How To Style A Fur Coat For Your Daily Looks

Styling different winter coats to team up with my daily outfits is one of the best methods to swipe away the grey and cold mood on the cold days. Different trends come and go; however, the classic pieces are quite similar in every season. It is not too complicated to style the common winter coats; we all got some ideas about it. But, any fur coat is one of the most challenging items for styling. If you do not style it properly, you might look Old-fashioned. Well, how to style a fur coat for our daily winter looks? Here are some ideas for you. In that way, when you find a favorite fur coat, you can purchase it without a doubt.


Fur Coats Styling Tips For Your Daily Looks
  • Any type fits : There are many girls worry about what kind of color or design should go when picking up a fur coat. Might an animal print fur coat look outdated? Be bold for any fur coat; it will fit any style you will put on. The point is what quality we should choose. Check if the fur dyeing looks natural and soft; if it does, then it is a looked-like good quality fur coat. Go for it.
  • Girls look mature : Keep everything simple, not too many layers or colors. Especially drawdown the saturation of the makeup; lipstick or blush, pick up one.
  • Add a touch of denim : Add one piece of denim to let the outfit looks youthful; either one jeans jacket or one jeans. It works well.
  • Not afraid to team with one pair of sports shoes : The trend of sports shoes is getting stronger and IN. You almost can team one pair of sports shoes with any item that you find in your closet. Next time, find one pair of your favorite casual shoes and go with your fur coat, make it fun.

I hope you find these tips useful and use them when you style your fur items next time. Try and play your outfits with fun.

  • 任何花色的皮草外套都合搭:許多女孩擔心是不是帶有特殊顏色或是花色設計的皮草外套不好搭配、或是看來老氣呢?其實任何花色的皮草單品都很好搭。購買時,最重要的反而是注意皮草的染色色澤是否看來自然柔順均勻;如果符合了,那麼這件單品就會看來比較有質感。
  • 如果是氣質顯得比較成熟的女孩:那麼,在其他搭配單品上盡量以簡單的剪裁還有款式為主,避免過多顏色重複出現。在彩妝上,則避免濃妝艷抹,腮紅或是口紅只選擇一個加以著重即好。
  • 加入單寧:單寧單品的出現可以馬上把皮草老氣的韻味降低,立刻顯得活潑有青春氣息。不管是一件薄的牛仔外套或是牛仔褲保證有效。
  • 不要害怕配上一雙球鞋吧:現在球鞋的穿搭接受度很高,可以搭配的範圍也很廣,只要在鞋型與款式上稍加挑選,一雙球鞋幾乎可以配上衣櫃裡所有單品呢。下次再搭皮草單品時,選一雙自己最喜歡的球鞋吧。


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