Good Morning Beauty Routine

I knew long time ago that the morning beauty routine is important, especially before your makeup steps. A rich morning beauty routine not only helps you feel refresh but also makes you glow. However, when I was younger, I could not afford those products that might be used for different seasons or occasions, toners, day or night creams, or the eye creams or lotions. Not even to mention masks. I had only one face cream for all seasons in years.

As I grow older, I am no more perfect when I do not wear makeup. Moreover, I got dark circles and the dull skin from my familial gene. Though, I try to keep my skin moist with proper products. At least, when the skin is moist, it is easier to have a better and glowing makeup look. I do not look for being younger but to be satisfied with my state and age.

Here are some beauty products that I use in my daily life. Within 15 minutes, you will be ready for the day with full of freshness and energy.





Kiehl’s 莓果薑黃精萃亮面膜 (德國Douglas直接連結)
Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque

Because of my familial gene, I look ill if I do not wear makeup. Hence, to make my skin brighter and glowing has always been my beauty goals. Honestly, it is hard to get rid of the dull skin only through face creams or beauty routines. We also have to pay attention to our lifestyle, regular exercise, and sunscreen. Once I had realized the basis, I put effort to the moisturizing; that helps to keep skin stay in soft and to avoid wrinkles.

I use this mask, Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque from Kiehl’s in the morning. After clean my face with cold water, I apply the mask on the face for ten minutes. Then, wash the mask with warm water; at the same time, I massage the areas of forehead, nose and chin to scrub the cuticle. Twice a week brings a brighter and glowing skin. I especially love to use the mask before my makeup steps.



Cupper – Süßholztee mit Minze

I noticed Cupper, a Tea brand because of its well-designed packaging. Not even to mention that it is the organic and fair-trade label. The first pack I tried was the taste of Süßholztee mit Minze, the one in the photo above. It tastes great, comforts the stomach and the mind. There are about ten different flavors in a raw, I have tried some, each one has its individual taste. Not to whiten their tea bags is their focus; I appreciate this point. After applying the mask, I cook water and make my tea. To enjoy my tea after the facial routine is one of the best moments in the morning. Besides coffee, tea is my alternative to waking up now.

Cupper的產品包裝設計讓它在超商陳列架上品牌中吸引目光、脫穎而出。加上是有機、公平交易的品牌,儘管比其他品牌貴了些,還是想要試試看。第一次嘗試的茶品就是照片裡Süßholztee mit Minze口味;一片茶包以保溫茶瓶沖開(約750ml的容量)不但濃郁而且用量很省。品牌至今推出十款不同口味,我已經試了大約五種,都各有特色。尤其品牌強調無漂白的原色茶袋讓人有好感,自然回甘的口感令人喜愛。好喝到一天可以喝兩到三瓶(兩到三片茶包),整天下來的補水量完全足夠。在早晨敷上面膜後,便燒水沖茶;把面膜沖洗乾淨以後,茶剛好微涼可以甘甜入口。以暖脾胃的茶取代咖啡開啟一天的生活的確讓人不只甦醒過來,更令人神清氣爽期待一天的開始。


Jeanne Piaubert – IRILYS 
Anti-ageing, anti-fatigue eye contour cream gel

Back to 2015, it was my first experience to try the SOS nutri-repair face oil from a French beauty brand, Jeanne Piaubert. It refreshed my impression of face oils. Since then, I have been using their products. Be honest; I just bought this eye cream for about two weeks. Normally I never introduce a beauty product without a long time testing. Here is an exception.

It is appropriate for anti-aging and anti-stress. It makes the skin around your eyes fresh and calm. Moreover, a slight strength that pulls the skin around the eyes up. That sounds dramatic, but that is my experience.

The cream has another feature, lasting moisturizing. You will see the advantage when you makeup; after several hours, the ends of your eyes will have fewer wrinkles than usual.

