Plants Eatery

“The way how they cook and present the foods will subvert your opinion of general vegan and healthy diet.”,my texted this to me! And I share it with you.

Breakfast At Vorstadt Cafe Centro

What a sumptuous relax time on a weekday to enjoy such wonderful breakfast with someone I love. 偶爾這樣即使不是週末也奢侈地吃頓早餐,令人心曠神怡。

Amsterdam : Eat Like The Locals

This summer we were able to come back to Amsterdam, I was excited to explore the town. So without any ado, here is my Amsterdam, Eat like the locals.

maxEATERY Munich

maxEATERY is a newly open restaurant; however, the owner is the well-known Bakery in Munich, Rischart. It has run their business more than a century. You see Rischart everywhere in Munich. So far, the fifth generation operates the business. Beside the Bakery, they would like to offer a comfortable living room in Munich for their clients; it is the reason why maxEATERY was born.