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凡寧是位專注於故事性氛圍攝影的攝影師,尤其擅長人像、空間與食物的情境拍攝;以攝影人身份與Olympus Taiwan合作分享攝影經驗。她也是位專欄作家,專欄文章分享於Vogue Taiwan, 女人迷以及10/10 HOPE。

Background – Fanning Tseng, a self-taught photographer; Wife and Mother.

Fanning had studied Interior Design and hosted an interior studio in Taipei, Taiwan. Currently lives in Munich, Germany and works as a freelance photographer. As for her written work, Fanning is a regular feature columnist in Chinese online magazines Vogue Taiwan, WOMANY and 10/10 HOPE.

Expert In
Storytelling Style Photography, especially in Portrait, Food and Interior images.

Selected Photographer of Olympus Taiwan

Fanning Tseng is the blogger behind the lifestyle and fashion blog Yes! Please Enjoy that was established in 2012. After moving from Taiwan to Munich Germany in 2004, Fanning is now working as a full-time blogger and freelance columnist for Vogue Taiwan, womany and 10/10 HOPE. With a background of a photographer, Fanning thinks out of the box. She discovers not only beautiful things but also set out to deliver the very best in storytelling, in both ways of well-composed content and high-quality photography.

As the community grows with every creation of new content published, Fanning’s goal is to create inspiring content and keep bringing her readers regular lifestyle and fashion inspiration that is staying true to her clean and minimalistic style with a special twist.

Over the past 6 years, Fanning has worked with numerous national and international brands which include, but not limited to Jimmy Choo, Infiniti, Motorola, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Crabtree & Evelyn, DYSON, COACH, Peak Performance, Neal’s Yard Remedies, CALIDA, KODAK, GANT, RAHUA, bitplay and Olympus.

Moreover, Yes! Please Enjoy is not only a destination for lifestyle inspiration but also a guide for those who are searching for travel advice around the world and the best photography tips. Explore the website and you’ll soon see how inspiring the content is. To know more about the founder of Yes! Please Enjoy, Fanning Tseng, feel free to follow the link below to read an interview she did with Vogue Taiwan : Vogue Taiwan Fashion Insider Interview.

曾凡寧是生活風格網站Yes! Please Enjoy的創辦人與執筆主編;網站成立於2012年,至今已經擁有許多注重生活風格、時尚的高端讀者。自2004年定居於德國慕尼黑之後,目前凡寧為全職攝影師與部落客,同時替台灣線上媒體提供專欄文章,諸如Vogue Taiwan、女人迷以及10/10 HOPE。擁有設計與攝影的背景讓凡寧的創作思維更多元豐富;她不只喜歡探索美麗的人事物,同時也將這些靈感轉化成優雅的文字與高質感的攝影作品呈獻給讀者們。

在過去六年當中,凡寧與許多國際、或是當地知名品牌以各種形式一起合作;品牌包括了有Jimmy Choo、Infiniti、Motorola、Comptoir des Cotonniers、Crabtree & Evelyn、DYSON、COACH、Peak Performance、Neal’s Yard Remedies、CALIDA、KODAK、GANT、RAHUA、bitplay 、Olympus等。隨著每一次的創作,凡寧不只深入分享關於生活與時尚的靈感給讀者們,同時也期許自己可以忠於自己的初衷與簡約獨特的調性。

Yes! Please Enjoy不只在旅遊相關話題上多加探索,凡寧也同時分享自己在攝影上的多年經驗給眾多的讀者。點選部落格閱讀,你將可以對網站背後的故事有更多的瞭解。想要瞭解更多關於Yes! Please Enjoy主編曾凡寧的背景,請點選連結看Voguw台灣與凡寧做的專訪: VOGUE 台灣風格達人專訪

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