Discover Königsee with bitplay

After visiting Königssee for the first time in 2007, it took me many years, until fall 2015, to get back to this beautiful wonderland. Because of the photography projects, I have been here eight times in just two and a half years. The atmospheres at the lake and its surroundings are different due to the changing seasons. Even though I come often, I have different feelings every time.

If you visit the lake in summer, the surrounding greenery is reflected on the blue-green lake, which makes this scenery unrealistic. The fresh and sweet air makes people feel happy. When visiting Königssee in autumn, you see the charming golden scene everywhere, which makes people smile unconsciously. It is a unique experience to order a cup of coffee or tea and sit outside the St. Bartholomä while enjoying the scenery. The visit in winter really made me believe that fairyland does exist on earth. An exquisite picture is formed when the image of snow-covered Mount Watzmann is reflected on the chilly lake. When the snow is abundant and extends from the mountains to the lake, then it is a perfect landscape of winter.



iPhone with bitplay Premium HD wide-angle lens and the snap! phone case.
iPhone搭配bitplay Premium HD廣角鏡頭以及snap!手機殼

In the past, I took photos at Königssee with my professional cameras. This time, the cooperation with bitplay, which specializes in mobile photography, allows me to capture more exciting moments with my iPhone. The filter of the Premium HD wide-angle lens makes the scenery of Königssee more visible and outstanding.

I mentioned in my last article ‘Discover H.K. with bitplay’ that the “Premium HD Wide Angle Lens” has a focal length of 18mm and it fits all scenes such as landscape, cityscape, interior or architecture photos. By using the iPhone and bitplay’s lenses and photography accessories to take pictures, the images of Königssee look different.

Also, I made a film using iPhone during the trip of Königssee. The greatest advantage for taking pictures and videos with a smartphone is to shoot with only one device. It was very inconvenient to exchange between a camera and a smartphone. But now, it’s only a matter of switching functions. It’s delightful to view videos directly on a smartphone after editing. This straight video mode also follows the trend that nowadays most social media users watch videos on smartphones. Take a look at the video below and enjoy the beauty of Königssee.

以往到國王湖都是以相機拍攝為主,這次與bitplay共同企劃的手機拍攝專案,讓我有更多機會捕捉到不同的精彩瞬間。而且搭配Premium HD廣角鏡頭的濾鏡更是讓冰天雪地中的國王湖景色更顯層次、出色。

Premium HD Wide Angle Lens / HD廣角鏡頭

在上篇文章Discober H.K. with bitplay中寫道:Premium HD廣角鏡頭的焦段落在18mm上,不過卻沒有一般廣角鏡頭讓畫面四周景物變形的情況發生,非常適合在「拍攝大景」、「室內建築空間」、「都市街景」,或是「拍攝者與被拍攝物之間距離過短」的情況下使用。而國王湖這座超級大景的氣勢在iPhone與bitplay鏡頭與攝影配件搭配下,成像的確顯得與眾不同。


Discover Königsee with bitplay

In the following, I share with you the images I took using my iPhone together with bitplay lenses and accessories. Because of the fresh air, the quality of the photos looks better than before. It seems like we can penetrate the images directly to the lake. Are you also a smartphone photographer? Do you like to take photos with your smartphones, but its quality limits you? You can try to shoot using bitplay lenses and its photography accessories, which will change your impression of mobile photography. Enjoy and have fun!



This is a collaborated project with bitplay.

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