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Have you ever had an experience that to re-understand a city where you live for a long time? Having an opportunity to re-discover a place that you though you already know so well. A moment that a city means different to you, and you regard this place as a new version.


During my Paris Trip, Hôtel de Banville Pari was the juncture to let me have a different viewpoint of this city. Paris is an unfamiliar city to me; there are still many things are waiting for me to discover. However, I had an inflexible expectancy before I head to Paris due to my latest experience was too impressive. After checking into Hôtel de Banville, something has opened a new window for me.

這趟巴黎之行,Hôtel de Banville Paris 正是這個讓我以不同角度看待巴黎的契機。雖然巴黎之於我,仍舊是一座嶄新、陌生的城市,憑著我極其鮮少的造訪次數,依然有許多事物待我去發掘。不過,也因為上次造訪的經驗過於歡愉,印象仍舊鮮明,臨行之前不免有著刻板的期待。入住Hôtel de Banville Paris之後,這才又從另個角度來擁抱這座城市。

Hôtel de Banville Paris is located in a residential area where is not far from the Triumphal Arch; moreover, a Metro station is just beside. I reserved a suite that is in the loft, called, La chambre d’Amélie. Taking the life to the sixth floor and climbing the stairs to the loft; behind a red door is my lovely suite that has a small balcony facing to the Eiffel Tower.

My favorite part was the bathtub. The weather was bad during the week when I stayed in Paris, cold and rain; as well as the morning when I checked into the hotel. After fixing all my personal things, I was looking for something that could comfort me. I drew the curtains and prepared a hot bath. Together with some nice music, I enjoyed the best hot bath I have had so far. After that, I was satisfied to start my schedules in Paris.

Hôtel de Banville Paris位在離凱旋門不遠的住宅區上,捷運站也近在咫尺。這次預定的房型是位於閣樓的套房 La chambre d’Amélie,搭電梯來到六樓之後,再踏上鋪有厚實地毯的樓梯來到七樓,打開一扇紅色的木門背後,呈現在眼前的是精緻小巧有座面對巴黎鐵塔小陽台的房間。


In those nights, after the hot bath, I liked to sit beside the bed and looked at the Eiffel Tower. This city, Paris, she keeps her head straight and shows her charm to the world, no matter how people look at her and what happens. Due to the location of Hôtel de Banville Paris, I could go into a Parisian daily life and see another side of it. I went to the same bakery as the local, drunk coffee in the same coffee shops, and we caught MRT in the rush hour together. My trip was short; however, I have a new understanding of this city, I realized some things that I could not get them before. I would like to say  Thank you to Hôtel de Banville Paris; especially to the bathtub.

那幾天夜裡,泡過澡之後,我坐在床邊看著巴黎鐵塔的探照燈繞著城市打。這座城市,不管全世界的人喜不喜歡,她依舊驕傲的、理直氣壯地抬頭挺胸綻放風采 ; 不擔心、不刻意討好。因為Hôtel de Banville Paris座落的地理位置不同,我深入了巴黎民眾的生活中,與他們在相同的麵包店打轉、在上下班尖峰時間趕捷運、一起喝咖啡、一起遙望鐵塔。這趟行程依舊短暫,卻也有不同的體會與對人生的領悟 ; 若是偏執些我會說,謝謝你,Hôtel de Banville Paris,還有這座浴缸。

Hôtel de Banville Paris

166, boulevard Berthier, 75017 Paris, FRANCE

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