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I had just received a package that bitplay had sent to me before I visited Prague. Because of the project, I had decided to bring only my iPhone 7 Plus with me for the trip; I would like to try how bitplay could help me for recording all images. However, I was not sure if I could handle to take photos just with a smartphone camera. In the past years, I have always been taking pictures with real cameras. Just shooting with an iPhone? Can a smartphone shoot professional photos? One side I felt unsecured, on the other hand, I would like to give myself a challenge, make pictures with what I have on my hands, moreover, take good and high-quality images with it.

布拉格之旅前剛好收到bitplay從台灣寄過來的SNAP!7以及鏡頭系列組的包裹,於是這趟旅程便決心以iPhone 7 Plus手機搭配上bitplay攝影配件一場布拉格這座觀光之城。坦白說上了飛機之後內心感到頗不踏實,雖然以手機拍攝固然方便,不過這些年來在攝影上作品的呈現都還是以專業相機為主;突然這整趟旅程只可以倚靠iPhone 7 Plus來拍攝所有點滴,總覺得不紮實。再加上從未認真看待以手機拍照這件事,不管在手感或是默契上都很生疏;一路上我總問,能以一支手機拍出大片的臨場感嗎?不過這也給我挑戰的慾望;如果真可以做到用手上任何器材拍出令自己滿意的照片,這才不枉費這些年來在攝影所花費的心力。

bitplay offers different lenses for different shooting situations. After receiving the products, holding them in my hands, I could feel how good the quality is. The lenses are tiny and handy; however, they are just as good as real lenses for professional cameras. The handy case and its grip, the SNAP!7 set brings a real touch while using the shutter button to take pictures. Not even to mention that the SNAP!7 set looks elegant, a high-quality accessory for your iPhone.

As usual, I do not introduce the details about the model itself; you can find out all information on bitplay’s website. No matter if you are used to taking photos with an iPhone to record your life, or you like to travel light and capture views of the journey, bitplay is the right product to increase the quality of your photography skill.

I would like to share some of my favorite photos that I took from our Prague trip. Incidentally, I usually edit photos with Lightroom to present the best quality; however, I changed my mind and edited all photos with VSCO, an application that you can download free. Which means, I shot with my iPhone and edited the photos directly with VSCO. I would like to prove that it is easy to shoot and present high-quality images just with your smartphone.





This is a collaborated project with bitplay.

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