Straßburg France 法國史特拉斯堡 – 2017 Road Trip

Sometimes, it is great to experience the local lifestyle; moreover, to enjoy the hotel services for some situations. Therefore, we booked local apartments and hotels at a rate of fifty percent. Especially in the last days, when we were on the way back home; we were exhausted from the trip, and we would like only to enjoy comfortable beds, breakfast and room services. Before we booked all hotel schedules, I had told Michael that I would like to stay at the Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile; the hotel had been fully booked when we visited Strasbourg in May. For me, that was a desire due to a missing.


The trip to kenTing reminded me my childhood; moreover, we were satisfied with this relaxing holiday. Compare to have a trip in a city, doing nothing in KenTing was a great decision we could make during our stay in Taiwan.

Taipei – Chill Roof 好得文旅

Chill Roof was one of our spotlights during our stay in Taiwan. I highly recommend it to people who live oversea and visit Taiwan sometimes as we are; moreover, to those travelers who enjoy adventures and plan to visit Taipei as your next journey.

Stay In Amsterdam

Well, we have traveled to Amsterdam many times in the past years, it is time to start a story of Stay In Amsterdam.

Paris – Hotel Balmoral

Hotel Balmoral is located in a small alley at the end of the Champs Elysees where is near to the Triumphal Arch. A Metro station is just around the corner; Hotel Balmoral is positioned in the perfect location.