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In the last article, What Would You Do For Yourself, I shared not only the leather handbag label, Maison Héroïne that is founded in Berlin Germany but also introduced you a cute bag, Tilda. Carrying a small crossbody bag means enjoying a casual me time without any stress. However, considering my lifestyle, I do need a bag that fits not only my style, the clothes I have in the closet; also, I can carry everything I need with this bag.

Therefore, I picked up another handbag, Marlene Briefcase in size for a tablet from the collection of Maison Héroïne. I seldom used a business case; I chose bigger size handbags that I liked the design or style. However, there was always a problem; the handle parts easily got broken from carrying overweighted stuff. (It is not difficult to understand why my bags got broken so fast. I should not treat them as the weight for training, as I should do in the gym.) However, do you realize that it was not easy to find great-design business briefcases or bags in the market? Not many labels or designers thought about two essential features of beautiful appearance and practicality at the same time.

Maison Héroïne offers different sizes in each bag model; for example, the Marlene Briefcase has four sizes for different needs. The team focuses especially on the part of hardware design and the quality so that the bag is stronger to carry our important stuff. Are you an office lady or a freelancer as I am who all need a well-design handbag for our work and daily life? In this article, I will not only show you this beautiful Marlene bag and the styling I created for the shooting but also some styling tips that might help you to look good in your uniform; further, tips for you to choose a proper bag for your office outfits.

在前一篇What Would You Do For Yourself的文章裡,除了分享Maison Héroïne這個成立於德國柏林的包款品牌與設計理念之外,也同時介紹Tilda這款小包;出門時背上小包對我來說意味著輕鬆、沒有工作壓力,是可以進入「充分做自己」並且享受當下與家人朋友、甚至是與我自己相處的時光。不過以現在的工作與生活模式來說,我更需要一個看起來有型、可以和衣櫃裡大部分不同風格衣著搭配,同時在內裝容量上可以放進工作上需要的相關物件的萬用包。

因此在Tilda小包之外,另外挑了Marlene Briefcase平板電腦的尺寸來應付平日在工作上的需求。我很少使用公事包,大多是在提包的款式上選擇大點尺寸的設計來應付;不過往往產生一個問題,就是在提袋把手部分很容易因為大量負荷內裝物重量而提前磨損(因為一般的包包根本不是拿來練舉重的呀)。而且,一般公事包的設計實在令人傷透腦筋,我常常想,難道那些(不好看的)包款設計師一點時尚的概念都沒有嗎,不然怎麼都無法設計出一些讓上班族女性可以輕鬆駕馭的好包呢?

Maison Héroïne在Marlene Briefcase這款包包就提供四種不同大小的尺寸供我們選擇,依照十五吋、十三寸吋筆記型電腦,平板、迷你平板的大小讓上班族女性們可以針對自己的不同需求來挑選。同時在細節針對五金細部提握的載重上特別加強,不但好握好背,也不容易提壞包包。你是個上班族或是位和我一樣是位自由工作者,需要一個別緻卻又符合品味的好包包來應付生活與工作場合上的不同需求?這篇文章不只介紹Marlene包款的特性讓你了解,也特別針對不同體型的女子該如何挑選公事包款;另外,大家都感到無奈對於不管是制服或是正式端莊便服的上班族在造型打理上的需求做出穿搭造型建議,不要錯過了這次精彩的議題內文。

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How To Choose A Proper Bag that Fits your Body Shape

Have you also noticed that some ladies wear suits and high heels who carry backpacks that do not fit their outfits; only because they need something to bring their laptops? It is the result we often see in the streets due to a situation that no designers or labels offer us beautiful business cases or handbags. Maison Héroïn has solved the problem. Here I share with you some tips how to choose a proper bag that fits your body shape.

  • For plump girls : You need bags that have great yet elegant shapes; for example, Marlene Briefcase in size of the 13″ laptop. Black and grey are perfect for office outfits; my favorite colors are in grey or pink. Why the Marlene Briefcase fits for plump girls? The shape of trapezoid has a unique touch to the design; moreover, the size of 13″ laptop is just a proper proportion to make a better scale of your body. If you have no stress of uniform, the pink and new gold color bags will also be the dream handbag for your daily life.
  • For big-boned girls : You need bags that have a clean and simple design, for example, the Alec Business Shopping. The minimal shape and style will give you a better balance of the body construction. I especially love the color in black, black/gold and grey; they are perfect for daily style or office outfits. For taller girls, make sure to adjust the bag handle longer for a better proportion. If you are a mini size girl, make the bag handle shorter; it will make you look taller than you are.
  • For normal body shape girls : Lucky you, you can freely choose any shape or design handbags; especially the one I carried for the shooting, the Marlene Briefcase in size of a mini tablet. The Marlene Briefcase in color of pink, grey or the new gold suit you great.