For me, eye creams have always been playing an important role in the beauty routine. You might not feel its effect when you use it regularly. However, if you do not use eye creams daily, compare to the people who use daily, you will see the difference. However, once again, all beauty products can not avoid physical beauty problems; but a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and keep a young mind might do.

開始接觸Jeanne Piaubert法國品牌保養品是在2015年使用了SOS nutri-repair face oil這罐臉部保養油(延伸閱讀:Travel Beauty Essential),這罐臉部保養油不但扭轉了我對保養油品的刻板印象,也讓我開始喜愛這個品牌,並且持續使用品牌的保養品。坦白說,這罐眼部凝膠才剛購入大約兩個星期;通常我不會介紹才剛使用的保養品。不過第一次使用這罐眼部凝膠的感覺驚為天人,才會破例。



Jeanne Piaubert – Skin Breakfast Facecream (德國Douglas直接連結)

The Skin Breakfast face cream is my second pack; I have the confidence to introduce it to you. At this moment, I have different face creams for various occasions, depending on seasons, day or night. I use this Skin Breakfast face cream on the days when I make up due to its lasting moisturizing. It brings a soft and moist skin state and let your face glow in a beautiful and nature way.

回購第二罐的Skin Breakfast Facecream面霜,讓人放心拍胸脯保證。與其追求美白、去斑或是緊緻的功效,我更注重在霜保濕的訴求與持久度。因此,我在化妝台上總是有幾罐不同的面霜針對不同的季節、時機與場合來搭配使用。

滋潤度很高的面霜,一般來說在晚上使用,尤其是冬季,將配方裡的滋潤帶入肌膚中,趁著睡眠好好呵護肌膚。保濕度極好、非常保水的面霜則在一般日子使用,比如說上健身房、在廚房煮飯這樣的時機,因為結束之後都會再洗把臉,所以在短時間之內會有再次塗抹機會的日子,就會使用這類面霜。如果是上妝的日子,就會使用類似Jeanne Piaubert這罐Skin Breakfast Facecream面霜,高保水持久的滋潤度除了可以更好上妝之外,也可以增加妝容服貼度,不容易浮妝,即使到了下午出油,也會有自然光澤的好妝感。

Avene Cold Cream

I got to know this Avene lip care Cold Cream through my the other half. He had a serious dry lips problem in the last winter. His house doctor gave him a receipt, the Avene Cold Cream. After one week, it solved the problem.

As you might remember that I introduced the lipstick, SMOOTH OPERATOR from Rituals. Now, Rituals has a new competitor, Avene. The Cold Cream melts as the soft butter on your lips. It moistens your lips but not making them oily. Highly recommended.

這款潤唇膏是另一半介紹給我的。冬天時他的雙唇嚴重乾裂,看了皮膚科之後醫生建議購買這個品牌的護唇膏,不僅無色無香並且滋潤度滿分。另一半使用一個星期之後嘴唇乾裂情況完全改善, 不再破裂出血。這樣的實際體驗情況讓我也好奇,於是也購入使用。

使用潤唇膏最讓我在意的是滋潤的持久度,以及是否會有白屑產生。周遭的親朋好友都知道我十分推薦Rituals這支SMOOTH OPERATOR潤唇膏;現在我得說,Rituals有新的競爭對手了。Avene的滋潤度十分飽和,塗抹在嘴唇上之後就像奶油般化了開來,不過完全沒有油膩的豬油感,不只像是抹上了滋潤,反而更像是把保水的滋潤度直接帶進雙唇之中。如果你也是乾乾雙唇女子,又很怕豬油般閃亮的唇膏,這只Avene Colde Cream就很推薦給你使用。

CLEAN – Sel Santal

Clean is a fragrance label that concern about environmental protection. The flavors are basic on nature and comfortable scents. I especially love their layering concept, to wear your fragrances in different ways. Sel Santal is a scent that crashes directly into your heart. It brings you an imagination walking on the summer beach; or the fresh breeze in the morning. Sel Santal is my last step of my morning beauty routine recently. Let the joyful atmosphere lasts all day long.

