CNY Shopping – Ingolstadt Village

“It is always a discovery for me each time when I visit Ingolstadt Village or Wertheim Village.” It is not just a slogan but my real experience. Ingolstadt Village and Wertheim Village always host seasonal activities or discount sales. They present the most exciting and fun campaign for their customers and let them experience different shopping adventures. I usually visit one of the Villages once each season and this frequency already matches my shopping concept. “The quality, but not the quantity counts”, “What I need is more important than what I desire” as well as “Getting my desired brands and goods at a low price” are my shopping attitudes and principles.

Last week, I visited Ingolstadt Village to find out about the discount information during Chinese New Year. Moreover, I also found a few lovely items that I have been looking for. In this article, I would like to show you how I spent a day in the Village and some of my favorite labels. As follows, I will show you the discount information for Chinese New Year and some giveaways that I prepared for you. Do not miss it.


這次在農曆新年之前先到Ingolstadt Village購物村探行情、瞭解折扣資訊,同時也幫自己找到了物超所值的單品。不過每次到購物村都會有個問題,那就是「時間永遠都不夠用」。不管事先安排再充裕的時間,搭車離開時都覺得時間太短不能好好逛個過癮。所以,今天這篇文章將以一條龍的方式介紹我如何安排在購物村一整天的活動與時間。當然也有這次Ingolstadt Village以及Wertheim Village兩大購物村在農曆新年特別推出的促銷優惠說明,以及我替大家準備的「恭喜新年好禮贈獎」,通通不要錯過了。

The Villages usually arrange private shuttle service for me when I join the collaboration projects. This time, I took the  “Shopping Express” since I wanted to share my experience with you. I had reserved a return ticket for me via its website. The ticket costs twenty Euro per person from Munich to Ingolstadt Village. The meeting point is next to the Sofitel which is located at the Munich Main Train Station.

The bus departed at nine-thirty in the morning, but the shuttle bus arrived ten minutes earlier before departure time. (The shuttle bus is black in color and has an obvious logo of Ingolstadt Village on it, so you will not miss it.) Visitors can buy tickets directly from the driver. However, I suggest you book the tickets online first, especially on weekends or during holiday seasons. A single trip is about an hour. It was comfortable to start a shopping journey in this way.

以前都是由主辦單位安排專車接送到購物村參加活動;這次我則希望可以搭乘接駁車Shopping Express前往來瞭解搭乘細節與運作方式,才有機會與你們分享。出發前先到Ingolstadt VillageShopping Express網頁事先訂票;從慕尼黑出發到Ingolstadt Village,每人每張來回票價二十歐元,接駁點就在慕尼黑總火車站的Sofitel飯店大門旁側。


After arriving in the Village, please go to the Service Center.

The Service Center is next to the main entrance of any Village and the shuttle bus stops in front of the Service Center. There are service personnel who speak different languages in the Service Center in both Villages, feel free to ask for information.

Why do you have to go to the Service Center first?
  1. Both villages sometimes offer guests welcome vouchers or gifts, so feel free to ask.
  2. You do not want to miss any exclusive deals. You should ask if there are any particular discounts or promotions on the day of your visit.
  3. It makes sense to go there since some brands offer an “extra discount” on purchase of items over a certain amount.
  4. Tourists can get tax refund after shopping at the Villages, which is another rebate for them.
  5. Feel free to ask at the Service Center about your needs during the shopping journey.
  6. Both Villages offer free WiFi service and you can show your friends your happiest moment there.
  7. Both Villages sometimes host seasonal activities for visitors to join. You should ask if there are any current activities on the day of your visit.
The Chinese New Year Bonus

As follows, I want to share some good news with you. The Chinese New Year promotion starts from 10.02.2018 to 03.03.2018 in both Villages. Please download the image below and show it to the Service Center after your arrival in order to get the bonus. Furthermore, feel free to visit the websites and get all the information. Ingolstadt Village and Wertheim Village.

  1. Particular brands have an extra 20% discount.
  2. Free Shopping Express Code : CNY2018; use the code when you reserve your ticket online.
  3. A welcome voucher for a cup of tea or coffee.

