COACH Runway – 品牌精神貫穿前後時空,造就了不只經典形象

It is easy to misinterpret something that we do not find out completely. When I got the project of Coach, I worried that I might not qualify the mission to transfer its spirit to my own personality and to create my looks for Coach. The impression of C, its classic logo pattern is distinct; it was a challenge for me.

I was invited to join the event in the Wertheim Village and Ingolstadt Village to discover the collection. The plan was not only to view the designs but also to understand more about the story behind Coach.

In Manhatten 1941, the predecessor of Coach was founded as a studio by six leather artisans to product wallets. Five years later in 1946, Mr. Miles Cahn and his wife, Lillian Cahn who ran a leather business joined the studio to operate the business and produce leather goods. In 1950, Mr. and Mrs. Miles bought the franchise; since then, they started to develop different techniques to design leather and created their first women handbag collection.

In the past 40 years, Coach was developed by different creative directors, they have built up a firm foundation of Coach. Coach is well-known internationally. In 2014, Stuart Vevers took over the position of Creative Director. He brings new elements and ideas into the line; Coach becomes one of the fashionable brands. This great interview video, In The Studio: Stuart Vevers of Coach is made by New York Times; it presents clearly about Stuart Vevers and his opinions.

往往對一個品牌的不了解,只憑著市場流行度來解讀,便很容易落入誤解或扭曲品牌精神的圈套中。 接到COACH工作邀約時,本來擔心無法成功地傳達品牌的精神形象,畢竟以C字型拼疊的品牌標誌實在鮮明,如果無法以獨特的穿搭手法來打造新的風格,那便只是把品牌單品往身上套罷了。

配合COACH在法蘭克福近郊Wertheim Village購物村活動,抱著觀察的心態出席;第一次這麼戰戰兢兢。希望除了表面上的包款設計外,可以同時透過不同面向來重新認識COACH。

1941年紐約曼哈頓,COACH的前身在六個皮革工匠組合下成立了工作室,製造皮夾子與錢包。五年後,1946年由Miles Cahn、Lillian Cahn這對懂生意經營的皮包製造商夫妻介入製造與營運,直到1950年正式買下經營權。此後便開始研發讓皮革更富變化、多元的設計,開始製造女用皮包。

此後四十多年在不同設計總監打造下,奠定了COACH在皮革製造的品牌地位,成功地以品質及經典款式打入全球甚至亞洲市場,幾乎人手一包。不過這段歷史到這為止都還沒有打動我;2014年Stuart Vevers接下設計總監後,遊刃有餘地將新現代流行元素帶入設計,正式地與各大精品品牌瓜分消費者的注意力。這段由New York Times 製作的訪談影片In The Studio: Stuart Vevers of Coach,可以讓我們精準地了解Stuart Vevers上位之後的態度與走向;的確過癮。

#Floral Collection

In both villages, Coach offered their customers to engrave personal marks on the bag for free. Engraving your signature on the bag seems to be meaningful. I was looking for a bag that I can easily carry my camera, at the same time, it shall be easy and convenient; moreover, to match parts of my clothes I have in the closet at home.

The staff who serviced for engraving was shy front of the camera; however, he asked the customers carefully about the wished letter combinations and the color to engrave, gold or silver. And then, he set up the letters on the machine, slowly pressed down the hot metal board. The stamped leather label just hangs on my bag; it looks so exquisite.




My other mission was to style some looks that I found from the Coach stores in both Villages; I made it in 7 different styles. Some of them are quite my personal style that I wear in the daily life. Some of the looks that I have never tried, neither the color or the style. From experience, I think any bag or stuff can be stylish as long as adding some details to your looks.


#Denim Backpack

Honestly, backpacks have never been my option to purchase a bag until I saw this classic leather and denim designed backpack. It is light and handy; it especially fit my lifestyle, I always have to keep my hands free without carrying a bag and make photos. I can also easily put any of my cameras into it. If you are a girl who brings much stuff with you going out, this backpack is made for you.


#Two tones handbag

This is the bag that I would like to challenge myself, an office lady look handbag. From its two tones design, you can team with white or linen colors in the summer time or brown and dark colors in the winter time; both shades can be so playful depending on your styling ideas. I especially like the design of the Sun-Eye glasses; it seems that it was made for superstars; you will look gorgeous simply put on one white T-shirt and one pair of jeans. The classic logo sign of a carriage on the frame is just a smart touch to the look, charming and lovely.


#Green Parka,
#Classic pattern handbag

This is the classic model that I had the first impression of Coach. After carrying it, I understand why it is so popular; a truly timeless design. It is easy to match most of the clothes you have in the closet. The green parka has a gorgeous cut, the collar, shoulder line, and the waistline are perfect to modified the body curve; you will look slimmer than you actually are. A point to it.


#Floral handbag

It is seldom for me to put on floral stuff; I worried that I could not carry it out. Then, I realized that bright colors make my skin tone looks healthier than I thought. Again, Coach makes nice jackets and coats; you see many beautiful details. A tip for girls who are not sure about floral bags; team a floral bag with dark blue coats or tops will still make your look elegant.


#Pilot Jacket

The Pilot jacket and backpack are from men collection; however, the fabric and design are lovely. They are perfect for girls who sometimes like to dress boyish. A styling tip for boyish looks, add some well-designed accessories that have many delicate details to your look. There are many choices for men collection in both Villages; visit the villages with your husbands to try some of them.


