Ingolstadt Village – Make It Yours, Do It In Denim

Make It Your, Do It In Denim 打造個人丹寧風格

I have always been looking forward to all events that are hosted by Ingolstadt Village (Located on the outskirts of Munich) and Wertheim Village (Located in the suburbs of Frankfurt). Each time, the villages organize impressive and exciting activities that make me feel like to get more. Moreover, I get to know many people and newly happen actions in the occasion; I am always inspired.

Make It Yours, Do It In Denim” is the newest event that both Villages present to us. They use “Denim” as the focal point which is not only interesting but also down to earth that everyone can be part of the action. I introduce the event to you firstly, and then I show you the activity highlights I recorded on the day in the Ingolstadt Village.

From now on until at the end of October, as long as you purchase more than Euro 150 in one of the Villages, you can choose three patches that the Villages designed for us. Moreover, get a free service to create your Denim Style in the Patches Lab in the Villages. I also created my denim jacket on the day; I will show you later. Before we go ahead to read the article, I filmed and edited a short video for you to feel a vibe of Denim. Please switch to the HD quality and watch it.

以前覺得常有機會參加Ingolstadt Village(位於慕尼黑近郊)與Wertheim Village(位於法蘭克福近郊)兩大購物村的活動在撰寫文章分享上一定會出現瓶頸;不過兩大購物村所辦的活動一次比一次精彩,每每讓人期待,甚至在活動結束過後都讓人意猶未盡、留下深刻的印象。不光只是撰寫文章,其實更多是在生活中因為接觸了不同的人事物而帶來不一樣的靈感與感動。

這次參與「Make It Yours, Do It In Denim 打造個人丹寧風格」是德國兩大購物村這季推出的新活動,以不敗時尚單品「丹寧」作為活動主題,不僅很有趣,同時具有親和力、人人都可以參與。先介紹活動的詳細內容,我們再接著往下看當天的活動花絮。

從即日起到十月底止,到德國境內兩大購物村Ingolstadt Village(慕尼黑近郊)與Wertheim Village(法蘭克福近郊)購物滿一百五十歐元(任何品牌與商品),憑發票就可以免費挑選、兌換三個可愛的Emoji織品布貼;如有需要,在購物村內也提供燙熨服務站,只要把想燙貼的衣服交給服務人員就可以現場幫你燙上。我也挑了三組Emoji圖案,在購物之後馬上到服務站設計自己的牛仔外套,實在可愛。活動當天,我也錄製剪接了一小段影片,別忘了開啟高清畫質觀看喔。

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The Most Beautiful and Delighted Seasonal Outdoor Decoration

I am always surprised of the lovely and fascinated seasonal outdoor decorations each time when I visited both Villages. With different seasons and activities, the staff of the villages invests the effort to create a pleasing environment for guests. Also, we have the best background for photos. To match the action of Make It Yours, Do It In Denim, The related brands decorated the shopping window with their popular denim goods; we can easily see the highlights of the season. It also caused a problem that I would like to have all of them.


每次到購物村最令人感到驚喜的就是這裡的戶外設計與佈置;配合不同季節與活動,工作人員都會花費心力、絞盡腦汁替到訪的遊客準備一幕幕賞心悅目的裝置與佈置;而我們也有了最好的拍照背景。這次配合「Make It Yours, Do It In Denim 打造個人丹寧風格」活動,參與的品牌在展示櫥窗內紛紛陳列出與丹寧相關的設計單品,一列開來很有質感,也可以幫助我們更快了解各個品牌新到貨的商品,不過也令人心花意亂,什麼都好好看、什麼都好想要呀。

BMW Motorrad x Ingolstadt Village & Wertheim Village

What a surprise! Ingolstadt Village and Wertheim Village let BMW dresses in a total look of Denim. Both Villages have cooperated with BMW to present a new look of Denim for one of their motorcycle models ; BMW made this magic happened. If you take a look at the photos I took above, you will see the excellent details of denim and leather. It is not difficult to imagine how much effort BMW invested into the project. There were many men take selfies with these two motorcycles; how they made their faces to match the mood of cool and heroic were one of the best parts of the action.

The other highlight of the event was the German actor, Hardy Krüger Jr. took part of the progress and presented the BMW denim motorcycles. I had never been a big fan of motorcycles; however, when I saw how he rode the motorbike, I think that was charming. I also had an opportunity to chat with the BMW commissioner about the denim creation. I could see his shining eyes were full of pride and joy; I was touched. If you plan to visit one of the Village, do not forget to take a look at the BMW motorcycles.