服務中心就在購物村大門旁(面對大門左手側),接駁車就直接停在服務中心門口。在Wertheim Village或是Imgolstadt Village都有可以說中文的服務人員;如果需要中文咨詢服務請詢問。

  1. 購物村會在不同季節、特殊節日不定期提供免費迎賓禮券,請不要害羞詢問。
  2. 購物村裡品牌售價通常是市價四折到七折不等,某些品牌會再推出「購物村價格再折扣」的優惠,事先詢問以免錯過類似的促銷。
  3. 有些品牌會推出滿額再折扣的優惠,不過很多時候只在品牌店內推廣,事先詢問服務中心取得最新消息才不會錯過了。
  4. 對於觀光客來說只要再退稅,購買的價差就很大;手續不麻煩,不要放棄自己的權益。
  5. 如果你推著行李箱前往購物村打算做代購、大肆採購,可以先請服務中心保管你的行李。如果是從法蘭克福機場出境的遊客,在出境前也可以推著行李搭接駁巴士前往Wertheim Village,先寄物託管行李再逛街買禮物,然後直接回到法蘭克福搭機離境。
  6. 購物村提供無線上網,如果做代購,還可以及時詢問購買者的喜好來挑選商品,很方便呢。
  7. 購物村會在不同節日、季節舉辦特別活動,都是到訪消費者可以參與的,問問看很好玩的。

從二月十日起至三月三日止,適用於Wertheim Village以及Imgolstadt Village兩大購物村

  1. 特定品牌「購物村價格」再八折。(參與促銷品牌很多,不要錯過了)
  2. 免費接駁車促銷代碼:CNY2018。(請先上網預訂,輸入促銷代碼就可以免費)
  3. 迎賓咖啡卷或茶卷(可以在購物村內的咖啡館免費兌換)

事先下載下方分享的這張優惠券,或是以螢幕截圖的方式保留資訊;抵達購物村之後,請持著票卷到服務中心詢問所有相關細節,就可以在優惠期間享有促銷活動所提供的折扣。更多關於新年折扣的詳細資訊,請點選不同的購物村加以瞭解:Ingolstadt VillageWertheim Village

Get ready for a shopping tour

Get ready for a shopping tour. The best way to get ready for a shopping tour is to enjoy a delicious meal in one of the restaurants in both Villages. While you are eating, you can plan your shopping strategy. The VISTA D’ITALIA BY PIZZA INNOVAZIONE in the Ingolstadt Village and the PRIME and LA PIAZZA in the Wertheim Village are my favorite restaurants. They have delicious dishes and good service.

如果是早上出發,那麼在抵達購物村並且先到服務中心報到後,可以先到餐廳吃中飯,順便研究拿到的折扣資訊,擬定購物策略,才能在既定時間之內完成購物清單上的心願。在Ingolstadt Village有VISTA D’ITALIA BY PIZZA INNOVAZIONE餐館,在Wertheim Village有PRIME與LA PIAZZA兩家餐廳,在料理美味度與品服務上都受人肯定。在購物前先好好吃頓飯、擬定購物計畫,在購物村地圖上劃下想逛、想比價的品牌店,才能萬無一失。

Next, I would like to share some shopping tips with you.
  1. Try to visit every brand, even those which are not your favorite ones. Sometimes you may find your desired items in those stores you use not to visit in the past.
  2. Set a shopping budget. I usually make a shopping list before I visit a Village and set a shopping budget. This time I planned to buy a pair of jeans, a coat and a pair of sneakers. My budget was 300 Euro. But in the end, I spent only around 230 Euro.
  3. Visit one of the Villages regularly. The brands in the Villages display new collections every one or two months, some brands may do it even more often. The best way to find your favorite stuff is to visit the Villages regularly.
  4. Purchase classic styles. You can find the best classic and timeless items in both Villages at a lower price range.
  1. 不管是不是欣賞的品牌,都一定要逛一逛。以前以為有些特定品牌一定很貴,所以只逛自己認識的店家,後來有一次跟其他朋友一起逛,才發現高價的品牌單品到了購物村之後的折扣價變得十分親民。「有探索就有新發現」,說不定可以找到你喜歡的物件唷。
  2. 設定購物預算但保留彈性。我大約每三、四個月有機會到購物村,每次都會事先計畫需要買的物品,並且設定預算上限。這次出發前,已經想好要買一條牛仔褲、一件淺色大衣以及一雙運動鞋。我設定三百歐元為預算上線,最後以兩百三十歐元買下所有願望物品,實在開心。
  3. 固定拜訪購物村:購物村裡品牌大約每一到兩個月會進新貨,有些品牌甚至更頻繁,所以即使沒有發現喜歡的單品也沒關係,不要為了消費而購物;下次再到購物村,有很高機會可以找到心儀的物品唷。
  4. 經典款式:購物村所銷售的物品幾乎都是上一季的單品,但是對不追求第一時間入手而購買的我來說,品牌所提供的經典款式反而更適合我的購物理念。經典設計不退流行,又幾乎以市價對折以上的價格入手,格外超值。

