LEBON Toothpaste 天然的最好

透過這些年從德國牙醫師學習到的潔牙健齒的方法,以及嘗試了許多有機配方的牙膏,這篇文章與你分享法國天然牙膏品牌LEBON六款不同口味的配分。可以在10/10 HOPE上瞭解更多LEBON全系列牙膏相關資訊。



Maison Héroïne – Marlene Briefcase – Office Styling Tips

In this article, I will not only show you this beautiful Marlene bag and the styling I created for the shooting but also some styling tips that might help you to look good in your uniform; further, tips for you to choose a proper bag for your office outfits.

CALIDA Home Wear 愛自己,成為一個連你自己都愛的人

CALIDA collections has always been comfortable and the excellent quality without any fancy decoration; it is just like the care and support that my the other half brings to me. Soft bra, one set of home wear and a silk nightgown, these are my favorite piece from CALIDA’s new collection. From the inside, we explore our most pure emotion; form the outside, we experience a unique atmosphere.

WACÙ – Packs Your Packages

In this issue that I planned for several weeks, I would like to share with you how to pack your packages with WACU and protect them in the best way.