#Petal Wristlet bag

I have some similar trenchcoats in the closet, although this one from Coach is the best so far. After shooting for this look, I asked the staff to put this trenchcoat beside in case someone would take it. The inventory in both Villages is adequate; however, make sure you hold your favorite pieces tightly and do not hesitate to go for it. Petal Drawstring bag is one of my favorite bag collections; the leather is soft and elegant. There are five colors; if you are not a girl who needs big bags, Petal Drawstring bag is made for you.

類似的風衣已經有幾件,不過Coach這件真的打到心坎裡。這件經典款風衣的細部設計讓我在拍照後立刻請店員收到櫃檯後方,以免錯失良機。購物村裡貨量都很足夠,但因為人潮多,誰都無法保證喜歡的包款或單品下一秒是否還有貨;最好的辦法就是緊緊抓在手裡或請店員先收到一旁待結帳。Petal Drawstring 包的皮革處理方式與設計很優雅別緻,一共五款顏色;如果沒有放相機的困擾,那麼這只包絕對可以列入試背考慮的清單。


I set another styling challenge for myself, a classic black handbag. We usually carry black bags for formal occasions; however, black bags can team with casual and stylish looks. What I pay attention when I choose a black bag, the leather texture; a subtle leather texture presents a better quality. Moreover, simple design and clean shape make it easier for styling. A styling tip for a head-to-toe look; let well-designed accessories add charm to your looks, for example, the brown and gold sun-eyeglasses.



Seven looks in a row that I styled with Coach stuff that I found in the Ingolstadt Village and Wertheim Village. There are two more looks that I wore the Coach trenchcoat, sports shoes and two bags that I purchased in both Villages; I will show you soon. Before showing you the additional looks, here is another great news for you : in both Villages, Coach will present the Disney x Coach Collection from 28th of April until 31th of May. Not only all style bags but also ready to wear collection and accessories; you can check the selection on both Websites, Ingolstadt Village Coach and Wertheim Village Coach before your shopping. Here is my favorite list from the Disney x Coach cooperation.

一口氣介紹七款以Coach單品打造的穿搭,哪個包款單品最讓你喜愛呢?在Ingolstadt Village除了這件風衣另外也購入一雙休閒鞋;另外兩套穿搭正在修片,很快與你們分享我的日常造型。購物村常常不定期有折扣活動,現在Coach正好在促銷檔期;從四月二十八日到五月底止,兩大購物村同步引進迪士尼與Coach聯名的設計,除了各式包包、衣著、鞋款也有各類配件。在購物村官網上已經有最新包款更新,可以隨時上網查詢(Ingolstadt Village Coach網頁Wertheim Village Coach包款查詢)。以下分享幾款讓人覺得有意思的設計;小背包、黑色休閒鞋以及皮外套都很別緻令人心動。

My Disney x Coach Favorite Bags 

My Disney x Coach Favorite Accessories 

Moreover, on 28th and 29th of April, in both Villages, Coach will host a Kick-Off Event to launch the Disney x Coach collection. Feel free to join the event and celebrate with Coach. Here are some tips that I would like to share with you about how to enjoy a better Shopping in the Villages :

  • Check Village’s websites and find out the special promotions. Alternatively, visit the Service Centers in the Villages to understand more about their activities.
  • Shopping in the Villages is not only fun for women but also men. Check their men’s brands and find out your favorite pieces.
  • Feel free to ask a new bag or stuff when you checkout. In the Coach stores in both Villages, they took the initiative to provide new bags and trenchcoat for me. A very friendly service they offered.
  • The Villages are family-friendly shopping places; feel free to go shopping with your kids and husband.
  • Keep at least 4 to 5 hours for shopping in the Villages; there are just so many brands to discover. Each time, I feel like I never have enough time. Have fun!

四月二十八日與二十九日週末,Coach在Wertheim Village以及Ingolstadt Village有 Disney x Coach的慶祝活動,如果住附近的女子們這兩天剛好有時間,歡迎到購物村裡共襄盛舉,試背新款包包單品。雖然以前的文章已經分享過購物教戰守則,不過再次整理與大家分享幾個重點:

  • 出發前,請上網查詢購物村當天的優惠品牌;或到了購物村,先到遊客服務中心詢問。櫃檯有中文服務人員,請不要客氣多加攀談。
  • 購物村也是男人的購物天堂,經典款的上班穿著或休閒、運動衣等。男士款在每季的變動不大,即使不是最新款也沒有明顯差別;不過價格可就差很大了。
  • 購物村人潮多,架上的包包、衣著大多有被摸觸的痕跡,結帳時,可以請店員拿新的包款或是商品給我們。這次在兩大購物村, Coach都主動拿新的包款商品讓顧客結帳,感覺很好。
  • 購物村品牌眾多,請最少挪出四到五個小時空擋比價、試背試穿、購物。
  • 以家庭消費者為重點族群的購物村很適合帶著小孩與先生前往;廁所有寬敞獨立的如廁空間、嬰兒室等,推著娃娃車進入店家也不會遭受白眼,令外,也有美味餐廳、咖啡館、兒童遊樂場等設施。


Ingolstadt Village

Wertheim Village

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