沒有想到購物村讓BMW重機車也穿上丹寧裝了!購物村與BMW合作,藉由BMW的技術替重機車改裝成由丹寧布與皮革所包裹的設計車身;細看上頭所拍攝的照片細節,不難想像在BMW設計總部所花費的心思與時間,成果也令人愛不釋手。這兩台BMW丹寧重機車讓活動現場所有男人都為之瘋狂,紛紛舉起手機做足豪邁、狂野的表情與重機車自拍,真是太有趣了。活動這天另個重頭戲就是請德國演員同時也是購物村的代言人:Hardy Krüger Jr.出席拍攝宣傳照片。Hardy Krüger Jr.在細雨中整理安全帽、手套、準備靚裝出發的神情很是迷人;原本對重型機車是外行的我竟也覺得這樣的姿態確實令人著迷。


The only Blogger who does not know how to take Selfies

Meeting Hardy Krüger Jr. has always been like meeting an old friend. We sometimes see each other in different events; we give regards and chat. We both would like to take selfies, he was done, and I was trying to take one with my smartphone. However, I just could not make a nice selfie. He wondered but helped me with my smartphone to get this picture. I think I am the only blogger who does not know how to take selfies. What a shame.


這天見到了像是老朋友般的Hardy Krüger Jr.很是開心,我們總是在不同場合的活動中碰面,彼此問侯。兩人想自拍,各自掏出手機,他的拍完了換我;卻見我的小手拉長了臂膀完全不聽使喚,這自拍就是不成。Hardy Krüger Jr.見了無奈只好伸出手說:我來吧。這才有了這張別人拍的自拍照;我想,我大概是全世界唯一不會自拍的部落客吧。(苦笑攤手)

A casual yet stylish look when going shopping

I have learned from the experiences that I must dress comfortable clothes when I visit the Villages; longtime standing for an event, also a shopping tour after the event. However, I also have to make sure that I still look stylish even I dress casually; you never know whom you will meet on occasion. I wore this hoodie pullover with a long silk vest to create a stylish yet comfortable look. The style of hoodie pullovers is just on the trend that you can wear them anytime and create unique styles.


多年出席購物村的活動我知道唯有穿著舒適輕鬆的衣著才是最聰明的造型,不只是長時間站立,還有在活動過後自己也得逛逛,穿得綁手綁腳絕對不是上策。不過也不能穿得太過隨性,活動中常有影星名流出席、還有攝影師在一旁隨時捕捉,過於隨便也失禮對不起自己。於是我搭配出這一套帽T配上絲質亮面長背心的造型,完全符合舒適的條件,也帶有獨特的風格;加上這件別出心裁的帽T設計就算站在鏡頭前也顯得有型喔。今年也替自己添購幾件別緻的帽 T吧,除了休閒時刻可以穿搭,只要在細節的搭配上放點心思,也可以穿出不一樣的獨特風格喔。

What I Wore : Jake*s Sweatjacket with hood, ASOS White Long Vest (similar here), Jimmy Choo Flat (similar here)
Shopping Tips in the Villages
  1. Both Villages offer shopping packages that are including the shuttle service and other special inclusive services, worth to take a look.
  2. Before you visit the Villages, please check their official website for the stationed brands. Moreover, make a shopping wishlist; you will realize you don’t get enough time even you plan to stay a whole day long.
  3. Visit the Tourist Service Center firstly after arriving the Village to get the newest discount information and their inclusive services.
  4. Tax-Free Shopping makes you save even more. If you are not registered in Europe, do not hesitate to ask for your rights.

When I visited Ingolstadt Village, I focused on a gift for my husband as his birthday present; also, some beauty products for myself. It is a kind of happiness to choose daily life supplies for our home, moreover, to make a picture when my husband carries this wallet that I prepared for him.

