Maison Héroïne Tilda Crossbody Bag – What Would You Do For Yourself

Héroïne (fr.) = Female Hero

She enjoys the fullness of the moment,
Working hard, dreaming big.
She does everything with integrity.

She is a Héroïne,
In every sense of the word.
She leads with grace.

When I visited the website of Maison Héroïne, I would like to know more about this brand which was founded in Berlin. Two short sentences on the website caught my attention. I sometimes make jokes about myself that I am a girl-boss: It doesn’t mean that I look like a man or act like a guy. On the contrary, I am sensitive and I do believe in romanticism. On the website, the French word ‘Héroïne’ on the brand name ‘Maison Héroïne’ refers to a female hero. This name indeed made me smile. Yes, compared to the ‘tough girl’ that I sometimes call myself, I would rather name myself as a female hero (as Maison Héroïne does) who knows how to face all challenges gracefully.

When I received the TILDA bag from Maison Héroïne, it reminded me the time when I had just arrived in Munich fourteen years ago. When I looked back, I remembered all those little pieces of my life experience that composed my life chapters. In this article, I would like to share with you a story about the handbag brand, Maison Héroïne, as well as the inspiration I learned from “her” (Maison Héroïne). Of course, I also share with you the outfit and styling I created for the beautiful TILDA bag.

點進Maison Héroïne網頁想了解這個柏林品牌的創業精神時,兩小段簡單卻也深切扼要的優美文句吸引了我的注意。我常常笑說自己是個女漢子,並不是指在外貌或是行為上雄性化,相反地,我敏感、感性,而且極為浪漫。Maison Héroïne品牌名稱的註解Héroïne (fr.) = Female Hero的確讓我發出會心一笑,有一種讓人正確解讀、被瞭解的親切感。是呀,以前只懂得取笑自己像個女漢子,其實我只是更懂得釋放自己的勇敢來面對困難的事物。


I wrote some articles about how my life changed since I had moved to Germany and shared with you my experiences and stories about the whole process through these 14 years. Many of you wrote me messages and told me about your stories and problems. One of the mostly asked questions is that how I overcame these difficulties, rediscovered myself and found out the meaning of life. I was lost and not confident in this different culture and was unfamiliar with the surrounding. Moreover, I lost myself. I could not communicate with other people. My world was only limited to the house where I lived.

Since I could not widen my world quickly, I tried to explore every detail in it. I read a lot. I bought my first camera and took photos about what I cooked and the little face of my daughter. I also took pictures of the scenery such as stones and flowers along the way from our apartment to the supermarket. These small pieces were just like Lego blocks and I used them to build my new world. Slowly, I found myself and my confidence was rebuilt. I could face the unfamiliar surrounding with an optimistic attitude.

Later on, my daughter went to nursery center, so I had more time for myself and I could explore a wider world. I took my camera and a crossbody bag with me to discover the city where I live, Munich, including the street view, the subway and the locals. Most of all, I liked to stay in lovely coffee shops not just to enjoy one cup of coffee but also to listen to people speaking German, which I found quite romantic. Or I visited some independent bookstores to view the beautiful book covers and pages although I could not read German at all. I learned that before we start the exploration, there is a long way to go, but the experience will lead us to a proper direction.




What Would You Do For Yourself

I know that the most challenging part is the first step out. We worry and doubt about everything. Besides, we have no self-confidence. I would say, just take the pace and move forward, no matter how far you can reach, we learn and get experience through the process. Do not just observe the world, but also let the world sees us. I had this kind of experience for at least seven years. However, once we have the goal, everything will be clear.

There are not many things in life that we could do only for ourselves. What would you do for yourself and could you complete something that you do enjoy? I cannot give you the answer since I also have not yet finished walking to the end of my road. However, as long as we try to explore something and get some experience, the enjoyment you get from that thing proves that you found it.



I very often carry a big handbag in my daily life, which contains my cameras (which I usually have more than one), clothes and shoes (which I need more than one pair), a laptop or an iPad for photo shootings and meetings. I do not only carry my stuff but also my responsibilities and obligations. By carrying this heavy handbag, I get a better understanding of my ability and myself. For me, it is a sweet load.