I highly recommend you Liebeskind, which is a German leather bag label. They have leather goods in good quality and at an affordable price range. The design is clean and modern. I found a light blue, grey cosmetic bag for myself. Moreover, I bought another one as a gift for the giveaway. I will show you how to join the giveaway at the end of the article. Do not miss it.



I planned to buy a new pair of jeans, probably from Levi’s. However, I only found the styles which I already have at home. Therefore, I went to Trussardi as they offer an extra 50% off discount. Luckily, I found one pair of jeans that fits me perfectly. The Italians design the best trousers. Therefore, make sure to visit Trussardi when you are in the Village.



Swarovski is one of the stores that I visit each time when I am in the Village. It is originally from Austria and is in the most affordable price range. Make sure to visit Swarovski when you go to the Villages. Moreover, I chose a bracelet as a gift for the giveaway. It sounds good, right?

I recommend Swarovski to people :

  • Who would like to give yourself a small gift.
  • Who is looking for a gift for the female elderly.
  • Who is looking for a gift for your girlfriend or someone you like.



  1. 因為選擇多樣,很適合挑個小禮物給自己。
  2. 因為大方優雅,很適合送給女性長輩。
  3. 因為價格適中,很適合送給女朋友或是曖昧的對象。

Closed has always been my favorite fashion label. The label has a clean and simple design which I appreciate in the recent years. I like this light grey, blue hoodie at first sight. It is just the perfect one I was looking for. At the same time, I found this coat that is made with a mix of wool and cashmere. I got it with an extra 50% off on the “village price”. Originally it cost 500 Euro, but I only paid 80 Euro for it. Isn’t it the biggest gain of the day?



Rituals is my beloved store in the Villages. Their lipsticks, hand cream, fragrance candles, shower cream, body scrub cream, and massage oil are all my favorite products. My other half is also a fan of this brand. He likes to spend time to try all the goods and find out his favorites until he can leave the store with satisfaction.


A Coffee Break 喝杯咖啡休息一下

Both Villages have Coffee Fellows, where you can find comfortable seats, delicious cakes and coffee, especially after several hours of shopping. The chocolate muffin is my must-order. Treat yourself with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, take a break and get ready for the next round of shopping.

兩大購物村都有Coffee Fellows咖啡館,空間寬敞還附有沙發座區;我總是把這裡當成中途休息站,喝杯咖啡吃塊蛋糕,補充活力之後才有體力繼續逛街呢。如果有機會,一定要試試看Coffee Fellows的巧克力馬芬,口味濃郁,十分好吃。

The Villages decorate the shopping areas with different styles to match different atmosphere in different seasons. This time, the Village team added delicate decorations in red and gold to give a touch of Chinese New Year feeling. When you visit the Villages, do not forget to enjoy the beautiful shopping areas.


Happy Shopping 滿載而歸

I used to buy shoes and bags when I visit the Villages. This time, I gave myself more time to try some clothes on. Luckily, I found some beautiful items and got a good discount. Have you ever visited one of the Villages? What are your favorite brands? Feel free to share your ideas with me.

