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Munich - Hotel Bachmair Weissach

在Hotel Bachmair Weissach三天兩夜的時間內,我們一家三口有很多機會待在一起,因為場合與事件讓我們有更多交集。尤其是晚上用餐時間,一頓飯吃下來三、四個小時,聊的天南地北,跳脫了尋常生活作息,也讓我們感到新鮮有趣。如果一起享受可以製造更多快樂的回憶,那我和米夏爾都同意,在工作時要好好專注,才有能力供給這些享受的機會,然後在相聚時,盡情享受。

During our stay at Hotel Bachmair Weissach, we had many opportunities to stay together, because the occasions gave us more interaction. Especially during dinner time, we were close to each other and appreciated the moment. It was not as regular as our ordinary life; it made us feel fresh and exciting. If we have opportunities to create happy memories together, then Michael and I both agree that we will work hard and enjoy harder together.

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