Therefore, when I tried to choose one bag from Maison Héroïne, I faced the most difficult decision. The TILDA bag has two different sizes, the bigger one was quite attractive to me since I can still add more things to it. However, I choose the smaller TILDA. ‘She spends time noticing; to agree and to disagree.’ This short sentence from Maison Héroïne reminds me of the importance of keeping things simple and knowing what to choose and carry.

Therefore, during the days when I am out of duty with no heavy stuff and no big cameras in my handbag, I just carry a shoulder bag with my hand cream, lipstick, cash card and a small camera. It seems that I can go back to the time of LEGO blocks and enjoy the life of all those small details. I may not be the same girl from fourteen years ago although I am still afraid of things that I do not know well sometimes. Yet I do not doubt myself now, and I can dance in the way I wish.


這只TILDA包有兩款尺寸設計,大的TILDA可以放進迷你平板電腦,的確十分吸引我,工作魂還是想著把「以防萬一」的物件帶著。不過最後還是選擇了小尺寸的包款。因為在Maison Héroïne網頁上的一句話提醒了我:「具有感知,並且在選擇與拒絕之間游刃有餘」(She spends time noticing; to agree and to disagree. – Maison Héroïne),在一肩扛起所有重量之餘,也得保留些時間給自己。所以選了小包,只帶著必要的隨身物品即可。


Organised Luxury. Easy Elegance.
We believe every strong and sophisticated woman carries her intuitive and sensitive soul inside.
– Maison Héroïne

I used to think that a tough attitude could help me to go through the difficult time when I just moved to Germany. Now I have a different idea about it. I do believe that every strong and brave woman must also have a warm and tender spirit. They become strong because of the hard and challenging experience they went through and that helps them to be confident. Moreover, the sympathetic and kind soul they have comes from a good understanding of the others. Maison Héroïne had the same concept. Maison Héroïne is a German handbag label which is located in Berlin whereas the production of the bags takes place in Milan and Venice. This German brand does not only focus on the quality but also the practical and durable features. This is also the view that I learned from the German women: to live a luxurious yet subtle life.

Besides the TILDA shoulder bag, I also ordered another handbag for my daily working life. The bag has a sufficient capacity for me to carry all my needs but also has a stylish design that fits my style and character. Take a look at the website and try to find out which bag I ordered. I will share with you the elegant yet functional bag in the next article.

以前總認為撐持著自己在異鄉闖下去的必定是強勢悍硬的態度;多年之後我則有了不同的體會。我相信堅強勇敢的女人必定擁有一顆溫柔且溫熱的心;堅強是因為經歷過不同的過往而對自己產生「必能克服」的信心,而溫柔且溫熱的內心是因為感同身受、更富包容。一只好的包包也是;Maison Héroïne有著德國的設計血統,並且在米蘭以及威尼斯生產製造。務實耐用講究裝載內容同時,也賦予柔軟的皮革材質與細膩的細部講究。同時,這也是德國女人教會我不管在生活或是展現自己不同面向上的態度:低調地講求內斂的奢華,輕鬆地讓優雅流露。

除了這款TILDA包之外,為了配合現在的工作以及生活需求,我另外入手了一只Maison Héroïne的包款,瀏覽官網的網頁,試想我會挑選哪一只包呢?一款足夠容量可以放進所需的工具與物件,並且還要可以與大部分的衣著百搭(不管半休閒或是正式裝),還得有型讓人愛不釋手。我將在下一篇文章將與你分享我第二款Maison Héroïne的好包。

Maison Héroïne

What I Wore :

Tilda crossbody bag : Maison Héroïne
Jacket / Sweater / Jeans : Jake*s

Shooting location :
Buchhandlung Lentner (since 1698)
Marienplatz 8, 80331 Munich

This is a collaborated project with Maison Héroïne.

Outfit - Mango Lace Top, Embroidered culottes and Loafers - Yes! Please Enjoy

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