  1. 配合接駁車,購物村推出接駁購物優惠包,很值得參考。
  2. 出發前,請務必先上網查看購物村裡目前進駐的品牌,事先列好購物清單,否則就算你打算在購物村待一整天,最後你會發現時間永遠都不夠呀。
  3. 到了購物村後,一定先到遊客服務中心詢問各品牌最新優惠以及了解提供的各項服務
  4. 如果非歐盟居民,在購物村內購物時,請配合免稅購物的店家開列退稅單;在離開歐盟時到退稅海關處出示證件辦理退稅,這樣一來又省得更多了。更多詳細情形請閱讀此頁面,或是詢問服務中心。


Create Your Denim Style

After the event, I came to the Denim Lab to create my unique style on the denim jacket I received from the Village. At the same time, Hardy Krüger Jr. was also choosing his patches. Choosing only three pieces from more than ten designs was hard; when I looked at Hardy Krüger Jr., I knew I was not the only had the decision trouble. After your selection, just let the service staff knows where you would like to stick the patches; around ten minutes, you will have your special denim style. I will show you my denim jacket look in the next blog article, stay tuned for the update.


活動結束之後,也差不多要返回慕尼黑,離開前先到燙貼服務站替剛入手的牛仔外套貼上自己挑選的Emoji圖貼,剛好Hardy Krüger Jr.也一同前往。購物村推出十多款設計圖貼,突然覺得自己陷入挑選的困難旋渦中,不過轉頭一看,不只是我,其實大家都是呢(笑)。選定之後直接跟工作人員說明自己喜歡燙貼的部位,大約十分鐘就可以拿回自己設計的衣著。至於自己設計的牛仔外套先讓我賣個關子,下一篇文章與你們分享整體穿搭。

I am impressed by the “Make It Yours, Do It In Denim” event; everything was well organized thoughtfully; the program, the BMW denim motorcycles, the atmosphere. If you live in Germany or you plan to visit Germany, make “Visiting the Villages” onto your to-do list; it is worth to go and shopping there. Not even to mention if you have the rights for tax-free shopping. I hope you will like the article as I enjoyed the event. I wonder, which brands you would love to visit when you come to the Villages? Feel free to leave messages and let me know about it.

這次購物村在「Make It Your, Do It In Denim 打造個人丹寧風格」活動安排上的細緻度與驚喜度完全滿分;至今回想起BMW改裝的丹寧重機車還是覺得好過癮。如果你住在德國境內,或是自助旅行至德國,歡迎前往位在法蘭克福近郊的Wertheim Village以及慕尼黑近郊的Ingolstadt Village逛逛,兩大購物村絕對都會讓你感到物超所值(如果還能退稅那就更值得了呀。)希望你喜歡這篇文章;我很好奇,如果你到購物村逛,最想鎖定哪些品牌下手呢?留言跟我分享唷。

This is a collaborated project with Ingolstadt Village and Wertheim Village.

Ingolstadt Village

Wertheim Village

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  • 好開心,拔頭香距離上回去Ingolstadt Village有段時間了!最愛Jimmy Choo 和Diesigual, 網路上看到很多新款女裝女鞋下折扣,真想再找時間去逛逛啊~ps.看到滿額贈活動,更想去血拼了,Emoji好可愛啊❤️

  • 冬天要來了! 去購物村逛時,想要在Bally跟UGG挑一些好穿冬衣跟鞋子! 讓自己能溫暖一整個冬天!

  • 有機會去逛的話,我想去WMF. ZWILLING. GUCCI. RITUALS. TOD’s。

  • 我去過Wertheim Village,在那裡專看配件(Fossil)。如果有機會再去逛購物村,最想鎖定MCM和Bally。

  • 有去過幾次Ingolstadt Village覺得很好逛。因為牌子很多,先生會去買看Boss和Timberland的衣服,小朋友買Nike的鞋,而我是到WMF去添購廚房裡的用具,現在我最想逛的是Karl Lagerfeld的配件櫃,之前去還沒有這個櫃,很喜歡Karl這牌子,希望可以抽到吊飾。

  • 大概每季都會去ingolstadt的購物村一次, 每次去最期待逛furla, 他們家的包包在購物村價錢很漂亮, 有很多寶可以撈。老公的西裝也是在購物村的boss買, 那邊有專門亞洲人的款式, 袖長都不用再修改, boss的店員也很專業, 很會挑款式和尺寸。上次去發現american vintage也在購物村開店, 在裡面逛了好久, 很多好看的款式!

  • 下次再去的時候,希望能去 UGG 和LC,LC是的每次去必逛之一

  • 來支持一下
    2個村都離我好遠啊! 如果有機會去,會逛Bogner, Polo RL, Superdry, Desigual, Coach, MK n LeCreuset.

  • 如果有機會,我想去逛SWAROVSKI,選一條自己喜歡的項鍊,送給自己當生日禮物!!!!另外也想順便逛逛Wolford的內衣店!!!


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