以往到購物村,我大多購買包包與鞋款,這次給自己多些時間試穿,反而挑選到自己喜歡的衣著,而且都還有特價再折扣的驚喜,也省下許多預算。你今年過年怎麼安排?是和家人在溫暖的餐桌上共享除夕年夜飯,還是出國旅遊呢?如果有機會到德國自助旅行,可以把兩大購物村Ingolstadt Village(在慕尼黑近郊)以及Wertheim Village(在法蘭克福近郊)安排到行程中,給自己一天的時間逛逛。有哪些你最想逛的品牌呢?歡迎和我分享。

It is a collaborated project with Ingolstadt Village and Wertheim Village.

Ingolstadt Village
Wertheim Village

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  • 我最想要得到「Liebeskind 隨身包一只」!我最喜歡簡約時尚設計風格,而且也是皮製品包
    如果今年過年期間有機會去慕尼黑近郊的購物村血拼的話,最想去看看Burberry coats及Gucci側肩包,之前想入手但一直沒看到漂亮的價格,希望有機會能以最優惠的價格買到心儀的產品!

  • Hi Fanning,

    謝謝你的分享,你照片裡穿的Trussardi牛仔褲真的很好看! 在德國要買到合身又有型的牛仔褲真的是可遇不可求
    我很喜歡你這次分享的幾個牌子,Liebeskind的包包簡單又有質感,我一直想找機會入手,但可惜附近的outlet沒有這個品牌,Swarovski則是特殊節日不時買來犒賞自己的首選。Ingolstadt Village離杜賽有點遠,但有機會經過,我一定不會錯過!

  • 很精彩的分享,讓人想再次去Ingolstadt Village逛逛。
    最想得到Swarovski 水晶雙鍊手環,想戴著晶瑩剔透的手環漫步歐洲老城街道。

  • “Rituals a set of my favorite products / Rituals 一組精選綜合單品”

    想逛Trussardi Jeans & Close。

  • 最想要 Liebeskind 隨身包一只

  • 謝謝妳的分享一直喜歡看妳介紹的商品以及各種分享
    我最想得到Rituals a set of my favorite products / Rituals 一組精選綜合單品~~
    逛街常常看到他們店家總是充滿顧客~ 好奇一試,買了他們家的護唇膏~~~用過就回不去了~周圍朋友也推薦~~店家充滿了舒服的味道~完全想沉浸在那環境並被那獨特質感的氣味包圍

  • 我最想要得到「Liebeskind 隨身包一只」!我最喜歡皮製品包
    如果今年過年期間有機會去慕尼黑近郊的購物村血拼的話,最想去看看Burberry coats 跟披肩,帽子!

  • 我最想得到Swarovski 水晶雙鍊手環,喜歡它亮晶晶的樣子,也認同妳說的這是高貴又親民的品牌。

  • dear 凡寧
    很喜歡你寫的文章和拍照風格,這次你分享的文章中我最想要得到的禮品是「Rituals 一組精選綜合單品」,因為我出國時也很喜歡買一些香氛物件和瓶瓶罐罐的,雖然沒用過Rituals這個牌子,但希望能有機會一親芳澤~
    今年聖誕節後也許會去慕尼黑,時間允許會安排前往Ingolstadt Village逛逛,很感謝你分享的文章寫得真詳細也很完整,最想去看看AIGNER這個牌子的包包…希望那時候Ingolstadt Village有冬季折扣之類的優惠!

  • 謝謝凡寧分享。
    可惜兩大購物村離住在Pforzheim的我都有點距離,假使新年期間有機會的話希望能在購物村內能好好逛逛Calvin Klein,畢竟平常都只能逛網路商店。

  • 謝謝凡寧的推薦,真的有些品牌是自己以前不知道的,尤其是這個Closed品牌!看起來舒適保暖又很有型,還有Trussardi,最近正想找舒適的牛仔褲,如果有去outlet一定要去逛逛!! 看到有Rituals 一組精選綜合單品,一定要來試試自己的運氣! 之前使用過其護唇膏,覺得很喜歡,很適合在乾燥的德國使用,希望這次運氣好,可以再試試其它產品。

  • 最想要 Liebeskind 隨身包,因為上面寫我的名字,呵

  • Rituals 和 liebeskind 都是我平日非常喜愛的品牌,價格親民也很適合日常使用。如果有機會到購物村,想買個簡約大方的liebeskind包包,除了購物之外,購物村的餐廳美食也是我逛街的重點,看到你的照片,覺得有機會一定也要去品嚐一下,謝謝你的分享!

