Discover Königsee with bitplay

Are you also a mobile phone shooter? Do you like to take photos with your mobile phone, but the quality of the smartphone limits you? You can try to shoot with bitplay lenses and its photography accessories, which will change your impression of the mobile photography. And enjoy the fun of photography.

Home Story – Igor Josifovic

I visited Igor’s new apartment he had just moved in before New Year. We talked about his ideas in interior design, green-living and his new home. I hope you find some interesting points after reading this article and enjoy this home story as I do. We only live once, live for ourselves.


In this article, I would like to share my hand care routine with you and my thoughts after trying the hand cream products from Grown Alchemist. Allow a beauty method becomes one of your daily routines. Treat yourself right and your body will give you a better outcome. I hope you enjoy this article as I enjoy Grown Alchemist’s hand creams.

Discover H.K. With bitplay

In the following, I will show you some images that I took with my iPhone and the bitplay lenses together with its accessories. I think it proves that smartphones can surely take impressive photos. Moreover, I will never miss any opportunities for good pictures.

CNY Shopping – Ingolstadt Village

In this article, I would like to show you how I spent a day in the Village and some of my favorite labels. As follows, I will show you the discount information for Chinese New Year and some giveaways that I prepared for you. Do not miss it.
今天這篇文章將以一條龍的方式介紹我如何安排在購物村一整天的活動與時間。當然也有這次Ingolstadt Village以及Wertheim Village兩大購物村在農曆新年特別推出的促銷優惠說明,以及我替大家準備的「恭喜新年好禮贈獎」,通通不要錯過了。

Photography Workshop – A Weekend Trip 初場攝影講座 – 台南小旅行

People think good and expensive cameras make great pictures. I say, being sensitive to details is the key. Before you click the shutter, think firstly about “what is the message you want to deliver ” through your images. In this article, I share the experience when I hosted a photography workshop in Taiwan. 許多人以為照片要拍的好必須使用貴重的相機才行,但我說,「一顆仔細觀察的心思」才是最主要的關鍵。按下快門之前想一想,你要拍的「重點」是什麼、你想「透過照片傳達的內容」是什麼,一旦這樣的話有很大的機會都可以拍出令自己滿意的照片。透過這次的攝影講座,我與裡分享這些年累積的拍攝經驗。

Portrait – A Fragment Of Her Life

The images show such a true attitude from the girl; however, it also has a touch of a cinematic atmosphere in it. 我抓著相機隨著女孩在城市裡移動的足跡記錄下生活日常的片刻,是非常真實的紀錄,卻又因為故事性的導入呈現出有如電影場景般的力量。

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