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When talking about wine tasting, many people think that it is unfathomable, and it is not something you would do in daily life. For those who cannot drink much alcohol like me, it is even impossible to enjoy this activity. Even though I tried to put drinking as an item that I have to accomplish in my to-do-list (It seems that it is not cool if I cannot drink), I could hardly achieve it.

This time, I received an invitation of a bar tour in Munich from Hendrick’s Gin, and Coco is the spokesperson. We visited three bars on a Friday evening and began with a glass of aperitif. ‘We are happy while we drink. It is because of the time we spend with our friends but not because of the amount of alcohol we have’. After reading this sentence in the invitation, I was very looking forward to this tour.


這次收到Hendrick’s Gin邀請參與品牌代言人CoCo領導的慕尼黑酒吧之旅,我們在週五傍晚以餐前酒揭開序幕走訪本地三家知名酒吧。寄送邀請函時品牌曾經說明:「飲酒時讓我們開心的是與朋友間情感的聯繫,而非酒精濃度高低或是飲酒量多寡。」這讓我對品酒精神與此行有更深的體會與期待。

Coco was an actor when he was a youngster and he enjoyed acting very much. Since he wanted to see this world, he left his hometown to travel around and he worked as a bartender in his job. Although he could get along with everyone well with his outgoing personality, he described the job as a bartender was very similar to a mother, ‘All customers were like my children. Some were well-behaved while some were not. As a mother, you have to take good care of them’.


Coco is a witty person, but I could still see his kindness when he smiled. Although he has worked in the showbiz for many years, he is passionate in art and classical music. ‘I love Wong Kar-Wai’s movies very much, especially his soundtracks.’ Coco knows a lot about cocktail, including its history and the ingredients of each cocktail. As a spokesperson of Hendrick’s Gin, Coco has to travel a lot and visit different bars. Nonetheless, he always has interesting stories to share with others since he has seen much of the world. ‘Our conversation is not limited to wine and cocktails. What Hendrick’s Gin wants to achieve is that everyone can be connected through its gin. Just like now we are able to sit together and chat with each other’.

This seems to be a challenging task, but Coco gets a lot of inspiration from the people he has met through this job. Apart from that, he also learns a lot of philosophy of life from different tasks, and that reminds him to be a humble person. Because of his sincere characteristic and humorous style of conversation, this dinner was very attractive and interesting.

看似俏皮的CoCo笑起來時眼中有良善;雖然長年在娛樂界工作卻很喜愛藝術與古典樂。「我很喜歡王家衛的電影,尤其是電影中的配樂。」人生閱歷、經歷都很豐富的他,對調酒歷史及每款酒的成分比例都瞭如指掌,話夾子打開都是津津有味的故事。擔任品牌大使必須時常旅行,造訪不同酒吧;「儘管如此,我從未只繞著琴酒話題打轉;因為Hendrick’s Gin真正想做的是串連起每個人之間的關係與情感,好比我們今天有機會坐在是這裡一樣。」


Schumann's Bar

Schumann’s Bar is the restaurant and bar I visit very often in Munich. The delicious food, the good service, and the classic interior design are the three main reasons the locals love to visit. Because of this event, the bartenders created cocktails using Hendrick’s Gin to match the dishes. Served with fine cocktails and good food, the accompanying guests had an endless conversation on photography, various camera accessories, social media and of course, cocktails. It was a joyous meal.

Schumann’s Bar是城裡我很常到訪的餐廳酒館;平日裡餐點可口、服務親切、空間設計經典,是慕城民眾喜愛的聚會場所。這天因為Hendrick’s Gin的到訪,酒保更是使出渾身解數調配多款精緻調酒搭配美食;參與的伙伴都對攝影與相關器材有興趣,有酒有美食的談話讓人欲罷不能,樂不思蜀。

Jaded Monkey

Jaded Money was the other bar we visited and one of the bartenders there, Bill comes from the US. Wearing a long beard, he has lived in Germany over 30 years and he speaks fluent German. Jaded Money has only opened for a few years. Located at the citer center, this tiny bar with simple interior decoration makes good use of space and the bar looks well organized. Therefore, the bar attracts a lot of customers. Coco recommended me a cocktail called French 75 and said ‘Try this cocktail when you visit a bar with your girlfriends, the champagne gives a sweet and refreshing flavor to this cocktail’.

Many people think that there are cocktails which are only suitable for men or for women, but Coco pointed out that this is a misunderstanding. As long as the atmosphere is right, he recommends the same cocktail to both gender. ‘Every cocktail has its unique story and each one recalls me the memories of the cities and bars I visited’. Instead of discussing which cocktail is suitable for men or women, Coco suggests we should enjoy the interaction with people as well as the atmosphere at that moment.