Clean是以有機、環保為概念所設計的香水。品牌的所有香氛都以大地氣質、清新自然舒服為基本主軸設計,十分宜人。尤其疊香所製造的層次豐富,卻依舊保有怡悅的香氛狀態,不過於濃郁(關於疊香,請閱讀相關文章:The Art Of Fragrance Combination,其中也針對 Clean品牌有所介紹)。

Sel Santal香味的層次直接打入心坎,讓人產生漫步在沙灘上的美妙想像,也帶來猶如夏日晨間令人豁然開朗的清新芬芳。全身不管在妝容或是造型穿搭都打點好之後,就可以噴上Clean Sel Santal,讓我們將早上最令人歡欣鼓舞的氛圍延續一整天吧。

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Yes! Please Enjoy is not only a destination for a better living encourage but also as a guide for those who are searching for travel advice or lifestyle inspiration in Germany. Besides, Fanning is working on connecting Chinese-Speaking women who live in German-Speaking countries; her goal is to have a community to support these women when they face with difficult life issues in the related cities.

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  • 我最想適用Avene Cold Cream護唇膏 因為我的嘴唇特別容易乾裂 甚至有時候會因為太乾而嘴唇發炎 現在好像是看到救星出現的感覺了~

  • 我想試用Clean-Sel Santal
    之前在台灣都用他們家香水,淡淡的香味,四季都很適合使用,香味很自然舒服,有種安定心情的作用。真的很喜歡他們家產品,所以想再試試這瓶Sel Santal

  • 我最想試用凡寧介紹的Kiehl’s 莓果薑黃精萃亮面膜,我本身就是Kiehl’s 小小迷,尤其是到了德國後深深的愛上,讓我的膚質變得比較穩定不泛紅,但是蠟黃色的皮膚最需要這罐讓皮膚透亮,凡寧介紹後讓我蠢蠢欲動了 > <

  • 我最想試用(通通都試用)法國品牌Kure Bezaar純有機的指甲油和Skin Breakfast facecream,因為我相信凡寧一定會把最好用的東西介紹給大家!然後我生完小孩後就沒擦過指甲油了,如果擦了指甲油孩子好奇想跟著擦也可以滿足他的好奇心,天然成份就不擔心他嘗試。

  • 我最想試用Kiehl’s的莓果薑黃精萃亮面膜,一來是因為Kiehl’s的產品讓人放心,二來是因為我也想要每天早上擁有好膚質好氣色,自信開心開始新的一天 😉

  • 我最想用Clean-Sel Santal 香水因為凡寧把它描述的很動人

  • 我最想試用的是Avene Cold Cream潤唇膏,因為你介紹的產品都好棒。

    來到德國後 嘴唇變的好乾燥,擦什麼都沒用,一直到買了凡寧介紹的Rituals SMOOTH OPERATOR潤唇膏(我記得我還為了我的乾唇第一次浮出水面留言)簡直找到救星,現在都用了第三支了。
    還有Aveda的梳子+精油的組合,我也默默地買了…原本很怕”油“類產品的我,發現那罐你說是乾油的護髮商品真的超 級 好 用,擦了以後髮尾變順但不油膩,而且香味超級療癒。

    一直都默默的在看文章 然後默默的被生火默默地買…藉此留言的機會,真的 真心大讚凡寧推薦的產品!

  • 我最想試用Avene Cold Cream護唇膏,來了德國後,因為天氣的關係嘴唇常有乾裂的情形,我的每個包包裏都有一支護唇膏以備不時之需,不過到現在還沒找到讓我100%滿意的,也許Avene的這支護唇膏就是我嘴唇的救星

