Five Sports Apps That Help You Exercise Anywhere

Doing exercise was a kind of pressure for me; I forced myself to go to the gym and did something there so that I would not feel guilty. I wanted to lose my weight. Awhile later, my body got problems from the abnormal diet; moreover, I became extreme. In the end, I escaped and gave up everything. It took me more than one year to come back to a balanced lifestyle again. I am proud to say that the exercise is part of my life now. I got up early, go to the gym and spend a quality time with myself. I do enjoy the feeling of sweating; that was a different mood than before. I do not want to exaggerate the benefits of exercise; everyone feels different. However, training has positive effects on the body; no doubt.

I sit in the front of my desk and work for several hours every day, writing, image editing. The behavior effects some parts of the muscle, my arms, the back and the hips. I keep doing exercise regularly not only to rest from my computer work but also to train my muscle and let it stronger.

When I go to the gym, I spend around ninety minutes for the aerobic training and the weight training. If I am not able to do the training in the gym, then I do it at home in the evening. I know it is possible for many of you to do exercise every day, no worries. Here I have some great and smart sports apps to help you to train when you have piecemeal time. All programmes are free to use without registration. I am sure that you will like doing exercise as I do.




Stretching Sworkit

When I have my exercise routine at home, I like to do firstly five to ten minutes stretching to warm up the body. Furthermore, to cool down my mind before the next step. Do not underestimate these minutes; I am always calm after several times of deep and stable breathing.


30 Tage Fitness Challenge

A Thirty-day non-stop exercise challenge program. All movements separate into different parts of muscle; also difficulty levels for people who have different fitness levels. Animations, text description and timer, an app that you can concentrate on movements.


Fitness Point

An app is designed especially for people who are used to train in the gym. Movements are separated from different parts of muscle and are explained with text description and animations. It also clearly illustrates the operation of different equipment. The app offers a list to plan our own fitness programs. A practical and easy app to use.


Gesäß Training 4 Wochen Programm

All movements are focusing on the PO. There is a regular update on every Monday to offer an exclusive video for training. Follow the video for an exercise around eight to ten minutes; it includes music and timer, easy and fun.


Nike Training Club

It is a powerful and smart sports program. Functions are categories by locations, fitness level, equipment and muscle parts. There are some training is short for around eight minutes, some are long for about forty-five minutes; different programs for different training wishes. They filmed the videos with several athletes; feel like training with your personal coach.


It is important to do exercise uninterruptedly. Exercise should bring us happiness and positive energy; moreover, enjoy each time being sweating. How about you, which exercise do you like the most, where do you train? Feel free to share your story with me.


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