Jaded Money的駐檯酒保Bill來自美國,定居德國也有三十年時間,一把長鬍子的他很有個性,德文也說得純熟。Jaded Money營業沒有幾年時間,簡潔的調性加上正好位在市中心,空間雖然不寬敞卻因為規劃良好總是座無虛席。CoCo介紹了一款French 75的調酒讓我嚐嚐,說道:「這是款和閨密到酒館時可以點的單品,加了香檳的口感清爽香甜呢。」



Although it was already late evening when we arrived at Trisoux, the bar was still crowded because it was Friday evening. Trisoux is the tiniest bar among the three bars we visited that night. However, the guests might have an illusion that the bar was big due to the high ceiling. There were many wine bottles and wine glasses displaying next to the bar tables. The guests in this bar were very casual. They either stood or sat with one another closely to chat and enjoy the background music. In this bar, you can experience the other side of attractiveness of Munich. I recommend this bar to couples who are passionately in love. Oh, forgot to share with you that I tried “Girvan Gimlet” at Trisoux. Girvan Gimlet is a classic gin cocktail and is not strong. It is refreshing and crisp, a perfect gin cocktail to enjoy the evening. 

來到Trisoux時已夜深,週五熱情奔放的氣息瀰漫在空氣中;Trisoux是三家酒館中最小的,不過挑高的特殊天花板設計提供寬闊的視覺感,讓人忘卻實際空間大小。吧台旁酒瓶酒杯琳瑯滿目,來店的酒客豪不拘泥,站的坐的全靠在一起,在背景音樂中享受著頭靠著頭漫漫交談的閒情逸致。這裡可以感受到慕尼黑富有挑逗魅力的另一面,很適合熱戀中的情侶。喔,忘了說,在Trisoux品嚐的調酒是Girvan Gimlet;這是款非常經點的調酒,口感品嚐起來清爽爽口,重點是酒精濃不會很高,非常適合淺嚐享樂呢。

Although I am not a big fan of wine tasting, I learnt about the meaning of ‘gathering’ through this night’s bar tour organized by Hendrick’s Gin. I got to know more about cocktails, the stories of different bars as well as the bartenders. Going home with a flushed face, Coco’s words came to my mind, ‘Wine is only a medium that makes us feel more cheerful when we give a toast. What is more important is the relationship and the interaction between different people and my job is to connect these people’. I nodded and agreed with what he said.

我並非嗜酒人,卻在這晚Hendrick’s Gin別具特色的場合中體會另一層「相聚」的意義,除了對酒品、調酒有更多認識,也終於打開酒館世界與酒保生活的神秘面紗。當晚我微燻卻清醒,乘車回家時涼爽的晚風拍著面頰,CoCo的話在我腦袋裡轉著:「酒只是介質,它讓我們舉杯互祝時更富趣味,不過重點還是在人與人之間;而我的角色就是負責把大家串連起來。」我點頭微笑,再同意不過了。

Hendrick’s Gin has always held the cucumber in the highest regard. The spirit’s unusual distillation process includes an infusion of rose and cucumber, which yields an extraordinarily smooth gin that is a rare union of lightness and complexity. Not only that, but there is simply no better way to cap off a Hendrick’s cocktail than with a little green garnish cut from the same fruit that gives Hendrick’s its pleasingly unusual flavour.

Cucumber Day was invented by cucumber growers, in England in 2011, to extol the virtues of the gallant cucumber. For several years now we celebrate this day to hero this remarkable fruit. We wish to spread love, understanding and appreciation for cucumbers everywhere and every year invite all those with a curious mind to celebrate World Cucumber Day on June 14 to cultivate and embrace their very own unusual side.

The information and the recipe are from the website of Hendrick’s Gins.

Hendrick’s Gin的琴酒一直以最尊重的態度來對待黃瓜。在繁複的蒸餾過程中導入玫瑰與黃瓜,讓琴酒保有非常柔順的口感;是輕盈和多重層次的組合。 此外,與一般調酒不同的是,Hendrick’s Gin以獨特的手法來調製雞尾酒,味道更令人感到愉悅。

黃瓜日是由英國黃瓜種植業者於2011年創立的,目的在頌揚黃瓜的各種優點。 直到今日,我們一直為這個英雄(黃瓜)慶祝他與眾不同的風範。 我們希望能廣泛傳播對黃瓜的愛,讓大眾瞭解和欣賞。同時每年都會邀請所有有興趣的人在六月十四日來慶祝「世界黃瓜日」,同時擁抱每個人自己獨特的一面。


A uniquely designed cocktail for that noblest of garnishes, the cucumber.

  1. Add Hendrick’s Gin, cucumber and lemon juice along with mint into a glass and gently muddle until a pulpy consistency.
  2. Add plenty of cracked ice and churn.
  3. Add aloe vera juice, soda and stir.
  4. Add more crushed ice, building into a stack.
  1. 50 ml Hendrick’s Gin
  2. 8 -12 Torn Mint Leaves
  3. 30 ml Cucumber Juice
  4. 20 ml Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
  5. 35 ml Aloe Vera Juice
  6. 30 ml Soda Water

  1. 把Hendrick’s Gin、黃瓜、檸檬汁、薄荷葉加入玻璃杯中,攪拌至微微呈現漿狀。
  2. 加入大量碎冰,然後再攪拌。
  3. 加入蘆薈汁、蘇打水,然後再攪拌。
  4. 再加入大量碎冰之後,就可以享受了。
  • Hendrick’s Gin 50ml
  • 薄荷葉 8-12片
  • 黃瓜汁 30ml
  • 檸檬汁 20ml
  • 蘆薈汁 35ml
  • 蘇打水 30ml

CoCo Prochorowski

Hendrick’s Gin

This is a collaborated project with Hendrick’s Gin.

 (Drinking is harmful to health. People under the age of 18 is not allowed to drink alcohol.)

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