  • 豐滿體型:體型較為豐滿的女子們很適合包款線條具有設計感,可以修飾身形的款式,比如說Marlene Briefcase的設計(13吋筆記型電腦的尺寸);其中黑色、灰色兩款都十分適合在包包要求上比較嚴格的公司(我自己私心喜愛灰色與粉紅色的設計)。為什麼Marlene Briefcase的設計可以修飾身形?以梯形為主要線條設計的大包款式在視覺上較為俐落,減輕壓迫感;也同時因為前後比例的關係塑造出身型比包包窄小的錯覺感。至於粉色與金色(最新設計)又更適合在工作場合中穿著沒有那麼多限制的女子做為搭配使用。
  • 魁壯體型:身形較寬、魁壯的女子非常適合Alec Business Shopping這款包包的設計;長型直筒的外型簡約俐落,可以軟化身形上的比例,黑色、黑金雙色或是灰色在不管是冬裝或是夏裝的搭配上都很合宜。高一點個頭的女子請將手提袋把手放長、小個子女生則調短提把長度,從視覺上來達到修飾的作用。
  • 一般至嬌小體型:這樣身形的女子很適合我在這篇穿搭照片中所搭配的包,Marlene Briefcase平板大小的尺寸,其中又以粉色、灰色、棕色以及新推出的金色更加適合。三十公分的寬度只比臀圍再窄一些,不會有視覺上的壓迫感,正好適合這樣體型的女子呢。
How To Choose A Proper Bag that Fits Your Office Style
  • Alec Business Shopper : Alec is a bag that fits girls who like the minimal and clean style. The neat shape and the matte leather quality give a quality touch to it. It is perfect for a business handbag; you can easily add A4 size folders or a laptop into it. Even you can carry it at the casual time, try to team the bag with your hoodie, jeans and one pair of sneakers; you will see how stylish it is.
  • Marlene Briefcase : Marlene is a bag for all girls who are elegant or outgoing; what you have to do is to choose a color that you like. When I planned the style for shooting, I decided to take this black one as the leading role. I might not go for a normal black bag; however, the Marlene in black is excellent and beautiful; I could not put it down from my hands. The pink color in the mini tablet size is also my favorite; the smooth and matte leather surface keeps it clean, no need to worry about how to keep it in a good condition.
  • Tilda Crossbody Bag : Due to my lifestyle and work, there was a time that I could not believe the existence of small bags. I have realized after a long time that I was used to carrying duties that did not belong to me. After knowing the point, I understood how easy it is to go out with a tiny bag. Tilda has two different sizes, portable cosmetic bag, smartphone, small digital camera are easily fitted into the bag. If you are a girl likes easy and convenient, Tilda is the bag for you.
  • Alec Business Shopper:這款包很適合簡約俐落的女子。長筒型的設計加上霧面皮革以及細部在不同皮革顏色上的搭配,的確令人愛不釋手。這款包不只當作公事包很適合,不僅可以把A4大小的公文夾全部放進去,就連筆記電腦都可以輕鬆攜帶沒有問題。就算不當成工作包,配上休閒衣著、牛仔褲、運動鞋也都很適合;這款包我很快會與你們分享一套私密穿搭唷,猜猜看我入手哪一個顏色。
  • Marlene Briefcase:優雅大方或是外向活潑的女子很適合拿Marlene這款包,以顏色、大小來挑選就可以搭配上完全不同個性與衣著風格的人。在替這套拍攝打造穿搭時,我特別挑選了這次最令我喜愛的色系:黑色來當成發揮的主角。如果是以一般公事包來選擇,我可能不會挑選黑色,不過這款黑色Marlene包十分細緻,一試背就放不下來了。粉色系迷你平板大小的尺寸很適合一般上班族女子,手機、隨身相機、化妝包以及錢包可以通通放進去;平滑霧面的設計也容易保養,不擔心弄髒了。
  • Tilda Crossbody Bag:因為自己的工作與生活型態,我曾經有段時間不能相信小包包的存在,後來才知道是自己背載了過多的工作負荷,因此錯失了小包包的輕便。一但認知到這個事實,才發現身旁好多女生朋友都是以一只小包包縱橫天下的呀。Tilda有兩款尺寸可以挑選,女生常備的化妝包,還有隨身相機都可以輕鬆帶著走。如果你也是講求輕便出門的女子,那麼Tilda最適合你了。
Office Lady Outfit & Styling Tips
  • How to Look Stylish in your uniform : this is one of the most asked questions from ladies who have to wear the uniform every day. I think it might also be the reason that these ladies do not like to wake up in the morning. Well, the only point to make your uniform looking great and make yourself stylish in it is to make sure you wear the proper size that fits your body correctly no matter what kind of body shape you have. If they don’t; please ask your tailor to make your uniform right. Plump girls should pay attention to some details if they looked tight, the shirt buttons, the shoulder line of the jacket, the sipper part of the skirt or trousers. A uniform that does not fit your body shape normally looks cheap as well, especially if you work in the position for service. Also, make sure you have enough garments for exchanging and washing; smelly, pilling or wrinkled clothes cause a feeling of unprofessional.
  • How To Wear uniform in different shapes : plump girls may avoid wearing the traditional button shirts; instead, one-piece tops with simple and clean cut are better. Pear-shaped figure girls may choose straight cut skirts or trousers and do not forget to show the skinniest part of your legs, the ankles. The popular style, culottes will be perfect for you. Moreover, one straight cut blazer will be your savior; it must be long enough to cover half of your hip.
  • Accessories : Good quality bags, clean shoes, the way how your tie your necktie , colors of the tights or socks, hairstyle or hair accessories are all key points of your look and style. Do not forget to check these details.
  • Hair Style: I know we don’t have every day a perfect hair day; however, make sure your hair looks fine as how they should be. Oh, do not forget the back
  • 如何讓制服穿搭俐落有型:這是很多上班族女子們普遍都會在心中兜轉的一大疑問,如果又在必須穿著制服的公司上班,也許就成了每天早上最不想起床的主要原因之一。必須著制服上班的女子們,請務必注意制服的合身度(尤其是肩線),必要時請巷口的裁縫師把腰圍、袖長、褲長裙長等改到合宜的尺寸。有些女子身形比較豐滿,也請多注意襯衫鈕扣、外套肩膀以及褲子裙子拉鍊處是否過於緊繃;不合身的衣著往往給人廉價之感,尤其是服務業(銀行、地產、櫃檯)的上班人士請多加留心。另外,一個星期上班五天,請公司補助或是自費購買可以天天換洗、熨燙的襯衫(上衣)、褲子裙裝等單品,異味、起毛球、皺褶等小細節也會影響在視覺上的專業度。
  • 如何挑選適合各種身型的辦公室衣著:較為豐滿的女子,上衣(襯衫)應該避免由傳統式上往下鈕釦設計的襯衫,應該選擇帶有小V領、樣式簡單(切莫花俏)的一件式上衣(直接套頭的),可以平衡上圍比例。下半身豐滿的女子,應該以直筒的裙裝、褲裝褲裝來搭配,並且適當地露出腳踝部位;現在受到許多女子喜歡的寬褲Culottes會是很好的選擇。上身豐滿或是下半身圓潤的女子,都很適合直筒型的西裝外套,不過長度一定要差不多蓋過臀部一半的長度才可以修飾身材。
  • 配件的重要性:手提包的質感、鞋子的清潔度(以及搭配手法)、繫打領帶的技巧與完成長度、襪子絲襪的品質、以及髮飾品的挑選品味等在風格上的一致性以及整潔度都是大部分上班族容易忽略的細節。
  • 頭髮髮型:女子們的髮質、髮色以及盤綁方式,還有男子們定時修剪頭髮、因為頭髮造型品而產生的白屑也是上班族應該注意的細節。上班族群早上趕時間出門,照鏡子整理頭髮時只顧前面自己看得到的地方,而忘了後頭,因為枕頭而翹起的一撮頭髮往往在捷運上令人目不轉睛哪。

