share some tips with you below :
  • Decide On A Theme – Be You:It is easier to choose one to two themes from the daily life as the primary topics to record. For example, if you are a foodie, then take not only food photos but also record the restaurant interior design, the atmosphere of the space, or a smile from your friend who visits the restaurant with you, and then you will get a better series about the food journey. However, to be who you are and represent this image is important. Not to create a life for photos but express your life with images.
  • The Importance Of Light : No matter you shoot photos with a flash or the natural light, your pictures should be visible. If you prefer low-light style, pay attention to the brightness, darkness and the contrast, and create an image that provokes the curiosity of the viewers. Check the distance between the light, the object and yourself, try to take pictures from different angles to find out the best result.
  • Keep Your Editing Consistent : The key to a success Instagram style is to keep the same filter. Everyone knows about it, but not all of us follow it. No matter what photography style you like, stay with a filter that fits your style. However, it doesn’t mean you have to keep the same style filter forever. The way how we would like to show our images also presents our attitude that reflects from our daily life. Stay the same, but be bold to create and enjoy the process of the transformation.
  • Declutter Your Feed:I usually take five to ten images a day; however, I only choose the best capture to upload and share to my followers. Declutter your feed is the sticking point to perform a “well-planned” Instagram account. With the accumulation of time, your account will be an excellent profile to present.
  • 設定主題 、 忠於自我風格:以尋常生活中的軌跡挑選一到兩個主題來記錄發揮才可以讓照片擁有情緒與溫度,這般影像才能動人。比如說,如果你是吃貨,那麼不光只是記錄盤中美食,進而從用餐的空間、設計與氛圍都可以一把收進照片中,讓關於食物的系列照片更豐富有趣。不過,我們也常聽到、讀過類似的報導,在手機拍攝範圍內的事物收納得乾乾淨淨,那個拍攝的場景是被「製造」出來的;而鏡頭外的真實環境則是髒亂不整,與照片形象有著天壤之別。忠於自己與生活風格才是最重要的關鍵,從一成不變的日常生活中探索不一樣的新發現讓記錄照片更有意義。
  • 注意光源:不管是使用閃光燈或是自然光源,保持照片最基本的可欣賞度是應該的。即使是使用暗光手法拍攝,也應該在光影與對比上稍加琢磨,即便以低光源拍照,也讓人有種窺得蛛絲馬跡的好奇挑逗心才算上乘。注意光線來源、拍攝器材、被拍攝物體與自己之間的距離,嘗試從不同角度拍攝以便找到最好的視覺效果。
  • 使用固定的濾鏡風格:讓九宮格內所呈現的影像自成一定的風格是Instagram最重要的關鍵。不管是喜歡浪漫夢幻、黑白對比、又或是暗黑成熟的風格,修片時都套用一款濾鏡才能呈現同一調性。保持同樣風格並不表示我們在影像呈現手法上不能有所變化;而這一段淺移默化的過程正是我們對事物有不同的觀察與體會。
  • 過濾上傳影像:如果想保持Instagram上的照片具有可看性,那麼審選上傳的照片是最後必要的把關關鍵。我通常一天會拍攝五到十張照片,不過只會在修片過後挑選一張最喜歡的影像上傳。這樣一來每次發文都是「最好」的呈現,一段時間過後這也會是一份最好的個人檔案、生活風格的再現。


I hope this article will bring you a different inspiration. Follow the steps above and see if it makes a difference to your Instagram account.


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Fanning Tseng is the editor of Yes! Please Enjoy which was founded in 2012. Having lived in different cities and experienced different cultures, Fanning focuses on the connection between Europe and Asia. She is now working as a professional photographer and a full-time blogger. Moreover, Fanning is a regular feature columnist in several Chinese online magazines such as Vogue Taiwan, WOMANY and 10/10 HOPE. Get better informed by subscribing the Newsletter; moreover, let’s stay connected on Instagram and Facebook.

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