Hunter Utility Jacket

You might not believe that I never had a casual outdoor jacket until the beginning of last year. Not kidding. Before, if we went to the suburbs, I could only wear some “city-look” coats that are in basic and simple design. Although I wore casual shoes, I was out of tune with everyone. The same idea to let you understand, wearing one pair of high-heeled sandals on the beach. Before I thought, casual means unceremonious; I was not into the concept of Being Simple and Effortless. My daughter made jokes with me that I was always walking on the runway. That was an opportunity to let me review my style.


How To Style Casual Looks

Being casual does not mean dress unceremoniously. We can use some fine details to upgrade the style level; bags, sportive shoes (I do not mean the one you wear to the gym) or even some interesting socks.

It is the reason why I like this hunter utility jacket. It has a camouflage pattern in a light red-brown which makes it stands out from other outdoor clothing. The hoodie, the Collar and the waistline were all in perfect balance. With it, you can style many different outdoor looks effortlessly.





Olympus PEN-F In KenTing 墾丁凱撒之旅 by Fanning Tseng for

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