A while ago, I talked to a lady who was responsible for a project that I worked with. She told me that she likes and appreciates how I cooperate with them. One side, I was flattered; on the others side, I felt great that others praised for my work; it cheered me up after a long working day. A beautiful thing does not come so easy; it needs effort and time to develop; as well as the Maison Héroïne high-quality bags.

We all appreciate that a woman loos beautiful when she acts from the bottom of the heart; I agree. “Her beauty radiates from the way she walks and holds herself, from an inner confidence.” As powerful as Maison Héroïne reminds us.

某次工作結束後,我和負責的公關聊起工作上的細節,沒想到得到了這位公關的稱讚,認為我在溝通上的尊重、進度的掌控與內容上的專業度等讓他們覺得和我一起工作是個令人放心的環節。這是很大的鼓勵與肯定;也讓剛結束工作之後十分疲憊的自己再次鼓起了莫大的精神。一個事件的發生至完成需要無數細節的考量與安排與執行;好比Maison Héroïne在包款設計上的執著與考量,才有辦法達到令人欣賞、愛不釋手的品質。


Maison Héroïne

Special Promotion : with the code of “MHXMAS” to get a €100 discount when you order a Maison Héroïne bag; the discount code is available until 31st of December 2017. Do not miss the opportunity.

This is a collaboration project with Maison Héroïne; however, all opinions are mine and true.

What I Wore :
Marlene Briefcase : Maison Héroïne
Velvet Suit / Silk Blouse: Jake*s Collection

Shooting location :
PATOLLI (one of my favorite spots in Town)
Sendlingerstr. 62, 80331 Munich

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