  • 我最想試用凡寧介紹的Avene Cold Cream。

  • 我最想要試用 莓果薑黃精萃亮面膜,凡寧把產品描述的很完整,用法也很仔細。

  • 我最想試用 Jeanne Piaubert 的眼部凝霜,一直在找適合自己的眼霜,總是不是很滿意,看了凡寧神奇的介紹,讓我好想馬上入手一瓶。

  • 我最想試用 Jeanne Piaubert 的眼部凝霜,因為我的黑眼圈好重,我好想好好改善黑眼圈問題,讓眼圈能淡掉,

  • 我想試用莓果薑黃面膜, 吃了薑黃幾個月,有發現出油問題改善不少,但是離發亮還有段距離,感覺凡寧的介紹,我的皮膚應該可以有改善。

  • 我最想試試Clean-Sel Santal的香水 因為你的介紹滿吸引我的 很細膩而且寫得描述讓我覺得很有趣 因為香水是很抽象的東西 但是寫得可以讓人感覺聞到味道

  • 雖然身為護唇膏控的我很想投護唇膏一票,但是看到凡寧寫的Jeanne Piaubert眼部凝霜那段:「用了之後覺得好像沒什麼效果,如果一旦不用,幾年過後和同年齡的人相比,就會有明顯差別、讓人後悔」感到當頭棒喝!就好像是做瑜伽,短時間內沒感覺,長久下來的效果卻明顯差別一樣,醍醐灌頂。

  • 我最想試用Clean Sel Santal這個香水,看凡寧敘述的~超仔細~腦海中都有ㄌ畫面~激起購買欲望~其實Clean所有ㄉ香水都想試用~ 喜歡他們以有機環保ㄉ概念出發~~瓶身簡單,瓶蓋木頭設計~清新自然的形像超質感~讓人超心動~

  • 想試Kure Bezaar指甲油和Kiehl’s莓果面膜。聽到莓果就無法抗拒了。



  • 最想試的產品:
    Kiehl’s 莓果薑黃精萃亮面膜
    Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque



  • 我最想試用的是Jeanne Piaubert 的眼霜。早一陣子已經開始尋找合適的眼霜,但一直沒有找到滿意的。現在看到凡寧的產品推薦,(她之前推薦的o’right 洗髮水真的好好用啊!) 相信也必是好東西!

  • 我最想試用法國品牌Kure Bezaar純有機的指甲油,因為看到凡寧的介紹,感覺很棒!如果每天上班在電腦前看到手指上可愛的顏色,應該會比較快樂吧⋯⋯ (來自把大把青春時間和肝奉獻給公司的建築設計師…)

  • 我最想試用Jeanne Piaubert的眼膠,一直以來我都找不到適合的眼部保養品,逐漸出現的細紋在德國情況更是糟糕,凡寧介紹的好讚,感覺整個就眼睛清爽明亮又年輕了起來!!

  • 看了凡寧的產品介紹,讓我最想試用Jeanne Piaubert – IRILYS 眼部凝膠。

  • 我最想用法國的無毒指甲油,可以跟我女兒一起擦,薑黃面膜真的好好用,然後茶也很好喝,希望我中大獎:)

  • 我最想試用凡寧介紹的Jeanne Piaubert 的眼部凝膠和 Breakfast Facecream 面霜,一直在尋覓保濕保水的產品,但總不甚滿意,看到凡寧簡潔又詳細的介紹,而且還都親身試用過,讓我…哇,這不就是我要的嗎?

  • 我最想要試Jeanne Piaubert的Skin Breakfast Facecream面霜,因為冬天實在很需要保濕度高的產品啊

  • 看完了凡寧的介紹,怎麼每樣都很想收….哈哈!
    不過我個人最需要的,應該是Jeanne Piaubert的眼部凝膠,聽凡寧這樣敘述好想試試啊!

  • 我是面膜控,有機會的話想試試看Kiehl’s的薑黃苺果面膜。

  • 最想試用Clean-Sel Santal,看到凡寧的產品介紹好心動呀,清新乾脆又不膩人的香調真的不多又難得。

  • 看完一系列,最想要Avene護唇。因為總是忽略護唇膏這件事情,也許找到一個最好用的,我就不會再忘記帶上他?

  • Dear Agnis,





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