Hotel Zoo Berlin

My earliest trip to Berlin was the first year I just settled in Germany. It was a cold, dark winter. Our Berlin local friend picked us up from the train station with his vintage Volkswagen car. I remember that it took a long time to arrive our destination. In this big city, I lost my sense of direction. Huge, cold and the Alexanderplatz tower were my first impression of Berlin.

Some years later, I visit Berlin often for business trips. I walked along the long streets in Berlin; I tried to find the correct subway lines; I knew well some locations; however, I never could get closer to this city.

This year, Michael and I had a long weekend trip to Berlin during the Easter Holiday. It was cold and raining; however, we had a perfect moment. This time, Berlin showed me its different side; it is still cool; however, I could get to know this city more than before.

剛到德國第一年的時候曾拜訪柏林,那是個寒冷灰暗的冬季。開著舊型的福斯老爺車到車站接我們的柏林友人刻意地緊閉車窗以示對我們的歡迎,那是輛只求可以移動、只有基本配備沒有暖氣選項的老車。在我左耳後方小片的車窗玻璃已不見蹤影,以一張塑膠袋裁切成適當大小取代,被誇張的白色膠帶給不情願地死黏在車體上;冷風從縫隙鑽入,啪拉啪拉地打在我頸背上。在搞不清楚方向的大城市裡,感覺上經過好久的車程才抵達目的地。空曠、寒冷, 還有Alexanderplatz那座尖塔是我對柏林的首次印象。



#Hotel Zoo Berlin

I usually visit Berlin for business; I had no much casual time to discover the city and could not book a hotel as I wished. This time, I finally could stay at one of the hotels that I looked for a long time, Hotel Zoo Berlin. All we would like to do was relaxing and enjoy the journey.

每次到柏林都是因為工作,下榻的旅館得配合主辦單位無法自行選擇 ;這次才真正地一償心願訂下位在市中心、是所有時尚編輯手中的第一住宿選擇:Hotel Zoo Berlin。精緻工業風格的設計與酒店內的設施服務,都符合了我們替這趟柏林之行訂下的目標:放鬆享受、睡到飽、品嚐美食。

Coach  New York Eau de Parfum

I wanted to create a fragrance that represents Coach’s free-spirited attitude,
crafting a scent that is individual, authentic and cool. – Stuart Vevers

This time, when I traveled to Berlin, I took Coach’s new fragrance, New York Eau de Parfum with me. Perfume plays an important role in my daily life. Coach designed it with an inspiration of New York; I believed that it could also inspire me with its vivid energy. Although the Berlin trip was a while ago, each time when I coat this fragrance, it reminds me our unforgettable memories in Berlin.

這次與我一起同行柏林的還有Coach的新款香水:New York Eau de Parfum。香水在我的日常生活中扮演重要的角色;即使這罐香水是以紐約為靈感而設計,充滿著能量、激情與閃光,我也希望這罐生活中的新香氛可以陪我留下柏林的記憶。日後再次使用這罐香水時,總可以提醒我在柏林時產生的靈感、感受到自由自在的氛圍,以及認識的新朋友、還有他們帶給來的感動。

What does a hotel mean to me? It shall be like the relationship between lovers, with a good understanding. It has nothing to do with the level of design or decoration but how designers concern with occupants. A comfortable hotel is just like another home away from home; otherwise, it is just a location.


#Berlin Feast

出發前和柏林友人聯繫,以公關為職的她認識了許多相關領域的設計師與藝術家。抵達柏林這晚他們幾人約了在Hotel Zoo Berlin聚會,朋友便邀我們一起出席。餐廳空間以工業風格設計,卻又多了些閃耀璀爛的細節。在早上是住宿旅客享用早餐的地方,夜裡則成為柏林最熱門的聚會場所之一。




Our local friend invited us to join a dinner with some of her artist friends; the location was in the restaurant of Hotel Zoo Berlin. The dining space is the place for hotel guests to enjoy breakfast in the morning, and it becomes one of Berlin’s most popular meeting places in the evening.

The kitchen prepared some delicious dishes for us, from appetizer to main courses. A while later, everyone started to be relaxed and fun. The Berlin feast happened. We tried different kinds of wine; it was so hard to keep our mind clear, especially for us who are not used to drink. I giggled all evening long. People shared their point of view about graphic design, interior design, art and traveling. They even showed me how to enjoy whiskey.

When waiters served dessert, it became the most exciting moment of the entire evening. It had much fun to share dessert with small spoons than to share gossips. Interestingly, it seemed that you get closer to everyone who was next to you.


Continue to talk about the topic of dining. I enjoyed the breakfast in the Hotel Zoo Berlin, not only the delicious buffet but also the relaxed atmosphere. After our breakfast, we ordered another pot of coffee and planned our schedule for the day. We also reserved evening movie tickets for us; it was a fun evening with a lot of popcorns.

接續著吃的話題;旅館的自助早餐除了吧檯上提供的食物,也可以直接跟廚房加點現煮料理;前一晚讓人開懷暢飲的餐廳,每天早上都變身成為補充能量的早餐補給站。在Hotel Zoo Berlin用餐不僅享受美味的料理,最令我們都念念不忘的是那份從容的氛圍。前一晚睡前先大約討論隔天的行程,吃早餐的時候再把筆電帶著,用餐結束後再點一壺咖啡,兩人就著電腦把當天的行程規劃規劃好,甚至把晚場電影票都訂好了,一整天都對柏林的爆米花充滿著興奮的期待。

During the first dinner evening in Berlin, I met an artist girl Fette. At dinner, she shared her journey to Russia with us. We met again on the other day; she showed us her studio and a project she was working on. Feel free to visit her Instagram account to know more about her work.


When I was younger, I did not like to spend money on enjoying special moments. One cup of coffee does not drive us poor, but it might give us a memory that is more than the coffee. Work hard and play harder; all little happening on a journey compose our travel memories. This article is part of my thoughts on our Berlin trip; I hope you enjoy the story as I do.


Hotel Zoo Berlin
Kurfürstendamm 25, 10719 Berlin

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  • 喜歡這篇文章的介紹和照片。我想帶著COACH這瓶香水回台灣送給媽媽

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  • 我和我先生各自想好答案,然後一起說出來。結果地點和想做的事居然一模一樣。

  • 我要帶著COACH跟著先生一起到慕尼黑,暢飲啤酒。 😉

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  • 謝謝您的介紹, 喜歡這篇文章,下回到柏林會去文中介紹的地方體驗一下。

  • 我想帶這瓶Coach香水,獨身前往嚮往已久的葡萄牙Porto~

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  • 我要帶著COACH跟著心愛的人一起到葡萄牙波爾圖,吃海鮮,品味波特酒,讓大西洋海風吹。封存浪漫記憶。

  • 喜歡這篇文章的介紹和照片,有機會去柏林一定會去看看。雖然已經過了活動時間,不過我還是想寫下我的留言。

  • Dear Jewel,



  • Dear Lily,



  • 在七月出發去柏林前無意間看到妳的文字,很喜歡,對於旅行、生活或人生的想法,也很有同感。


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