First Happy Socks

In the recent years, I dress in a simple and clean style; just in white, gray, navy blue and black; I am happy with the transformation, pay more attention to the quality and cut. I remember the time from some years ago; I wore all styles and colors that I never felt shy to present myself. So far, I am even feeling shy to think about putting some bold colors on. Somehow, some weeks ago when I went to the department store, I discovered Happy Socks which was reminiscent of my old crazy styling time. I picked up some favorite design and colors; it would be great to be a bit bold in a low-key style.

這兩年我總是穿的樸實簡單,衣櫃拉開還真得只是在灰、藍、白、黑之間打轉,其實也心裡充實不打緊,把在樣式花色上的心思轉移到質感剪裁上,也令人感到滿足好打理;若是要穿的花花綠綠也膽怯,以前那股什麼都敢穿的衝勁如今都躲回皮囊裡去,害羞了呢。不過前幾個星期逛百貨時偶然瞥見了Happy Socks,回想起以前那段爆衝穿著的時光,心裡偷偷懷念著;於是挑了幾雙在花色與設計上都令人喜愛的款式,以最低調的方式騷包一下。

There are two ways to style Happy Socks: one is to be bold, put all your favorite and matched colors on, shout it loud; the another way is for those who feel shy as I do, simply keep it minimal, dress clean and let your socks talk. No matter to pair with casual shoes, sportive shoes or heels and ankle boots; all will be fine.

穿彩色襪子其實有兩種極端的搭配法: 害羞的人全身素淨就讓襪子當主角,很簡單也帶有極簡的魅力;大膽一點的人就讓和搭的、喜歡的顏色通通上身吧!不管是休閒鞋、球鞋或是跟鞋、踝靴,通通可以配在一起毫無違和唷。

Special thanks to Bold Hotels for the nice shooting location.

Outfit - Mango Lace Top, Embroidered culottes and Loafers - Yes! Please Enjoy

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