Discover H.K. With bitplay

In the following, I will show you some images that I took with my iPhone and the bitplay lenses together with its accessories. I think it proves that smartphones can surely take impressive photos. Moreover, I will never miss any opportunities for good pictures.

New Year Trip To Prague

I am quite lucky to travel around in Europe in different seasons and feel different lifestyles. Through my every camera, I hope to capture the best views that were once in front of my eyes and present the images to you. 因為地利之便,這些年可以在鄰近的國家打轉遊玩,從不同界季節裡體會各個時節的滋味,看到多面向的可能性。更是透過相機的觀景窗謹慎地按下每次的快門,希望從影像中可以傳遞給你我雙眼中的世界。

Rothenburg Germany 德國羅騰堡



年輕一點的時候,如果有機會外出旅行,總是刻苦克難吃少點、住冷些沒所謂;不過隨著生活經驗增加,在外人看不到的時空裡反而會對自己好一點,因為認真體驗也是生活的一部分。這次與你分享這趟回台灣下榻W Taipei的種種回憶與體驗。

How To Plan A Perfect Road Trip 如何籌劃一場完美的自駕之旅

In this article, I would like to share with you how to prepare and what to pack for a road trip; moreover, how to plan a perfect road trip. 這篇文章將分享如何計畫一趟完美、令人留下美好回憶的自駕之旅。從出發前、到打包、所需物件等,詳細的資訊不要錯過了;同時也是一篇分享給台灣遊客想要在歐洲規劃自駕的文章,希望提供的資訊都好用。

Straßburg France 法國史特拉斯堡 – 2017 Road Trip

Sometimes, it is great to experience the local lifestyle; moreover, to enjoy the hotel services for some situations. Therefore, we booked local apartments and hotels at a rate of fifty percent. Especially in the last days, when we were on the way back home; we were exhausted from the trip, and we would like only to enjoy comfortable beds, breakfast and room services. Before we booked all hotel schedules, I had told Michael that I would like to stay at the Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile; the hotel had been fully booked when we visited Strasbourg in May. For me, that was a desire due to a missing.