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Last year we had a great staying in Tainan City. Therefore, we planned a three days two nights trip to there again this year. Tainan is in the middle, south of Taiwan, which is a timeworn city with many beautiful and antiquity buildings and private houses. Some years ago, many people were trying to renew those residences into a new lifestyle, “Old House, New Development”. Mr. Xie is one of the earliest people to start it. In Tainan City, there are many friendly people welcome you to visit them. Now in Taiwan, Tainan is one of the most famous cities to travel around.


In this unique city, of course, there are many delicious foods to discover. Tainan is also famous because of this reason, small and comfortable repasts. However, what impressed me was the people who work in this city. The owner of Old House Inn, Mr. Xie, speaks to all the travelers in different languages about the history and developments of this town and culture every day. He is always enthusiastic and joyous. It seems like every day is his first day to introduce this lovely place, and every guest is the only one to his house. One day after we checked in, there were some mediums from Japan to interview him and Tainan. Mr. Xie told us; he got a headache because he plans how to show the Japanese guests the best side of this city, to try the best food, to see the most beautiful view. Then he would not disappoint the people who come for an interview.


Mr. Xie has another Tea House, IORI in Tainan. The special afternoon tea set is just so amazing.

In our short trip in Tainan, we visited many shops, restaurants and tea houses or coffee shops. When we paid the bills, I always asked the person who serviced for us, do you smile in your dreams because of working here?

Why should they smile in their dreams? When the owner of IORI, Mr. Xie heard my question, he asked me. “It looks like you are happy to work here. If it would be me, I must always smile in my dreams.” After my answer, Mr. Xie smiled, too. Moreover, the staff nodded with the same feeling.



What a lucky city, how happy the people are living and working in this city. Wherever you step into a shop, they are always friendly to welcome you. You feel that they enjoy their jobs and work for it. It is not the pretended atmosphere by the owners, or because of the old history culture. It is because of the people who believe in the history of this city, believe in their lives, believe in themselves. It is so treasurable and joyous.


The day when we stepped into this Coffee Shop, Tai-Goo, it was just too hot; and also avoided an unexpected rain. The young girl who took care of this coffee shop treated us in a friendly way with some free handmade cookies. She told us; just feel free to stay till the rain stopped. We enjoyed the delicious foods on our table. This young girl told me that she enjoys much doing this job; she smiles every night in her dreams.


Sometimes between my works and family, it is quite difficult to decide which side I should choose. Mostly I consider staying with my daughter first. It might lose many chances, although, as a mother, it is a work makes me smile. Sometimes when I talk to my husband before sleep about our daughter’s daily life, I always feel so happy.

Do you have a job that makes you smile in your dreams? When the answer is definite yes, you are a lucky person. Our works occupy half of our lifetime, how you feel from this half; it affects to the other half. Now close your eyes and think about your job and the people who work with you, keep your facial expression and look in the mirror. When you see a smile on your face, congratulations, you are a lucky person. When there is no smile, then you have to think about if you still staying at your job for the next 25-30 years.

Wish you always smile in your dreams.




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