  • 凡寧的文章和分享向來都真摯和認真仔細~~可以體會到你必須花費很多心思和時間~~謝謝妳~~
    我最想得到“Liebeskind, cosmetic bag x 1 / Liebeskind 隨身包一只”。。。我一直想再添一只質感好的隨身包,現在只有一只獨撐。
    如果有機會,我會直奔PRADA, Miu Miu, Calvin Klein, LA PERLA 和 Le Creuset.

  • 我想要的是施華洛世奇手鍊,2/14情人節快到了,如果可以這將是最驚喜的禮物送給我的另一半。如果可以和家人逛逛outlet,最想先去HUGO BOSS。

  • 我最想得到Liebeskind 的包包。去年開始對皮革產品有興趣,它們給我一種aging elegantly 的概念。我考慮到frankfurt 附近的購物村,我這邊有公車到,大約一個小時車程。我希望到Le Creuset裡逛逛,一直都對它們的鍋子有興趣,看看有沒有機會下手帶回家 🙂

  • 我最想得到Swarovski 水晶雙鍊手環 一直很喜歡他閃亮亮 如您說的高貴又親民的品牌 想為媽媽的生日做準備

    如 新年期間有機會前往的話 希望可以在購物村內能好好逛一逛 欣賞美好的各大名品的同時也嚐嚐購物村的美食

    將逛街當成健身運動 非常感謝凡寧分享

  • 如果有抽中我最想得到Rituals,還沒使用過它家的產品,看凡寧推薦完很心動,很想擁有呢!
    最想去Ingolstadt逛Miu Miu的櫃,德國好像沒有Prada和Miu Miu的Outlet,想去看看能不能找到不錯的小包⋯

  • 我最想得到Rituals! 之前就有聽說這個牌子,但是一直沒有機會試用看看,希望運氣很好可以抽中~ 🙂
    最近一直在找春秋平底短靴(我原本的靴子被偷了! ),以前買過幾次TOD’S的靴子質感很不錯,有機會去的話想去看看這個牌子。
    另外Le Creuset也是我很想逛的重點~Pepe Jeans 也是~

  • 我最想要的是Swarovski 水晶手環,一直都很喜歡這款手環設計,也喜歡他們閃亮亮的飾品^_^
    若有機會想去購物村,一定會逛逛Trussardi ,想找適合亞洲嬌小女性的牛仔褲

  • 凡寧, 謝謝你的介紹。 我想要Ritual 的products 是因為來到歐洲之後一直覺得這裡的冬天很乾燥, 每天都需要塗很多body lotion. 我一直都有留意這個品牌但是還沒有用過, 所以很有興趣想要試試看。
    如果我農曆新年有時間去Ingolstadt Village 的話,我想去Closed 和 Trussardi 逛逛,主要是看到你的介紹後我對這兩個品牌感到有興趣。另外我也會逛WMF, 首先是因為我快要搬家想要買新的廚具,而且我現在住的地方離Metzingen很近,以前有時候也會到這個購物村的WMF看看, 有試過買到又便宜又好用的廚具。

  • 凡寧的用心推薦每次都不負眾望所歸呢!


  • 謝謝凡寧的分享,我真的很喜歡妳的文章。
    如果有機會逛購物村,我想去Wertheim 的購物村,特別是裡面的Longchamp,剛剛看到一雙好好看的手套,好適合現在冷冷的冬天!!!
    我最想要得到Liebeskind 隨身包,因為皮製品不管搭甚麼都好看。

  • 哈囉凡寧,

  • 我最想要得到Liebeskind 隨身包一只,因為他的設計簡單俐落品質也很好且台灣也還沒有德國這個牌子。
    如果有機會到度假村,我想看Longchamp 跟Liebeskind.

  • 最想得到Liebeskind隨身包,兩個購物村離漢堡太遠了,要是能近一點,肯定會變成常客的。

  • Dear Chia Chen,



  • Dear Tzu Yun,



  • Dear Mimi,



  • Dear Chia Chen,



  • Dear Kimikochu,




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