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I do believe that when we talk about photography, observant eyes are more important than expensive equipment. I rarely took pictures with my smart phone until I join the project of bitplay. bitplay is the iPhone photography accessories; together with the SNAP!7, a unique smart phone case, we can connect an iPhone with different bitplay lenses easily. In the past few months, I almost only shoot photos with my iPhone 7 plus with the bitplay accessories. So far, I am satisfied with its quality. Moreover, it is easy to shoot photos in my daily life. By my last bitplay post, I shared with you some photos that I took with bitplay in Prag. This time, I would like to show you the city I live, Munich.


I use Halide, an iPhone photography application for taking images. Comparing to others, Halide is quite easy to operate. I especially like that it is available to shoot RAW images; it gives a flexible range when editing photos. Together with the bitplay accessories, you can shoot photos just with your iPhone no matter where you go.


HD Wide Angle Lens EF 18mm – From the day into the night

I had never visited Olympia Park, although I live in Munich for years; some weeks ago, I took a half day free and went to the park in the afternoon. I stayed in the Olympia tower until the late evening to take its view from the day light into the evening. HD Wide Angle Lens EF 18mm is the bitplay lens that I use mostly. It offers a wild angle for any situation that you need; a perfect lens for traveling. You can even see the quality when I took the photos without a camera support in the dark.

HD 高畫質廣角鏡頭 – 由白晝進入黑夜

定居慕尼黑這麼多年卻一直都沒有機會登上奧林匹克公園裡的高塔,這天特別安排了時間下午時間就前往,一直拍到晚上十點半才離開,為的就是測驗手持iPhone加上bitplay攝影配件的拍攝效果。HD Wide Angle Lens EF 18mm是所有鏡頭中我最常使用的一款,提攻超廣角視野的成像效果,卻沒有明顯的變形缺點,很適合旅行使用;不管是拍攝大面積的地景或是高塔大樓,都可以有非常好的效果。入了夜,以手持拍攝的品質也很精準,只要一支手機一顆bitplay鏡頭就可以因應所有拍攝需求。

Circular Polarizer Filter – For Food and Portrait

I like to use the Circular Polarizer Filter to take food photos. It represents food beautifully. Moreover, I also use it for portrait images, together with Halide, the iPhone photography application, it is simple to achieve a better photography.

偏光濾鏡 – 拍攝食物、人像


Cityscape and Landscape Photography

iPhone and the bitplay lens, Wide Angle Lens EF 18mm is the best combination I use for cityscape or landscape photography. You see how this lens presents the bright colors and the dark layers; it makes you loving photography. Shoot photos with iPhone, edit it afterward and then upload the best quality images that you take. If you like to capture special moments in your daily life, or you do not like to carry a heavy camera, bitplay is a good option for you. A little budget for better photos.


使用Wide Angle Lens EF 18mm這顆專業鏡頭搭配iPhone拍攝大自然風景是我最喜歡的組合,使用起來也得心應手。這組鏡頭不管是在光線上的細膩、深層暗色調的層次等捕捉都有很好的掌握,是那種會讓人喜歡上攝影的一種拍攝模式。隨拍隨上傳也很符合現在社群媒體快速分享的律動。如果你喜歡城市裡移動時的影樣紀錄,又不喜歡外出時被一臺相機給制約(我的包包就被相機綁架了,只能背大包),那麼bitplay的iPhone攝影組合配件就很適合你;小小的預算就能拍出高畫質的影像效果。


This is a collaborated project with bitplay.

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