週末小旅行 – 到金瓜石、九份散步


Discover H.K. With bitplay

In the following, I will show you some images that I took with my iPhone and the bitplay lenses together with its accessories. I think it proves that smartphones can surely take impressive photos. Moreover, I will never miss any opportunities for good pictures.


年輕一點的時候,如果有機會外出旅行,總是刻苦克難吃少點、住冷些沒所謂;不過隨著生活經驗增加,在外人看不到的時空裡反而會對自己好一點,因為認真體驗也是生活的一部分。這次與你分享這趟回台灣下榻W Taipei的種種回憶與體驗。

Taiwan ANGSANA SPA 墾丁凱撒悅椿

The trip of KenTing has changed my impression of traveling in the south of Taiwan; the local culture and view have the special charming feeling that you do not find in other places. It was an unforgettable experience.


The trip to kenTing reminded me my childhood; moreover, we were satisfied with this relaxing holiday. Compare to have a trip in a city, doing nothing in KenTing was a great decision we could make during our stay in Taiwan.

Taipei Taiwan – Chill Roof 好得文旅

Chill Roof was one of our spotlights during our stay in Taiwan. I highly recommend it to people who live overseas and visit Taiwan sometimes as we do. Moreover, we also recommend this hotel to those who enjoy adventures and plan to visit Taipei as your next journey.

Lifestyle In Tainan

What a lucky city, how happy the people are living and working in this city. Wherever you step into a shop, they are always friendly to welcome you. You feel that they enjoy their jobs and work for it. Wish you always smile in your dreams. 多麼幸運的一座城市,多麼幸福在這裡生活居住工作的人們。無論你走進哪一家店,有沒有消費,掌店的人總會露出熱情友善的微笑迎接你;你知道,他們是多麼真心地喜愛這份工作。祝福你的人生,隨時處在一種偷笑的幸福狀態喔。